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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

You'll have to excuse any typo's or lazy grammar in this post. I. AM. POOPED. I'm working on about 2 hours of sleep right now (insert world's tiniest violin playing the saddest saddest song right here). The baby? She has the acid reflux....and it makes her none-too-happy.

We're getting massive payback for gloating about how wonderful Betty was in the sleep department. Ok....point taken, Karma Bus. You can stop now.

- First off, Christmas! This year was rather subdued. We went to my inlaw's church on Christmas Eve. I had never been to a non-Catholic Christmas service before, so I was a bit out of my element. This church gives the kiddos toys to play with during the service and this caused Betty to be rather....loud and obnoxious during the service (at one point she yelled out "THESE TOYS ARE MUPPETS!!" mid-service). Add onto that the LONGEST. SERMON. EVER. (and that's saying a lot coming from a Catholic). By 8:30 I was ready to hit the hay.

Christmas morning was a study in consumerism run amok. I didn't really realize how MUCH we bought for our kid (I mean...Santa bought...). Our living room has been strewn with cars, trucks, Barbies and dinosaurs ever since.

- As I mentioned above, Kid 2 has come down with a case of acid reflux...which leads to bloody-murder screaming and spit-ups galore. Not. fun. It's a good thing she's cute.

- I got myself a new phone for Christmas! This is BIG BIG news folks. I am not a phone person. I don't really text (though I'm learning) and prior to last week I was rockin' a pay-as-you-go flip phone that served my purposes....well, not so well...but it made phone calls. Now I got myself a fancy-shmancy HTC Evo 4. And once I learn to use it I'm sure it will make my life easier. So, take note 2011 can now text me and I may actually text back instead of calling you back to let you know that I don't really know how to text!

- I am officially in "must lose this baby weight" thought-mode. I didn't gain nearly as much with Molly as I did with Betty, but I feel all out of sorts being quite a bit larger than I normally am. So, I went and got myself Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD...and the hubster set me up in the basement with a TV and a workout mat. It's ON.

- I've been dragging my feet with doing my taxes for the end of the year this week. I don't use any kind of bookkeeping software, I do it all on my own with my handy-dandy color-coded spreadsheets. It's daunting come December though. And I'm still amazed at how many work-miles I put on the poor Saturn this year. Methinks a new car is in my future come wedding season 2011.

- I've purchased all the stuff for my home studio this week. I intend on holing away for the remainder of the winter and mastering some lighting if it kills me. Hopefully by spring I can start having some non-Betty models in to test it all out.

- Following along with my resolution to educate myself, I signed up for Dave Jackson's portrait workshop for this March. Totally jazzed about that, and hopefully I can fit in another workshop with someone this summer (I'm eyeing the Zack Arias Chicago shop in June)

- This February 13th I'm going to be doing my 1st bridal show in Milwaukee (the Wedding Show and Tell)...and I have 2 tickets for the show if anyone is interested.

- In Type A booking news, I have about 8 2011 openings remaining before I close it out for the year. I did 32 weddings last year and I'm wanting to maybe scale that back a bit for this year as I adjust to the whole "two who screams all the time" thing. I say maybe because I said that last year too and had a bit of a hard time saying "no".

And I usually think people are kind of full of it when they post non-stop, everyday about how many inquiries are coming in....but it's that time of year, folks. People are getting engaged like mad and, well, those inquiries ARE going to start pouring time is of the essence if you're getting hitched in 2011.

And with that, I leave with your moment of Betty & Molly....

Finding out how dinosaurs say goodnight.....a rare moment where Molly isn't screaming like Ronnie James Dio.
Don't we look as tired and worn out as your would expect us to? Christmas morning scrubbiness!
Yes...I'm hip now.


You Say You Want a Resolution | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Happy Almost 2011!

As "Miss Type A" I delight in making lists. I am, in fact, a compulsive list maker. So, when it comes to the end of the year and I have to sit and come up with resolutions for the New Year, I welcome the task. I believe that just by writing it down I am held to following through on the resolution, no matter what.

