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Spring Portrait Session Openings. | Milwaukee Portrait Photographer.


Like you REALLY need a reason for fabulous pictures...but let me give you one: SPRING IS HERE....I heard a rumor that its supposed to be GORGEOUS outside this week...coming up fast, so I thought I'd throw a friendly reminder out there of all the good reasons to book an April sitting with Type A.


1. Mother's Day is coming....and you don't want her gift to suck. And when is the last time Mom got a halfway decent family picture that didn't include a church directory as the reason?

2. EASTER. Baskets, bunnies.....beautiful dresses.

3. Tax Refund Season.....hey, you have to spend it on something....right?

4. Lent is you can give up giving up stuff. Indulge in candy and cool pictures.

5. You can finally bust out the cute spring wardrobe and open-toed shoes. May as well get photographic evidence of it!

6. Baseball season is upon us. Get out the jerseys and viola! Theme photo!

7. Because I have open dates! What better reason do you need:

APRIL open dates:
4/3 : Afternoon only (past 3:30 pm)
4/4: I'll be in Beloit, so any Beloiters...hit me up after 2:00 or so!
4/10: Anytime! **BOOKED**!
4/18 ** BOOKED **!
4/24 **BOOKED**!
4/25** BOOKED **!

Just a reminder, 2010 is pretty much nearly full for wedding bookings. I may be willing to squeeze in a late summer/fall wedding however...if you send me cookies or something. If you're getting married in 2011, contact me and let's set up a's already starting to book up so its never too early.


Weekend Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Ok, so I officially suck at remembering to blog on Fridays.

So, this is going to be Fractured Thoughts....Weekend Edition.

* Our house is still sitting here, lonely without new owners. We had a 2nd walk-through by some interested parties last night...but still no word.

* On the house HUNTING front, I am trying to be practical. We don't want a money pit....we want something sound and updated. But I can't help but find myself drawn to these gigantic, sprawling turn-of-the-century homes. Character may trump new amenities. At least if I have anything to say about it. The husband may win this one though, as he's the one who would have to do all the extra work!

* The nation is in a big uproar about this Health Care bill. And, well....I'm staying out of it, honestly. I'm remaining as Swiss as can be on the whole subject, until I see what comes of it, I suppose.

I worked in the HC industry on the insurance side for many years. You see some pretty shocking stuff from than angle. That being said, I'm not sure of this bill. I'm not educated enough about this bill. So....neutral I am until I see what happens.

Let's just remember to be civil to one another. I've seen some pretty shocking Facebook updates this week. Chill out, folks! It's not worth destroying friendships over, truly. And keep in mind, other people (read: CLIENTS) can read your Facebook statuses. If you're in the industry, its probably best for your business to keep it light and politics-free! Rant to your buddies over wine and Trivial Pursuit.

* Spring is COMING! I got a small glimpse of it.....sadly, it wasn't too set on sticking around this week. But, signs are everywhere...the Brewers are playing practice games, Summerfest line-ups are slowly being revealed, and super cute Spring wardrobes are hitting the stores (as are swimsuits! EEEEKK!!). I cannot wait. It seems each winter is longer and colder than the last. I love Wisconsin seasons, however. Because once Spring really hits, you appreciate it so much more!

Speaking of which, Betty and I actually got outside this week without a snowsuit!


Darling Dara. | Milwaukee Infant Photographer.

You're the sky that I fell through
And I remember the view
Whenever I'm holding you
The sun hung from a string
Looking down on the world as it warms over everything
Chills run down my spine
As our fingers entwine
And your sighs harmonize with mine
-Owl City "If My Heart Was a House"

Today I got to meet little Dara (and her parents, of course). I had forgotten how teeny tiny everything that accompanies a newborn is. Little baby doll size diapers and teensy weensy baby shirts. Makes Betty look like Gigantor.

Dara was a little iffy about being photographed, but we got off a good collection of shots before she let us know that she was accepting no more pictures. Even got a chance to have her model her lovely little flower headband (much to dad's chagrin).

Enjoy the sneak peek! It was great meeting you and your new little addition!

Look @ Dara's cute little baby fuzz. Is there anything more precious?

Two Somebodies Loved. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Nights when the heat had gone out
We danced together alone
Cold turned our breath into clouds
We never said what we were dreaming of
But you turned me into somebody loved
- The Weepies

It was SOOO hard to narrow this wedding down to a just few for the sneak peek. Alise and Paul were a photographer's dream: great style, up for anything, and super-excited about their day!

Plus, MAJOR points for the use of The Weepies as their entrance song. LOVED it!

Anywhoo, we started the day with snow...but not to worry, because that was followed up by wind and biting cold. First day of Spring? I think not. But, it didn't phase Miss Alise one bit. While I wussed it out with gloves, a coat, and a scarf...Alise acted as if it were 90 degrees out. The cold didn't show on her face at all, she rocked it out through several locations. Paul...well....he put forth a REALLY good effort at looking warm...but I think Alise had him beat in that respect!

