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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

1. Well, for all our worry and hand-wringing over the violence and crime possible in our old Milwaukee neighborhood.....we've been in our new Beloit neighborhood for about a month and a 1/2 and woke up to a busted car window last Saturday morning. Awesome-sauce.

I was on my way to a wedding and really couldn't stick around for the police visit, but apparently 6-7 other houses in our subdivision were hit as well. Milwaukee has it's issues, but we never had to contend with a busted window (I'm thinking the criminals were far too busy doing grown-up criminal things.....petty crime seems to be the bad behavior du jour in Beloit).

It's weird, because my car has been broken into no less than 5 times in Beloit since I've owned a car. My husbands? Probably more. What is it with these Beloit criminals? Seriously?

The worst part is, they didn't TAKE ANYTHING. If you're gonna bust my window, at least make it worthwhile!

2. Ok, rant over.
I want to speak a bit on how beneficial and great it is to be friendly and network with other local photographers. I hear often about unfriendly competition and undercutting and just plain ticking other professionals off by being not-so-ethical, and I can't stress enough how important it is to keep the lines of communication open with other photographers. Not only can you build some great friendships, but many can come through for you when you least expect it!

Case in point, I was trying in vain to get my hands on an 85mm 1.4 this week. After having my orders cancelled twice due to lack of stock, a local photographer emailed me and offered to let me buy his. See....keeping the cut-throat competitive nature on the back burner in favor of friendly networking is a GOOD thing!

3. I have a lot of business-related changes in the works for August, including pricing shifts, new additions to available products, and changes in packages for portraits. These are all positive, great changes that will allow the best level of service for clients and I'm really excited about them. I've gotten some sample albums in recently that are just STUNNING (if I do say so myself). So, if you're getting married or know someone who is, in 2011 or ever 2012, NOW is the time to contact me and get in under the old pricing structure!

4. My kid is getting baptised this weekend. Now, I am not one to really talk religion on my page. . To me, its private...and I'm an equal opportunity shooter/blogger, anyway! I don't care if you're Catholic, Lutheran, Hindu, or worship your car! Or nothing at all.

When my grandmother was dying, I had a last long talk with her, and one of the last things she said to me was "You get that baby baptised".
Oh boy.
Gee Grams...nothing like laying it on thick at the bitter end there! That was her way, and you can bet she waited until that very moment on PURPOSE. She knew I wouldn't be able to say no. She was crafty like that!
So, we're finally getting it done. For Grams.
I am getting my revenge for Grams' sneaky little death-bed move, however. My kid is in the midst of a mid-toddler crisis, and I'm sure once that water touches her head she'll scream like a banshee. Hear that Grams? Here's your baptism! : ) She would have loved every minute of it.....screams and all.

5. Lots of fun coming up this week, including a sitting with adorable sisters tonight in Milwaukee, a wedding with a bit of Hawaiian flair tomorrow, and a great Collages CLASS meeting in Madison next week.

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