Of course, it doesn't always work out that way...

I tend to aim a bit high...and I tend to expect WAY too much of myself. Not necessarily a BAD thing, but because I aim a bit TOO high I tend to abandon most of my resolutions by March.

So I'm going to try something new this year. I'm going to make my list....and I'm going to ask you, dear Interwebs, to keep me accountable. Kick my arse into gear, if you will. I'm putting my list out there in the public forum in hopes that if I promise to commit my time to something and then fail, some Internet pal will email me and say "Hey! Get with the program!"

Accountability. Trying something new.

So, coming into 2011, I hope to:

1. Focus on lighting. I want to learn the ins and out of lighting portraits, lighting weddings, and getting the most out of off-camera flash. It's something that kind of scares me a bit, and I'm taking it all on as my biggest challenge this year. I'm building a studio in my basement as a practice "hub" hopes that I'll hit my stride by this spring.

2. Dress better. No more pink plaid jackets. Seriously.

3. Be more patient with my kid(s). Now, being that you (the Internet) don't live with me you'll kind of just have to take my word for it that I'm increasing my patience in 2011. But, I'm trustworthy!

4. Education! I resolve to take at least 3 workshops this year. First up? David E Jackson's portrait workshop in March.

5. Learn to say "No". This is important...even though I hate to do it. In order to maintain my sanity and have time in my life to, oh I dunno, sleep...breathe....just be. I have to learn not to accept everything that comes along, work related or not...and to let go of the guilt that comes with saying "No".

So there it is....kind of a tall order, I know, but here's hoping I can at least make it to, say, June before I abandon all hope!

I'm looking forward to's going to be a fabulous year for Type A....I can just feel it. I'll see you all in the New Year!!!


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Happy Christmas Eve!!

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. It's our first in our new home, first for Molly, and first year that Betty really "gets" the whole Santa thing...which makes it lots of fun. We're going to have a great holiday! We figured out how to use our fireplace and with the stockings hung and fake holly adorning every square inch of our living room, we're ready for the festivities! One of the best things about Christmas is it gives you permission to be straight-up tacky without shame.

- Molly is settling in nicely...but is a bit "fussier" than Betty was...or at least from what I remember. We seem to be experiencing a bit of parental amnesia. It's funny how easily you forget the effects of sleeplessness. Having two is a whole new level of tired.

- I'm finally off of bed rest, after about 2 weeks of spiking blood pressure and lots of napping. I am NOT good at doing nothing all day. After all the trouble I had this go-around, I've decided that 2 kids is enough....

- Decided this week to pull a "What Not to Wear" style clothing dump on my closet. Got rid of a LOT. Then I realized I now have no pants left that actually fit me. Probably not the best idea to clean out my closet only 2 weeks post-partum.

- I broke my maternity leave this week for one infant sitting, and realized how different my leave is this time around. With Betty, I couldn't even THINK about returning to work before my 12 given weeks. I dreaded it and when the day did come I was a mess. So much different now that I actually love my job. I felt lost without photographing something besides my kids. I can't believe I still have another month before my next wedding....

- Haven't gotten my own copy yet, but the new Wedding Planner & Guide has been released! Check out the Madison copy for Type A Images' new print ad!

- Got an email this week that Type A Images has been named one of The Knot's "Best Of" Weddings for 2011. How this came about? I have no idea. I don't advertise with The Knot, so it kind of surprised me I was even on the radar...but pretty cool!

- One of the cool things about being forced to get up in the middle of the night with my new kid....Tivo'd geekery. I've been "taping" all sorts of fun, geeky shows to watch as I'm up late at night. It's currently 5:16 AM and I'm indulging in a History channel show about John Wilkes Booth. Good times.

- The 2010 Best Of contest is still running until the first of the year. See below and make sure to vote for your favorite shot!!

- Twilight: Eclipse Riff Trax? Oh. My. Goodness. HILARITY. Seriously, I know I mention Riff Trax quite a bit, but if you haven't heard of or seen Riff Trax, DO IT. It's the only way to watch Twilight....or any other horrible movie.

