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The Mother of All Family Sittings.

I am no stranger to large families. Having a gigantic family kind of comes with the territory of being Irish Catholic. So, I am well versed in the logistics of getting...say...40 people together in one spot and having them do the same thing. It's an interesting task, and one I took on this afternoon in the wonderful warmth of a beautiful June day.
We also got in some bridal shots for the newlyweds of the family. All in all, it was pretty fun! I love seeing families work together for the common goal of preserving a piece of history!
Enjoy your sneak peek!

I love this quick capture, taken as we were walking to the next location.

The beautiful bride


1 + 1 = 2.

(And that is the ONLY math you're getting out of this girl, Josh and Sara!)
Josh and Sara are math majors. That alone may make you incredibly impressed (I mean, I was! I can barely balance my checkbook without counting on my fingers). Their wedding had math all over it, but in a way that made it accessible and fun for all.
Rubik's Cubes adorned each seat at the reception, which I found very inventive. It was definitely a first! Also, when I went to take their ring shots I saw tiny infinity symbols decorating the rings. I love it when people completely embrace their passions. (Even if it IS something as scary as math!)
I had a blast at this wedding and I wish Sara and Josh all the happiness in the world.
Enjoy your sneak peek!

The boys played a quick game before the ceremony

The cutest rings ever!

I wasn't sure I was going to "blog" this picture, because it's technically not perfect. But, the look on Josh's face as he watched his bride walk down the aisle was great. It's a look of excitement and complete love.


Beautiful Baby Brynn.

You are my sunshine, My only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away
- Marvin Taylor

I had almost forgotten how tiny newborns are. It's really hard to fathom that my stumpy legged little toddler was ever as small as little Brynn. But, they are really the perfect size for photographs. They curl up into perfectly cute little baby balls and make adorable, unintentionally funny faces. Just a joy to point my camera at.

Today I took Brynn's 1st professional pictures. She was a natural and handled the glare of the imposing lens quite well.

Enjoy your sneak peek, Brynn and family!

Is this hat not the cutest?! She looked like a little gnome.

About 2 seconds after I caught this, a noise erupted from Brynn that was quite surprising for her mom...the blanket she was wrapped in...and me!
Mom and baby

Brynn's grandma made this little baby cocoon. Absolutely adorable.

Never Can Say Goodbye.

Being 29 I grew up in the midst of a rollercoaster of Michael Jackson identities. I was quite the Jacko-phile when I was kid. I was OBSESSED with the song "Beat It". I had it on vinyl and it was my absolute favorite, all the way down to the Van Halen guitar riffs.

I had myself a shiny blue jacket that my parents called my Michael Jackson jacket that I wore everywhere. I even had a white spangly glove I acquired from a rummage sale. On top of all that, I had myself a Michael Jackson doll that acted as the buddy to all my Ken and Barbie dolls. Funny enough, he never DATED any of them, he was just their buddy. My Barbie's weren't quite good enough to date a rock star. And plastic Michael was far too busy with his career to settle down with Barbie and her Dream House. Ken would have to do.

When I entered the 1990s I lost my zeal for Michael. I moved on, and so did he it seems. Always kind of around but in a different fashion. Music changed, and so did his face. He, sadly, became more of a punchline than the King of Pop.

Despite all this, the news of his death (which I first heard of via the internet, like everyone else on Earth it seems) kind of stung. Michael Jackson, much like Elvis and John Lennon before him, kind of had an other-worldly aire about him. He wasn't supposed to die. He was immortal, if anything.

Now, it's his music that will be. Like the Beatles music, Michael's music is kind of known instictively, passed down from Grandmother to Mother to Child. Classic.

So, goodbye Michael. I'm sure this is about the millionth blog post related to his death, but it kind of felt needed. He was such a big part of my childhood as well as many others my age.



The Way Things Are Now.

I got my 1st birthday card of the year today. A lovely little note signed "With all my love, Grandpa".

Of course, I got choked up. Because just last year it was "Grandma & Pa", how she always signed the cards. She underlined random words, that was her thing. Now, just a lone Grandpa. Even the signature looked lonely...if that's even possible.

I miss her a lot lately. Knowing that just one year ago she was here and I could call her. Knowing that a year ago Grandpa had a partner. Knowing that the card from last year was from both.

It's the little things that give stark reminders of the way things are now, how everything has changed yet life still goes on. Every day we keep walking, keep talking, keep making plans...hoping against hope we can see them through.

Funny how a birthday card can say so much, bring up so much emotion. I stuck it in the box where I keep all the ones from years before. All the ones signed with both names. I can't really bring myself to go back and read them's too soon, too different...but I guess that's just the way things are now.

Picture by Expressive Photography


Searching For Rare Lake Michigan Dolphins.

Abbi and Dave are too funny. Both have that kind of dry sense of humor that I appreciate. We picked Klode Park in Whitefish Bay for their engagement session, and it turned out to be a bit busier than we anticipated. So, I tried to use the surroundings to my advantage.

For example, instead of just staring out into space, looking all misty-eyed and contemplative over their future together as man and wife....Abbi and Dave instead sought out lake creatures, which Dave insisted was probably a dolphin...if anything.

We also got a good view of topless suntanning and two guys trying to kill seagulls by chucking rocks at them.
Ahhh...romance was in the air.

Enjoy your sneak peek guys, can't wait for the wedding!


Man and Wife and 4 Red Shoes.

Most grooms don't have much input in their weddings or receptions. They're fine with whatever the woman in their life chooses. Daniel was probably much the same way except for one "must-have" item: red Chucks.

Being a Chuck Taylor fan myself, I could appreciate the spunky red sneakers. We made sure they featured prominently in their pictures.