The ceremony was held at the beautiful St. John Vianney church in Brookfield. From there we hit up the Calatrava, some of Lake Park, and the beachfront. The reception was held at the Astor Hotel, which is fast becoming one of my favorite spots. Not only are they SUPER nice and accomodating, but the inside is just vintage loveliness. AND they have really good dinner rolls.

The party was highlighted by a perfomance by the band Guilty (featuring Paul's brother on guitar) and a rousing toast by the bride's family called Sto Lat (which I found out...thank you Google...means "100 Years"). It was a great day, despite the unseasonably cold weather, and I had a great time capturing it for them.

Have a great time on your honeymoon! Enjoy the sneak peek!

The first kiss was a family affair (Hi Chase!)

Brides, take note: Cathedral veils rock my socks off. LOOK at this. If it's going to be windy, you may as well use it!

Chase was elusive nearly the entire day, but I did manage to wrangle him into helping me out with a ring shot


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful week...we finally got a sneak peek of Spring and it felt wonderful. Then, of luck would have it...the weather turns foul for my first wedding of the busy season. But, keep the faith Alise and will be lovely tomorrow...even if the sun is hiding and the wind is blowing.

And in more "fractured" thoughts.....

* My kid has decided terrible two's is starting....NOW. She has been unruly lately. Today she gave me a death-stare and said "I' DADA!" when I told her she couldn't watch her Care Bears Movie. Apparently she is 2 going on 13.

* Tomorrow is, as I mentioned, my first wedding of the busy busy summer season. I have 31 weddings booked between tomorrow and November. I'm toying with the idea of maybe adding one or two more, but that's if you're getting married in 2010 or know someone who is, hop on the few open dates now!

* I watched a Zac Efron movie the other day and not only thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can see why all the "young kids" think he's a "righteous dude".

* Have you seen the new Liberty of London for Target collection?? It is pure loveliness. I only wish I had a new office to buy things for right now. At least I can take comfort that the office in my head is nicely furnished with lovely flowered goodness.

* The new She & Him album comes out this week, and I'm pretty jazzed. I love me some Zooey Deschanel. She's my total girl crush.

* We got ourselves a new roof on the it's now PERFECT for the next owners. Hear that homebuyers? Come buy my house!!

* I got Betty's spring pictures done. I wanted to squeeze them in before I got busy and lucky enough we had a nearly 60-some degree day this week (I KNOW! Unheard of!). So, we headed over to a local park and I threw on this vintage dress I had bought for her off of Etsy. I decided to go for a sort of theme....Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods theme. Without Hansel. Or breadcrumbs. But, you get the idea.....


State Street State Of Mind. | Madison Engagement Photographer.

Today I headed off to Mad-city for an engagement session with Kristy and Josh. We wandered around the Bascom Hill area and then hit State Street, which was a real "blast from the past" for this gal. It's been about 11 years since I was on State Street and boy has it changed! But, it made for a great spot for some really cute shots for these two.

I was getting a very "wandering around the city with a old film camera" feel when I was shooting this, not sure why. After I was done I decided to hit up Urban Outfitters and saw they sold Holgas. It was tempting tempting. I think next time I'm in Madison I may just have to pick one up. I would love to do an entire engagement session with a Holga. Any takers?

Anywhoo, it was a great day and the sun decided to make an apperance, all be it a brief one. We contended with the St. Paddy's Day revelers and racers and got off some great shots.

Enjoy the sneak peek guys! See you soon!

How gorgeous is Kristy?! Look at those eyes!

Not sure what it is about this particular shot that I just ADORE, but its cute and quirky and I just love it. Reminds me of an old-timey country record album cover or something.

I assured Josh's mom that that including the papers in this shot was going to work. I hope she agrees! Kind of reminds me of the movie "Singles" (and I just dated myself....)

We even got in a few family shots for Josh.


Friday Fractured Thought (Saturday Edition) | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Ok, so...I missed a day. But I have a REALLY good excuse. Not only have I been readying our house for our 1st "Open House Extravaganza" !! (Note: our original sale fell through, in case you haven't been privy to my ranting on Facebook). But, I've been struck down with a cold. So, here's the Saturday edition of Fractured Thoughts. Enjoy!

* Selling a house is up there with one of the most stressful things I've ever done. Seriously. Keeping a house that a 2 year old inhabits clear and "staged" for potential buyers who may drop in at little notice is NOT easy.

* I am a notorious creature of habit, as most Type A personality people are. I like to know what's coming next. I eat the same things, I like the same shows, I don't mix things up much when it comes to my "routine". If someone ever tried to take away my Mountain Dew for a week I would probably break down and sob. So, this week it's been the show Roseanne. I get completely hooked on this show at least once every few years. It really is a genius show and completely stood apart from the other sitcoms of its day (Full House, Family Matters, Cosby).

I love it. So, while nursing my sniffles I've been curled up on the couch all weekend thus far watching episode upon episode of Roseanne. I'm up to Season 6.

* So sad about Corey Haim...though I can't say I'm surprised. I loved Lucas as a kid.

* I'm gearing up to HOPEFULLY take Betty's spring photos this week. I bought her the CUTEST vintage dress from permitting stay tuned!