- Speaking of horrible movies, Betty and I attempted to watch Santa Paws the other day. I made it about 5 minutes in and just couldn't do it. It was too stupid even for a 3 year old. I hate to say it, but I prefer Santa Buddies. If I have to choose. Of a perfect world, neither would exist.

- My thoughts this week have turned to New Years Resolutions....working on an actual list (because I'm Type A like that and actually write my resolutions down).

- On kind of a bummer note, I found out recently that my elementary/middle school is closing at the end of this school year. I went there for 10 years (it was a private Catholic school, pre-K through 8th grade). I also have aunts and uncles that went there. My dad went there as well. They just didn't have enough kids (there were only 9 kids in my 8th grade class, and that was years I can imagine how bad it got). Sad to see that end....

- On the booking/work front, I've got 16 weddings booked thus far for 2011....which is 6 more than I had booked at this time last year, so it looks like I'm booking faster and earlier than 2010. I do have some prime summer dates still open so give me a ring if you're still looking for a photographer for your upcoming nuptials. I will be stopping at 25 this year just to give myself some room know...breathe and sleep and stuff.

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and wonderful New Year. The last two New Years I was shooting weddings, so I may actually make it a date night with the hubby this year. After the stressful last month we kind of deserve it!

Betty and I did an quick "sitting" in our kitchen the other day, and I love the results. My kid is so fun to photograph....completely effortless, I'm lucky she loves the camera. I hope Molly follows suit, but so far everytime I put the camera in her face she gives me "poop face"...which is all scrunchy and purple...not exactly photo-worthy. I did manage to get a FEW decent shots off however.

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

No "poop-face" here.....and check out the awesome "do".

I take a lot of pictures of Betty. Like....a lot a lot. But this has to be, hands down, one of my favorites. Think I may actually get this one printed. Just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a big window, good light, and a blank kitchen wall.


Ok....So I Lied | Rockford Infant Photographer

Rules are made to be broken. And, in my life, maternity leave is meant to be ignored sometimes. I am not the type of gal who can just rest on my laurels and NOT photograph anything for an entire 6 weeks. Just can't do it.

So when my former bride Stacey contacted me and let me know she was going to be in town for the holidays and wanted pics of her adorable new bundle Reagan, how could I say no? Far from it...I jumped at it...especially after not leaving the house for anything but doctor visits and a quick, painful run to Walmart in 2 weeks. Routine? Back to work? Yes please!

Reagan made it a dream session. She was wide awake but super-still and calm. The perfect infant model.

So, totally worth breaking maternity leave for! Enjoy the sneak peek Stacey and Tony and have a GREAT holiday!

Location: Private Home


Best of 2010 Contest!! | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, when one is on bed rest (and not supposed to be using the computer...shhhhh) one has time to do more "administrative" type tasks. Such as sifting through 32 weddings worth of images to pick out my favorites. Then, taking those images and narrowing them down to 20. This is what I did last week. Good times.

This is not easy folks. I love all of my weddings like little children, and I really wish the contest could just include every picture I took. But, I did get it down to 20...somehow....and here they are. My favorites of the past 12 months.

Each is a "favorite" of mine for a different reason. Either I love the story behind it....or I just really think it was a neat capture....but whatever the reason, these are the images that jumped into my head when I started compiling this list.

Now, this is a contest. At the end of this post you'll find a poll. Let me know which of the 20 images is your favorite. Voting runs through 1/1/2011. The winning couple will receive a 16x20 Gallery Wrap.

