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Type A Images has been featured on The Rock and Roll Bride blog, The Offbeat Bride Blog, WeddingWire's Brides Choice for 2010 and 2011, and The Knot Best Of Weddings for 2011. Type A also offers a hospice photography program called Kindred Spirits through the Beloit Regional Hospice, which was featured as WPPI's Photolanthropy of the Month for September 2010.


Brandi and Jason.

"We watched the season pull up it's own stakes and catch the last weekend of the last week. Before the gold and glimmer have been replaced. Another sun-soaked season fades away."
I think Brandi and Jason may have been lucky enough to catch one of the last beautiful Saturdays of this year. It was gorgeous outside and the sunlight made a nice accessory for the day.
Brandi and Jason are an adorable couple and I had the pleasure of traveling back to the Beloit area to shoot their wedding. We got to head over to the Beloit College for some shots of the newly married couple and I was pretty excited to shoot in the Poetry Garden. I've wanted to use that area for a shoot for some time and I finally got the opportunity!
Hope Brandi and Jason enjoy their sneak peek!

Brandi's adorable brown-eyed daughter


Enjoying the last of the sun-soaked season.

Old timey black and white and kisses.


The Corner Office.

You often hear about "the corner office", a kind of catch-all for successful ladder climbing. Usually it's the biggest, the nicest, where the "head honcho" sits. At my old job I had a closet-type office with no windows and a gigantic wine stain on the floor (don't ask). Well....this girl is movin' on the "corner office". it's in my own house, but I see this new area as a stepping stone...a new beginning. I'm starting off Type A Images in a setting where I feel comfortable and at home...literally. I have windows! I have a ginormous new desk that I just love to pieces. I have a gargantuan screen and new Dell that doesn't run slow as can be. Best yet, it's mine. It's something I've created and I'm running with. No one looking over my shoulder, no micro-management. My own vision. This makes me giddy.

So, hello "corner office"! Check out my new home, where I'll be editing your pictures and answering your email!



Little Mason gave me a tiny glimpse of what I'm in for in a year when my Betty turns two....endless energy!

We did this shoot at Mason's grandparent's house, which was a great setting. Nice views and a fun bed to jump on! Not to mention bears, bears, and more bears! The shoot was fast and furious until Mason grew tired of me and my camera. As it is with kids...shoot until they're done! They become the director and I'm just there to capture what I can.

Just a quick look at the results and I think we captured a nice piece of Mason's busy day.

I hope the family enjoys their sneak peek!

Bears, and bears...and bears...oh my!


A rare relaxing moment.


The Secret Garden.

When I was a kid one of my favorite books was The Secret Garden. I always wished I lived in a place that had endless pathways lined in flowers and secret areas where I could hide and read. Yeah, I was a bit of an odd kid.

Anyway, I think it's why I love Boerner Botannical Gardens in Hales Corners so much. I did a shoot here today with three kids who were a pleasure to photograph. Their bright blue eyes alone are a photographer's dream! But, add the gardens I love and it makes for some beautiful images.

And tell me this little girl doesn't look like Dakota Fanning!

Hope the family enjoys this quick sneak peek! It was great meeting you today!

The three cute!

Looks like he's up to something!

Look at those eyes! I swear I didn't touch those up!

Tiny Dancer.


Like Rain on Your Wedding Day.

Well, despite HOPING it wouldn't rain on Saturday, Sarah and Justin's wedding day, it misted for most of the day. When it wasn't misting it was UNGODLY humid, turning everyone's hair-do into a massive ball of fuzz. Despite the rain and fuzziness, the ceremony and reception were beautiful.

Sarah and Justin were married at the historic Pabst Mansion. I had never been there (I know, bad bad Milwaukeeian!) and it is lovely, I highly recommend a tour.

I'm only about 10% into editing these prints, but I think I'll be using a lot of black and white. The historic location kind of steers me towards a more antique look. I'll have to try and go a bit easy on the B&W actions!

I hope Sarah and Justin like their sneak peek. We had a blast at your wedding! Congrats!

Historic Pabst Mansion...a lovely place to have a wedding.

The handsome groom

Bride and Groom....vintage.

A young wedding-goer.

Looking straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens spread


Kasey and Lisa.

My good friend Kasey was married this past weekend. I wasn't their photographer, but I decided to snap off some pictures anyway. The wedding was absolutely lovely. The church was gorgeous with a big wall of windows that made for a great setting.

I love to see my friend so happy and in love, and I wish Kasey and Lisa all the happiness in the world!

My husband's Best Man one of it's stages of review.

The happy couple during their 1st dance

The beautiful church. I loved the cross outside of the windows, it made for lovely pictures.

Kasey and my husband, the Best Man


Searching for Elizabeth

I received a message late Friday from a woman named Elizabeth looking for a family portrait. Unfortunately my machine cut off her number.

If this was you, please send me an email at or give me another call, I'd love to discuss your family portrait needs with you!


Out of the "Office".

This weekend we will be taking a bit of a furlough and attending our friend Kasey's wedding in Illinois. So, I will not be able to answer any emails or inquiries until Sunday evening.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Today and Tomorrow

Today I'm sad. I'm trying to ignore it, I'm trying to swallow the lump in my throat and smile, but all I can think about is each day that passes is a day closer to her last day, looming and mocking our family with it's presence.

The news isn't really much better, except Grams is home now and resting. Our family is coming together to make her comfortable and improve her strength as much as possible.

I wish I had some shoots this week, anything to take my mind off the obvious if even for an hour or two. But, I just finished editing my latest shoot (which came out lovely, if I do say so myself) and I don't have another until next weekend. Looks like I'm going to be cleaning my house a lot this week.

This weekend is my good friend's wedding, so the husband and I are going to go to Chicago for the weekend and have a few nights away. I'm going to concentrate on enjoying myself and maybe shooting a few pictures along the way to keep myself busy.

In the meantime, I have to think that we have today, and maybe tomorrow, and that's all I can really hope for right now.

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