* Speaking of the Red Headed One, I took her to the museum this week, simply because I was kind of sick of going to Monkey Joe's or Betty Brinn. She had a GREAT time. You have to check out the butterfly room if you haven't yet. It is AWESOME. You are surrounded by hundreds of butterflies, it's so neat (and not a bad photo op).

So, not much going on this week, save an engagement session tomorrow and Alise and Paul's wedding next week!! (Woo Hoo!). Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

Betty comes out of her shell (or cocoon or...whatever)


Lost in Love. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

So lift your eyes if you feel you can
Reach for a star and I'll show you a plan
- "Lost in Love" Air Supply

I've lived in the Milwaukee area for 7 years'd think in that time I would have learned the ins and outs of downtown. I would have mastered the grid-system layout of the streets.

Not so fast....

Today, Angela, Kevin, and I took a nice little drive around downtown Milwaukee. We started out on Old World 3rd Street and our next destination was the library. Which, my super sense of direction told me was in the COMPLETE opposite direction of where we needed to go. So, we got to see the finer spots of Milwaukee....only to realize the library was right up the street.

Well, live and learn!

We eventually made it to the library and got to take advantage of the lovely light streaming through the big library windows. The children's section is AWESOME, I have to remember to take Betty there sometime soon.

Angela and Kevin are both bookworms, so we thought the library was a perfect engagement session spot, and it worked out wonderfully! Enjoy the sneak peek! Sorry for the detour!

Yep, I made these two lie down on the probably-dirty library foyer floor. All in the name of cool pictures!

Almost kisses are sometimes better than already kisses.....
I love this picture. Great book choices!


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Another installment, brought to you by a rather annoyed gal this week...

* So, remember how we sold our house? Remember how I was all excited but scrambling to pack things up, still take pictures, get things ready...yadda yadda yadda.

Yeah, well....HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, seems we won't be going anywhere just yet. Yep....the sale fell through. Without going into it too much, it involved a buyer who wouldn't on. Anyone need a new house? Now that I have a POD in my driveway and I'm surrounded by boxes?


* While I'm on a bit of a tirade can I talk a bit about ripping people off? As in, the kind of ripping off Vanilla Ice did when he stole the beat to "Under Pressure" but claimed it was just SLIGHTLY different. Just a TAD different. Not REALLY the same.

Yeah, it's not cool. We're all influenced by so many. I know I have a ton of influences. But, my branding is my own. My name is my own. My business structure is my own. These are things I spent time, effort, money, and studying to craft and build around what I really hold to be important for my brand and business. I encourage people to BE influenced....influence is wonderful. Inspiration is wonderful. But, when it comes to selling yourself and your brand, bring yourself into it. BE yourself, because selling YOU and your personality is what holds you apart from the pack.

Besides, no matter how hard you try...if you rip off someone's ideas you're simply going to be 2nd to the original. Always. No matter what.

For example: I own action sets from several top photographers (Big ups to Sheye Rosemeyer's Eye Candy actions used below)....but I can never turn my work into their work. I can never have their flair with words or their style with blogging. Because I'm not them (if I wanted to be them I would probably shoot Canon and dress better!). I can be influenced by their use of color and composition, but in the end I have to use my own feel and eye to make it my own. There's a lot of folks out there doing the "vintage" thing. Its the aesthetic that I am drawn to, but it makes no good business sense to just do it exactly the same way as someone else.

Standing apart is important, community is important. And no one likes the guy in the community who breaks into people's cars and takes their CDs.

I feel like I'm moving on. Just don't steal. Don't knock off. It's not cool. It's bad for your Karma and it makes babies cry.

* As you can probably surmise, this week has been one big stress ball. With the house ups and downs and scrambling to pack only to be told to stop...wait...not just yet, I also got to experience Betty's first official giant public meltdown. The catalyst? Ruby and Max bunny dolls.

I'm a wuss, because I bought her the dolls. I was outnumbered (Betty + her GIANT TANTRUM vs. just little ole me). Plus I'm sure I was getting the stink-eye from the other Barnes and Nobles patrons.

* Last week I had the supreme pleasure of attending a meeting/critique session with Pierre from Pierre's Portrait Art and several talented local photographers (though I think I won the prize for farthest drive!). It was really fun and a great way to get my work looked at and critiqued by professionals. I highly recommend people do this, because you'll end up seeing things you NEVER would have noticed before. It's great.

* WPPI starts this week. I SO wish I was going. I send tons of good thoughts to all the people I know heading off on planes this weekend to Sin City.

* On another business note, I've decided I'm probably taking on 2-3 more weddings for 2010 and then it's on to 2011 bookings. So, if you're getting married this year and you're still sans-photographer give me a ring!

* I am DYING to see Precious, which comes out on DVD this week (I think). If anything, just to see Mariah Carey with her little lip fuzz (which I heard via some trashy magazine is actually REAL lip fuzz).

* I ALSO heard a rumor that Sigma is releasing an 85mm 1.4 lens. I could be very excited about this.

And here we have Miss Betty. I wanted to get one more "shoot" in my bedroom, which if you ask me has the best mid-day light in the whole house. However, I'm sure this probably won't be the last given our lost sale. *sigh again*

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