1. Take a larger than normal bridal party....add one of my favorite stateline destinations (Dari Ripple Ice Cream Stand) and mix in one simple direction: Act really bored. Lord knows WHY I told them to do that....I thought it was just kind of funny. Ended up being one of my favorite group shots of the year.
2. There are really few words to describe how much I love this picture. I think it just tells a story all on its own.
3. Weddings are days full of emotion...and can range from deliriously happy to bittersweet sadness. I think this picture just captures the roller coaster of emotion associated with the average wedding day.
4. The First Dance is one of those wedding moments that lends itself to great, intimate pictures. I just really like the simplicity of this picture. Because in that moment, all there is in the room is the couple. Nothing else.
5. The dog makes it, I think.
6. I was a few months pregnant when I took this picture....and as soon as I shot it I "chimped"and looked at the back of the screen and got teary. Because I was all full of hormones and it was a daughter and her dad and such a sweet moment. Then I blubbered like an idiot for the remainder of the Father/Daughter dance.
7. Some pictures are just a matter of happenstance. Like rainbows that appear out of nowhere and then vanish in a heartbeat. So glad we caught this one.
8. Another father/daughter moment....except it's dad's wedding this time.
9. Kids often create great photo moments without meaning to. Like this one who bellied up to the bar and shot me this quick look.
10. When you can get a bride on know it's going to be a great wedding day.....
11. Beautiful locations deserve a nod as well....because they, obviously, MAKE the image. It doesn't get more amazing than St.Josephat's in Milwaukee.
12. This was one of those shots that was just "luck" really. It was before the ceremony, and the bagpiper was taking a bit of a break. I think he knew I was taking his picture, but like a true professional he stayed looking straight ahead. That, or he was ignoring me hoping I'd go away. Either the shot.
13. Another first dance image. I just really like it. Again, it's just the two of them, enveloped in one another, soaking in the day.
14. This particular bride had the most amazingly beautiful dress. It curled around her like some sort of sugary confection and it was completely photogenic from every angle.
15. The story here? Mom....sweet, crying mom. Poor thing, I just wanted to hug her. But, I photographed her instead.
16. I said this in this particular wedding's blog, but this shot just reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. This bride, Sarah, was just a natural beauty and her heirloom dress was simply beautiful. One of my favorite bridal shots of the year.
17. Moms...they make such great images sometimes. You can just feel the "happy" here.
18. Dads make great images too.
19. The thing I love about this picture is you can't really tell where it was taken. I'll reveal the secret: church basement....mustard brown/yellow-y walls....and a clump of plastic "decorative" flowers in one corner. Bust out the 85 1.4, add an effervescent bride, and VIOLA! Love!
20. This is one of those pictures I love because of the subject and the story. This particular wedding had just a fun, funny bridal party that was FULL of ideas and suggestions. When I took this I had one of the groomsmen holding a flash for me, and another was "directing" the shoot trying to get a reaction out of the groom. His direction? "Someone just gave you a puppy!!!"
Snap! This is what that looks like. Puppies and Happiness!

Voting will run until 12:00 AM on 1/1/2011. Happy voting!

What is your favorite image of 2010?
20 free polls


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, I'm slowly but surely easing back into my regular, yet slightly modified, routine. Thank goodness....I am a creature of habit, and I hate unexpected wrenches in long-held plans. Like bed rest. Totally not in my schedule!

I'm so "off my game" this week that I had nearly forgotten it was Friday! How tragic would THAT have been? : )

So, without further delay......

- Let's first talk about Dexter. The finale? I was a bit...underwhelmed. After last year's gigantic cliffhanged (hello....dead Rita in a bathtub!)....this year's was a bit....yawn-fest. But, I am not abandoning my show. Still fabulous.

- On the same note, I was a bit surprised to hear Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter are divorcing. Sad....but, hey....that makes TWO guys on my "5 Guys It's Okay to Crush On" list that left their women this week (the other being Zac Efron).

- I got off bed rest on Wednesday. I tell you, I never want to be on bed rest for anything ever again. I am SO not the "bed rest" type. It drove me nuts to just SIT. Couldn't stand it. I also watched more Law & Order: SVU than any person ever should.

- My kid learned to write her name!! How? I have no idea. She just busted it out this week. This is the best picture I have of the results. My Mother in Law took this picture with her point and shoot....and it's prompted me to offer her use of one of my spare DSLR's : ) She also made an attempt to write "Molly". I know, it's the Proud Mama in me, but pretty good for a 3 year old!
- It was quite the feat, but I compiled 20 of my favorite wedding images from 2010 for my "Best of 2010" contest. I will be posting the picks soon and open voting through the end of the year. The winners will win some awesome prizes!