It was a lovely day for family and friends alike. I hope Chalie and Daniel enjoy their sneak peek!

The beautiful bride

Daniel and his beloved Chucks


The Surprise In Store.

Angela and Andrew have the patience of saints. They are waiting until the birth of their little one to find out the sex. Honestly, I had a hard time waiting 20 weeks. I don't know HOW they do it...but what a wonderful surprise when that day comes!

I did Angela's maternity session today in between rain storms. We even got outside for a little while before the skies opened up again. But, we got in some good pictures and I can't wait to photograph the little one when he or she arrives!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

I stole those blocks from Betty.....all in the name of a cute prop!


Work in Progress.

When I was little, my Grams gave me this book called "God Isn't Finished With Me Yet". It was a Catholic-based puberty book that kind of glossed over all the horrific parts of early teenagerdom and made it sound all flowers and rainbows.

I couldn't tell you what happened to the book, but I started thinking about it tonight. In 15 days I enter my last year of my twenties. Ten years ago I couldn't have told you where I would expect to be today. I was grasping at finding out who I was and what I wanted. I was a square peg bouncing to many round holes looking for the fit that would never happen.

When I began my love affair with the camera, the peg found it's home. When I hear the shutter click I feel perfectly at ease, and I know this is what I was supposed to do. When I get up in the morning and see my daughter standing up in her crib and reaching her arms out to me, I know this is right where I'm supposed to be. When my husband comes home after his day at work, even if I'm tired I know I'm where I want to be. It feels good to know that despite being an ongoing "work in progress" the pieces are coming together.

I never really had career goals that were very lofty. For the five years I worked at my desk job my only focus was the paycheck and the weekend ahead. It wasn't a passion. It was barely an interest. Finding what you love to do and then building a career out of it is something many people dream about but few realize. Step by step I'm bringing this dream to reality and everyday I count each blessing as sacred because I know how very lucky I am.

In the year ahead as I step ever closer to 30 I hope to build Type A Images to a place that I can be very proud of. I hope to meet even more beautiful couples and help share their story. Each time I capture the true love between a bride and groom or a parent and child I feel contentment, knowing that I am doing something I truly love that also (I hope) benefits someone else, even in a small way.

I hope to sharpen my skills, increase Type A Images' exposure in the area and on the web, and really bring what began as a small idea (hey...I could maybe DO this) to a very real place.

I'm not finished with me yet, growing pains continue no matter how old you are. But with each passing year you learn to take the good with the bad, take risks to improve your work, and celebrate each small achievement.

I hope those who read this blog have dreams, big or small, as well.....and feel contentment when they are achieved. It's a wonderful feeling.


The Troopers Get Married.

You may recall Brianne and Jonathan from their sub-zero temp engagement session back in January. At that time, I gave them my little tongue-in-cheek "trooper" award for braving the bitter Wisconsin winter to get some pictures.

Well, this time around they had to put up with me making them take just "one more picture" because the light was SO good I just couldn't let it pass. I'm a junkie for excellent "magic hour" light. Well, it paid off. Just a quick glance at their wedding day images and I'm giddy with delight. They really did turn out lovely. The colors vibrant and everyone very happy.

I hope Brianne, Jon, and their families enjoy this sneak peek! Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!

Brianne and the girls got ready in this completely adorable waterfront cottage. I wanted to pack my bags and move right in, it was right up my alley....and made for some lovely shots.

You would think I made the sky that blue, but nope...this is pretty much straight outta the camera people. Can you believe it??

The most wonderful "magic-hour" light I've seen in a long time.

This shot was actually the brain child of a golfer who happened to notice us taking pictures on the course. I should hire him to come up with ideas for me.

Yippie for beautiful light.

This is the first wedding I've shot that featured a choreographed number.


Online Ordering Now Available!

Type A Images has taken on Instaproof as my ordering portal. This means when Type A Images does a shoot for you, not only do you get your disc and complete reprint rights, but it's now easier and faster to order professional level prints and products through me if you'd like!

This option will be available on all shoots starting from June 5th on. Once your prints are available for viewing online I will send you a handy-dandy email to let you know your password, etc. This is an easy way to share your pictures with family and friends!

I'm pretty excited about this change and hope clients will be as well.


Everyday is Such a Good Day!

Early in the morning full belly, clean bum
I got my cup of Cheerios in case I want some
Jacket, hat, diaper bag, carried out the door
And I know where we’re going cause we’ve been there before
There’s a warm breeze blowing and it tickles my hair
And the sun shines down , everybody is there
Every day is such a good day!
- Jonathan Coulton

Today I had the pleasure of a family sitting back at 7 Bridges, where I was Friday. I love this park so any time I get to return I'm all for it! We even saw a deer!

The lyrics above just kind of reminded me of having a one year old, like this little guy. He was a perfect little model today and took to being plopped in the sand in not-so-warm summer weather like a pro.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

It only LOOKS like summer here!

Come Rain or Come Shine.

I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you
Come rain or come shine
- Billie Holiday

Well, the rain little doses but enough to move Nicole and Michael's intended "mountain" top wedding at Tyrol Basin indoors. But, the mood was the same: happy and content, no matter the change in locations.

Later, they celebrated in a beautifully decorated tent with friends, family, food, and tunes. Michael gave quite a performance at the garter removal, which I'm hoping someone got on video because still picture doesn't quite capture the essence of his dance!

This was also the first wedding I had a second shooter (hi Maggie!) which was quite nice. I could get spoiled if I'm not careful!

I hope Michael and Nicole enjoy their sneak peek!

This little one was the same age as Betty....and just as active!

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