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Crazy Water and Calming Snow. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

As Howard Weinstein said in Father of the Bride, it's a good thing snow is white. It works! It's bridal...and beautiful. Even if it is a bit cold.

Emily and Kyle braved the cold and ice today for their awesome engagement session that took us to two "polar" opposite locations, making for a wonderful collection of pictures that I just cannot WAIT to edit.

We first stopped at the Crazy Water restaurant, which is the epitome of warm and cozy. I have no idea what they were preparing for tonight's dinner but it smelled amazing.

We then headed over to Grant Park to take advantage of the snow covered birch trees and bridges. The woods were one was around...and it was GORGEOUS. Despite the cold, I really do love Wisconsin in the winter.

This session was a great way to close out the year. I have a New Years Eve wedding tomorrow and then it's on to 2010!

Enjoy your sneak peek guys, see you in October!

How can you look at a picture like this and not fall in love with Wisconsin?
Special thanks to Crazy Water restaurant for letting us move your furniture around and interrupt your dinner prep!

Shoot Location: Crazy Water Restaurant and 7 Bridges


Merry Christmas and Into the New Year. | Milwaukee Photographer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I have to say, I'm kind of glad Christmas is over. What a busy few days! And I'm not sure where we're going to put all the new toys Betty got...but surveying the aftermath of three family gift exchanges has left us wondering if it's time to start looking for a new house!

The new year is upon us and I'm hoping for a lot of positive changes for Type A Images, as well as expanding my presence in the Milwaukee area. I've met some fabulous people this year and I want to expand that circle of new friends as well.

So, from my house to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a FABULOUS 2010!


Comfort and Joy. | Milwaukee Family Photographer.

Family and the holidays seem to just work well together. It brings a sense of comfort and definitely good amounts of joy. This family had a lot of joy to spare and it was infectious...filling the room we were in and making for a great "last shoot before Christmas".

We held the shoot @ Trinity Village in Milwaukee, which is quite the place. Very lovely from the inside. Very "homey", if that's a word! Included were grandkids, and in-laws, and grandparents, and moms and dad. It was quite the production, but I think it went quite well...ending in one of my favorite images I think I've taken this year.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

There was a lot of love between these grandparents and grandkids.

I Love...LOVE LOVE this picture. LOVE it. It screams to be blown up and framed. This couple has been married over 60 years and every time they get into an elevator, they kiss. I could just melt, seriously. LOVE it.

"Happy Trails"

Shoot Location: Trinity Village


Kindred Spirits I | Wisconsin Hospice Photography.

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a family for the Kindred Spirits Hospice photography program. It's so nice to see family together for the holidays and trading stories with one another.

If you are interested in a Kindred Spirits Hospice sitting, feel free to email me @ or speak to your representative from Beloit Regional Hospice.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your sneak peek!


Eyes All Aglow. | Beloit Family Photographer.

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight
- The Christmas Song

Prepare yourself for maximum cuteness. Honestly, have you ever seen a more adorable baby? Nolia is like a little Gerber baby, and that hair! Just cracks me up. Too much cute to be contained in a picture!

Today I had the pleasure of a sitting with Kami, Maurion, and their little girl Nolia, all ready for the holidays in her cute little red and white outfit. She was the perfect little subject, staring intently at my lens and not a fuss to be had.

Enjoy the sneak peek and Merry Christmas!

How incredibly proud does Maurion look here....the cuteness is too much. There's just something about little girls and their dads.....


Waukesha Winter Wonderland. | Waukesha Wedding Photographer.

It was definitely looking a lot like Christmas in downtown Waukesha...with the exception of the lack of snow. I was kind of hoping for a bit of fluffy snowfall for this afternoon's shoot, but it wasn't to be. We still got a bit of "winter" into the mix, using the frozen river as our backdrop.

Enjoy your sneak peek!


The Return of Lauren. | Beloit Child Photographer.