- I got to give my Grandfather his early Christmas present this week: his 1941 High school yearbook. His response? "I don't think you know how much this means to me"'s what I love about this season. Finding that once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift. It was pretty neat. He went through the book and told me stories about some of the folks. Amazing how sharp the memory can be when presented with a 70 year old reminder of your past.

- I've been working on compiling an Amazon Wish List of clothes for next season....again, part of my New Years resolution to dress a bit better. Why didn't anyone ever clue me in to before? LOVE that site! Very cute stuff!

Coming up this week: Final preparations for the holiday with a MUCH overdue hair appointment (my roots are abysmal....seriously. Trashtastic). A few bridal meetings that were postponed several times due to the arrival of Molly, and I'm actually squeezing in an infant shoot next week for a former bride (because I can't stand going so long without photographing something, apparently!)

Then, I'm getting my relaxed, stress-free Christmas on. Can't wait!

Miss Molly.....who I've taken to calling "Monkey" much as it may scar her for life, the kid does look like a little baby monkey with all that spiky hair. A cute monkey, of course. Not a weird, red-butt monkey or something.
Betty has been pretty cooped up lately, so we busted out the messiness and made Christmas cookies the other day. She enjoyed herself....obviously.
Molly meets her Great Great (yes, TWO greats) Aunt Rose this week.
Monkey. In a rare awake moment.


Friday Fractured Thought - Bed Rest Edition | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

To a busy mom, there are few things that sound more calming than "bed rest". I used to think so anyway. All bed...nothing but bad TV and snacks and sleep.

I was wrong.

It's not calming, really. It's boring. Really, really boring. I wasn't even supposed to touch the computer all week....I don't think the doctor quite understood what he was asking.

- So for those not aware of my current condition, I developed pre-eclampsia and was induced last week. We welcomed little Molly....and then the pre-eclampsia decided to hang around...and get worse. Instead of re-admitting me to the hospital I was put on strict bed rest. I had a visit with the doc today and was hoping things would have improved...but no dice. So more laying and thinking of how bored I am. *sigh*

- So, not much going on this week, obviously, unless you want the run-down on all the TV I've watched (What's Love Got to Do With It? was on TV this morning. WIN)

- The husband has been invaluable helping this week...and my in-laws have jumped in to help watch the girls (doesn't that sound cool? THE GIRLS! ) It's great to have family available for times like this.

- I had been planning a small get-together for the photographers in the area for this week, which obviously had to be cancelled...totally bummed me out. I had been really looking forward to getting everyone together. Hopefully I can reschedule.

- Molly is adjusting well and her sleep schedule has been as wonky as can be expected for a newborn. She sleeps ALL day. Like a cat. Very nocturnal.

- Still not quite done with my Christmas shopping, so hopefully I can get some online shopping done while laying here useless in bed.

- BTW, Beloit Hospital? Their food is pretty good. But they forgot my ice cream three times.

- I have a new show I just love: Raising Hope....HILARIOUS. It does, however, strike me as the type of show that probably won't last very long.

- I'll be keeping people posted on when I'm back to working order, I feel terrible as I have several couples that have been waiting patiently as I've had to reschedule our meetings. All I can say is thank you so much for you patience! All of this mess is certainly inconvenient.

And to leave you on an adorable note, here is Miss Molly....all fuzzy hair and cuteness. I'll be on and off the internets (I'm supposed to be keeping a calm, no stimuli-type enviroment...but really, no internet? Who are we kidding? As long as its quiet, I suppose).


Friday Fractured Thought - Baby Edition! | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Molly Anne Reseburg
6 lbs 0 oz 18 "
Born December 2, 2010 4:14 AM

Well, what had been shaping up to be a relatively quiet week took an unexpected turn. So, I give you the Friday Fractured Thoughts.....Baby edition!

