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It Was One Year Ago Today.....

Betty Claire - 1 day old

Talk about little girl is one year old today. In some ways it feels like the past year sped by, but at the same time I feel like I've aged so much from last summer that it was eons ago. I am now the owner of a toddler. Wow.

Happy Birthday, my girl!


Summertime Sniffles

Oy vey people...who gets a cold in the middle of summer? ME!...and Betty apparently. Someone at her party brought a gift and then some. This is the first cold I've contracted since leaving the life of an office drone and I did not miss it. Poor sniffly Betty doesn't seem phased, but I was down for the count for at least 2 days. Caught up on some horrible TV though.

I got TONS of work done while huddled on the couch in my Nyquil induced stupor. I'm nearly done with the new TAI website. Of course, I may have to read over some of the stuff I put on there...who knows what my medication caused me to write!

Look for the website to be launched within the next two weeks! I'm super excited about the new site. I have not been happy with the free site I've been using. It's user friendly but, frankly, not very pretty and didn't say much about who I was as a photographer or what I want my clients to know about me. My new site is more professional and more "me". I have to extend MAJOR kudos to BluDomain. They rock. Their site building tools are super easy and what results is pretty nifty.

I've had a bit of lull in the way of shoots in the past two weeks so I'm really excited about a wedding I'm shooting next Friday. Look for sneak peeks to be up ASAP. I have some actions I want to break out and some new PS tricks up my sleeve. I'm hoping these clients will be open to some artistic license.

So, fun things on the horizon for TAI. In the meantime, I have open time for shoots so send me an email and lets set something up!


Betty the Birthday Girl

Miss Betty's 1st birthday party was held yesterday at our home. It went off without a hitch! The weather was gorgeous and our backyard, although still under construction, served well as a party area!

Miss Betty got a TON of great gifts...and daddy even got himself a new DSLR camera! Fun was had by all!

My attempt at decor.
Betty's birthday "patty cakes"....marked with a "B"!
Diggin' in!
Every little girl needs a great party dress!
Me and Betty's namesake, Grams Betty! So glad she could make it!


She's Got The Look

My daughter has got the stink-eye a science. She looks at me like this and it's all over! I don't know where she picked this up from but watch out!
But then, she looks so beautiful and amazing ...and I forget all about her death-glare!
We're throwing Miss Betty's birthday party this weekend. Here's hoping all goes well.


No Sir I Do Not Like Peas

Amazing how beautiful my little Betty can look when she's just sitting in her highchair, refusing to eat her dinner.

New Website on the Horizon

Things have been slowing down a bit 'round here, so I am thinking that now is probably a good time to focus on the new TAI website. That's right, folks, no more cheesy free Siteground template! I will be stepping up in the world to a site that features actual flash!
Woopity! Doo!

That being said, it probably won't be ready to "go live" for some time. For one, I need to dedicate at least a day or so to learn the BluDomain format. Two, I'm picky...and I'm compiling a good list of songs I can include on the site. These things are important, people!

You will still be able to find me at It's just going to be a whole lot's hoping anyway.

On the photo front I have a maternity session coming up in a few weeks and after that is the start of my little "wedding" season which I am SUPER excited about. There is just something about capturing people on what is probably one of the happiest but most stress filled days of their lives that I hope lends itself to beautiful images. My first wedding is being held at the gorgeous Pabst Mansion which I am tickled pink about...the possibilities are endless for great pics!

As a reminder, I am still running a Christmas in July sale for people who want to book their holiday card family sessions with me for this fall early. Book before July 31st and receive FREE holiday cards!

My little Peanut has her 1st birthday party next week....I'm crossing my fingers that the ongoing construction on our home is done by then...otherwise we may be enjoying cake in a pit that used to be our garage. I will be sure to post pictures of the event! I'm super-excited about the ridiculously overpriced but far too adorable for words dress I bought Betty. Along with her red patent leather shoes she should look like quite the little glamourpuss.


On a Personal Note....

My husband and I celebrate 2 years of marriage today.
I love you, hon!

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Sunday was a birthday party for Miss Madelyn (see her 1 year shoot below) in Beloit. We celebrated in the typical way: beer and cake! ( for us, cake for the babies).

My girl likes to party all the time!
Beth, Madelyn's Mom
Madelyn and some leftover cake
It's her party...and she'll cry if she wants to!


Party Over He-ere!

To quote Cleveland from Family Guy, "balloons on a mailbox are the international symbol for Party Over Her-ere!". Well, this family was short a few balloons but there was no shortage of party atmosphere! I shot this event session right on the lake in Oconomowoc. The weather was gorgeous, they had a band right on the lake, I got some sun, and I got to see my first Lamborghini. All in all, not a bad way to spend a day!

Family portaits do not have to be boring!

Shout out to Independence Day!

Even the baby was in on the matching shirt action. : )



I had the pleasure of shooting my husband's cousin's baby Madelyn yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect (if not a bit warm!) and as an added bonus, Betty got to meet her cousin who is only 15 days older than her!

We got hundreds of good shots, it was hard to pick just a few for a sneak peek! But, here's a look at a little of what we captured!

Happy 1st Birthday, Madelyn!

Madelyn and her Mom

A little attitude!

Cuddles and cute faces!



I remember going to the movies to see Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. That was supposed to be their 10 year reunion and I remember thinking Wow! They're OLD.

Well, color me old. This year marks 10 years since I graduated high school and I turned 28 years old yesterday. Funny, doesn't feel old.

So, I find it interesting looking back now, shooting a senior portrait session for someone just embarking on the big adult world...10 years from where I was at one point. I shot this session for Tyler on Sunday. The weather left a bit to be desired, but it wasn't awful. We ended up with some really great shots. I tell ya, this kid is a natural! He turned out to look very relaxed and natural in all of his shots and it's a pleasure to shoot someone who needs very little direction. Maybe he has a future in modeling! LOL.

I have a busy few weeks coming up: an infant shoot, a party shoot, and a rummage sale I'm helping my friend put together. Gotta love summer!!

The great thing about rain is that umbrellas make nice props.

A boy and his dog.

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