Lauren is quickly becoming my yearly challenge. I think if I can show up and get at least 10 good, in-focus pictures of Lauren looking at the camera and smiling then I can shoot ANYTHING.....well...almost anything.

She keeps my skills sharp, that's for sure! And, I finally got to bust out my new 50-150 2.8 lens that has been sitting gathering dust in my camera bag. Came in handy sneaking shots of Lauren from afar.

All in all, the weather was actually quite lovely today for a late November afternoon. We got Lauren out to Horace White Park in Beloit to run off some of her endless energy! Seemed to work quite well. Never fear, Kris...we got some good ones!


Static + Lauren = Awesome "do"


Thankful. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

I have to be honest, I wasn't exactly looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Every year the paternal side of my family gathers at the Knights of Columbus hall (as all good Catholics do, of course!) in Beloit for a big mish-mash of turkey, stuffing, pies, and conversation.

It was always a decent time, and one of the only times during the year that my huge, extended Irish Catholic family got together.

Last Thanksgiving was solemn, despite our best efforts. Grandma had just died the month before and her absence was a stark reminder of how much it had changed our family. It was never going to be the same, and some of the magic and happiness of the holidays had left with her.

So, this year we're trying to get back to normal...or our new normal. Grandma's absence not only has left us saddened, but a bit unorganized as well. Who is bringing what, making what, what time? These were all the intricate details ironed out in advance by Grams. Now, it's up to us to kind of pick up the pieces and do with it what we will.

But, then I got to thinking....I do have a lot to be thankful for. This has been a trying year. Grandma died, I miscarried, ....our house nearly blew up. Honestly, I'm ready for the year to come to a close.

But, before that happens, I'd like to just reflect on what I am thankful for. Many little things, but a few big things that color my world and make every day, as my daughter would say, the "Best! Day! Ever!"

Betty Claire
I am beyond thankful for this little girl. She is my heart...walking around, talking, cracking jokes, making me and her father so very proud. I marvel at how quick she is. I am in awe of her on a daily basis. I cannot remember my life without her presence. Betty is the reason I do what I do, everyday.
The Husband
I have to give a virtual pat on the back to the Mister. He is endlessly supportive (even when he should probably tell me to sit down and take a break), he's the best father in the world to The Peanut, and...if I do say so myself...he's pretty handsome : ) I got lucky.

(photo courtesy of someone else using my camera)

The Time.
I am eternally grateful for the 28 years I had with Grandma. I think about her every single day, I am still not "over" it, and I will mourn her passing for many years. But, I am to a point where I can be thankful that I had her, knew her, and that she made me part of who I am as an adult. I am grateful she had a chance to meet my daughter, to see me become a mother.
The stars aligned....and I lost my job right when I should have...affording me the time to spend her last days making her laugh...hopefully making her happy.

So I can look back on this year, despite the near misses with exploding houses and some sad circumstances and say I am thankful. I am thankful every single day that I have a job I love, a home I kinda like (but at least it's in one piece!), a husband I adore, and a daughter who is everything I could ever ask for in a kid.

Tomorrow, be thankful. Forget petty issues for one day and just think about what REALLY matters, whatever that may be to you. To me, it's my kid and my husband. The small world I've built for myself. The time I had, the memories I'm keeping, and the job I love.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


Little Bribes. | Milwaukee Family Photographer

The people stare into their eyes
And they feed them little bribes
And then they go
- Death Cab for Cutie
It's amazing what a kid will do for a Tic Tac....or a box of Tic Tacs, as was the case with Marcus today.
Today I had a sitting with Sasha & Jon and their two adorable kids. Poor little Marcus was a bit under the weather and was a trooper through the day. He had his trusty box of orange Tic Tacs...a sucker...and he was all set.
Alya was a natural...and with those big, expressive eyes (crossed or uncrossed!) she was a ham for the camera.
We had a great sitting today and enjoyed what is probably the last bit of warmer weather for awhile.
Enjoy your sneak peek!

Look at those blue eyes! Amazing!

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