Tuesday morning I woke up with an OB appt. on my schedule...and a raging sinus infection. I felt absolutely terrible as I trudged my way to the doctor's office. The nurse gave me a sympathetic look as she got my weight (181!! Eeeek!) and sat me down to take my blood pressure. My only thought was "let's get this done so I can go home and collapse into bed".

Well, not so fast BP was up. And my limbs were all swollen. I had been seeing sparkly spots. I had a massive headache. All that added up to one thing: pre-eclampsia.


They admitted me to the hospital for observation. I wasn't worried. I figured they get everything stablized and send me home to finish up all the stuff I still needed to do before baby's due date.

Hours BP fluctuated....and after 24 hours my doc came in with a look of " thought you were going home, eh?"

Not so fast!

He recommended inducing. Oy. Vey. My first thought was "I don't even have CURTAINS for the baby's room yet!"

My 2nd thought? Jon...who was away on business.

After some tense calls and sending my father in law down to Chicago to pick up Jon, we prepared to go ahead. They started the Pitocin drip. Nothing really happened. After a few hours I got an epidural (ouch) and then...more waiting. And sleeping...and waiting. Finally, I sent Jon off to sleep in my other room and I tried to sleep as well. I had gotten next to no sleep in the last 24 hours...and I certainly hadn't planned on having to labor on top of it all.

I was getting impatient after 6 hours and wondered when things would start to get going. I decided to try and shift my position in bed and WHAM!!!!! The baby dropped and I was ready to go. Evidently the epidural worked so well I had no idea the baby was RIGHT. THERE.

Everyone sprung into action...they went and woke up Jon and literally about 5 mins later Molly Anne Reseburg entered the world. Easy as pie.

She was teeny weenie and had a full head of fuzzy dark brown hair.

So, the week didn't exactly unfold as I had planned. I have TWO KIDS. Wow. It's going to take some adjustments to get used to it all, but it's kind of like riding a bike. A very demanding bike that deprives you of sleep.

I am so so happy that she's here and healthy and safe. And I am so so happy to not be pregnant anymore, I have to be honest. I'm looking forward to getting home, getting into a routine (do you expect anything less from a Type A gal?) and getting Miss Betty acclimated to Big Sisterhood. So far, so good. She's very into "can I take care of the baby?" and being a "big helper". Hopefully she doesn't tire of that too quickly. I think once she realizes the squeaky thing isn't going anywhere she may put up a bit of a fuss. I's not like Betty is the center of attention or anything....really!

I promise lots of pictures to follow (of course!) and thank you everyone for the well-wishes and support! I can't think of a better early Christmas present!

Time of Arrival
She has super duper tiny feet. Obviously not taking after me.
The HAIR. Cracks me up. It almost looks highlighted.
A family of four.


All Maternal and Stuff | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

A little updating for my current and prospective clients, I am now officially on "Maternity Leave". I am taking a few more prospective client meetings but I will not be taking any sittings until January 22nd, 2011.

If you are interested in booking a sitting with Type A Images after the New Year, feel free to contact me any time and we'll get you booked.

If you are looking to book a wedding in 2011, I am still happy to send out any and all information you would like and set up a time to meet and discuss plans after January 22nd. I am about 1/2 booked for 2011 and prime dates will get snatched up soon after the first of the year, as many people get those rings on their fingers during the holidays.

I will still be updating via the Blog and Facebook and keeping everyone in the "loop".

25 days to go!!! I cannot wait!


Why Can't We Be Friends? | Beloit Family Photographer

Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?
- War

Oh Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. Someday, my dear, we will be buddies. You will look forward to our yearly meeting with rapt attention and excitement. You will pose willingly, happily. You will love "picture day".....someday.

Today....well, not that day. But, we tried something new this year: ninja sneaking and confinement to one area. Keep her busy....try to sneak in what I could....and if all else fails? Begging.

We actually did pretty good, with Lauren's mom and dad helping we got some good shots.

Someday, Lauren. We will be friends : )

She looked up and I snapped this and was so stinkin' happy I got it that I could have packed it in right there! : )

Lauren is a master at face-hiding.

Location: Beloit Public Library

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