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Summer Lovin'.

"Summer lovin, had me a blast"

- Summer Lovin'

Fresh purple flowers. Cute, short bridesmaids dresses and open-toed shoes. Baseball themed table markers and escort cards. The August date. Everything about Stephanie and Eric's wedding screamed "summer".

Except, that is...for the temperature.

It was a balmy 60-some degrees most of the day, turning colder as the night went on. However, that didn't seem to matter to the party inside. Spirits were high and love was all around.

I considered this my last wedding of the summer, lumping September weddings into the "fall" category. It was a great one to go out on: beautiful decor, fun couple, and lots of great touches.

I hope Stephanie and Eric enjoy their sneak peek!

Stephanie's beautiful rock. Color me jealous!

I absolutely LOVE this shot of Eric's grandfather. He reminds me of Martin Sheen.

Behind the couple was a fireplace. A fireplace that was ON. For an AUGUST wedding.




The Super Family.

So, today was funny. The Gosnell family and I had planned for a fun, outdoor romp in the park for their family pictures. Only to be met with rain this morning.

So, I suggested the Domes, being that I had used them many times before and knew it was a great rain-day solution.

I guess there is a first for everything. Today was the first time I got asked to pay the Domes' $50 "Photography" fee. Not to make this whole blog about this ridiculous fee...but $50 covers an HOUR. Not even the day. An HOUR. Shame, shame Milwaukee Park System. I guess I'll have to be a bit craftier....

Anywhoo....the Gosnell Family is adorable. Three active boys that I'm sure keep mom and dad on their toes. Despite the Parks Dept. mandated time crunch, I think we got in some great shots. I especially like the "ode to superheroes" at the end of the shoot. Great idea!

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Child(ren) of the Corn.

Today, I ventured over to Belleville, WI. Don't worry...I had never heard of it either!
I travelled to shoot little Brady's first portraits. He was a good little model, and we only experienced one bathroom accident...which is pretty good when it comes to sittings with newborns.
We got to head outside into the cornfield for some country-esque shots as well.
I hope Brady and his parents Michelle and Nicholas enjoy their sneak peek!

"Portraits are boring, mom"


Opposites Attracting.

When Kimberly emailed me to discuss meeting up for her and Robert's engagement shoot, I let her know that I'd meet her at the Art Museum and I would be the one with the cameras.
She told me that they would be the couple that "looked a bit odd" as she is 5'2" and Robert is 6'3". Needless to say they were not hard to spot...and the trend of opposites continues into their chosen outfits as well.
Robert went to Notre Dame.
Kimberly went to Wisconsin.
And it was time to represent!
This shoot was a study in yin and yang, but Kimberly and Robert seem to make it work just fine for them! I can't wait to shoot this fun couple's wedding in October!
Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!

He was wispering something about sports here. Being that I know nothing about sports...I think it was football related.


Every Long Lost Dream.

Every long lost dream
Led me to where you are
- Rascal Flatts
You may recall Tim and Emily from their engagement session at the Mitchell Park Domes in mid-winter! We fared much better weather-wise this time.
Tim and Emily were married at the Peace Lutheran Church in New Berlin which is nudged up next to farm land (which we..shhhh...took advantage of).
They had a great group of people helping them celebrate their big day and their ceremony was distinctively them.
I hope Tim and Emily enjoy their sneak peek!


Emily and Tim had a photobooth set up for their guests, which was really great. I snuck in a picture of their rings along with their photo booth shots.


Miles and Ella: The Kids, Not the Jazz Musicians.

Welcome Little Miles!
Miles and Ella are the kids of our good friends Steve and Thea. We got to visit last night and let Miles take part in his very first photo shoot. Not sure he was too thrilled about the idea, but Ella is super-camera-ready at all times. And it's a good thing too, because the camera loves her.
I hope Miles, Ella, and their parents enjoy their sneak peek! See you soon!

That is most definitely a pre-poop face. Trust me.

I love this look! It's like grumpy old man.
Didn't I tell you that the camera loves her?


Meant To Be.

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be.
- Elvis Presley

Sarah and Brendan were one of my first bookings, way back when. They were my first engagement session EVER (brave little souls). So, I've been anticipating this wedding for a long time. So have Sarah and Brendan. Ten years in fact!

The couple were married at the Polish Center of Wisconsin and I have to tell you, if you are seeking a place to get married this building has the most amazing mid-day light streaming through it's big windows in the ceremony room. I highly recommend it!

It was a lovely day for the couple and I had a great time! I hope they enjoy their sneak peek!

My husband caught this shot of the officiant (the bride's grandfather!) pre-ceremony. The hubby is good to have around as I surely would have missed this otherwise!

The bridal party asked "Can we give them funny looks when they're kissing". So, here's funny looks!



Today. would have been 86. would have called me to have lunch. would have told me your mind feels 19.

Today....I would have probably given you another Barnes and Nobles giftcard. would have asked how the Boopers was. would have laughed off how crappy you felt physically.

Today....we would have talked about Obama and healthcare. should be 86.


TuTu Cute.

I am, quite possibly, the LEAST "crafty" person on earth. I can draw pretty well, and when I was 5 I did okay with the whole "make a necklace out of macaroni" deal. But when it comes to really crafting something useful I am completely clueless.

My friend Heidi Duss is the completely opposite. She makes beautiful jewelry, buttons, coasters, and now adorable infant and child tutus!

Heidi enlisted my Betty as her tutu model and Betty was more than happy to help out. She flitted around in the grass (with the help of Daddy and some bubbles) and was a pretty decent decent as a two year old who will not sit still can be.

Heidi's tutus and her other lovely items can be found at her Storyline Design website and her Etsy store The Fairy Garden
If you are interested in purchasing a tutu or any one of Heidi's other items she can be reached at

Heidi will also be at the Sun Prairie Art Show on September 12 featuring her tutus, wands, and onesies along with other items from Storyline Design!

Thanks Heidi for asking Betty to be your little model. I think she enjoyed herself!

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