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I am requesting some good thoughts tonight for my Grams Betty. She is in the hospital right now and we have found out that her colon cancer has spread to her lungs. This is, obviously, a very sad and scary discovery and our family is coming together to support her and make her comfortable.

My Grams is my hero, my friend, and I adore her. I named my daughter for her because each and every time my daughter says or writes her name, I want her to think about this amazing woman she'll probably never fully know. This thought makes my heart hurt. I want nothing more for my Grams to live long enough to see Betty grow into a little girl, to have a conversation with her, to see her start school. Today, the issue was made real to us. That isn't going to happen. So, we just have to make each day special, each day count, and be thankful for each day we have.

I am not a spiritual person, but Grams is. She believes wholly in an afterlife and in God and in prayer and faith. I hope this keeps her strong and gives her peace in the next months. I hope I can find acceptance and peace with what is happening as well. Losing her has been my greatest fear and I had convinced myself, in a way, that it was never going to happen. Now with it seemingly staring me in the face I don't really know what to do with myself. Keep working, keep waking up and facing the day and in some way let her know how much she means to me.


Bitten By the Love Bug

Sometimes you have to suffer for your art. For me, that translated to about 100 mosquito bites I acquired while shooting Sarah and Josh's engagement pictures. But from the looks of their shoot, it was totally worth it! (Note to self: pack some Off! in the camera bag next time!)

We headed to Big Hills Park in Beloit for some "woodsy" shots which earned us all of our bug bites. But, you do what you gotta do to get that shot. I have to give big kudos to Sarah and Josh for not being afraid to climb, wade through tall grass, and sit in dirt when I asked them to. It was totally worth it, guys!

Here's a sneak peek of their shoot. Hope they enjoy them. Can't wait to shoot their wedding next September!


Happy Birthday Super Princess

Today my thoughts are with a woman I do not know, but whom I admire. Sheye Rosemeyer is a photographer from Australia. Moreso, she is a mother of two daughters, one who tragically passed away in 2007.

My thoughts are with Sheye and her family tonight.

Check out her amazing work and amazing story at


Walker....Texas Ranger

Guess who took her 1st steps today!!!


Beach Babies and a Beautiful Day

There are several things I love in photography: intentional sun flare, beautiful locations, subjects that like being photographed, and hazy, dream-like color. This shoot had all of the above and more.

I shot this family @ Klode Park in Whitefish Bay. I can't believe I missed this place in the past! Nestled near Lake Dr. (which in and of itself is beyond beautiful) this park had beachfront and lush greenery, perfect for pictures. On top of that, the later time of day led to my favorite type of light, where the sun just peeks through the trees leading to some excellent flare!

These guys were adorable and I can't wait to finish the edit process and see the final product. To hold them over, here's a sneak peek!


It's Alive....ALIVE!!!!!

The new home of Type A Images on the web ( is up and running. It may take some time for everyone to view it while things get situated with my new hosting, but I can see hopefully other folks can to!

Enjoy, and drop me a line to let me know what you think!

FYI: Site Down

Just as an FYI, the old will be down until the launch of the brand new site. If you are trying to contact me or see portfolio examples, pricing, etc. please email me directly at



Steve and Wendy

Well, I'm nowhere NEAR finished proofing this weekend's wedding....Steve and Wendy were such a fun, cute couple that I just kept clicking away. But, I thought I'd give a bit of a sneak peek of some of the edited shots I'll be including on my NEW website (plug! plug!) which should be LIVE by this Wednesday.
This wedding was a blast to shoot and I wish Steve and Wendy all the happiness in the world. They are a lovely couple!

Steve and Wendy were pretty open to any kind of situation I wanted to put them in, like this lovely garage door in downtown Milwaukee.

Stopping traffic.....

I love this shot, it looks like a still from a movie.

They had some great kids in their wedding party too!


T-Minus a FEW DAYS!

Just wanted to get a friendly reminder out there that my new home on the web (still found at will be launching THIS WEEK!

I am super excited about my new website. It's very purrrty...and it says so much more about what I'm about as a photographer.


New Toys and New Shots

It's amazing what makes me really thrilled lately. Today the UPS man came by and dropped off my new SB-600 flash...and I wanted to do giddy dances all over the living room. It's amazing how something as small as a bit more light, carefully bounced, can add such life to your pictures.

So, I ripped open the box and busted out a few new pictures of the nearest model....Peanut. I adore my new flash...yippie!

I also joined the land of the "hip young kids" (ha!) and got myself a Facebook. I'm still kind of trying to navigate my way around and I think I still prefer the layout of MySpace....or I just need to accept that I may be a bit too old for this stuff.


Concentrating REALLY hard on standing up

I swear, she is the cutest child on earth.....


Sunshine and Lakefront Views

Saturday we took Miss Betty down to the Milwaukee lakefront for some pictures and fresh air. The husband and I laughed that in the over 5 years since we've inhabited the Milwaukee area we'd never visited the lakefront for fun....the shame!
The lakefront is lovely...and made for a beautiful backdrop for Betty's 1 year pictures.
This week coming up I have a wedding shoot on Friday and then next week will be the launch of my NEW website...I'm SUPER jazzed about getting rid of my old site.
In the meantime, updates will be here and I'll be sure to post a sneak peek of the wedding I'm shooting on Friday. It's being held downtown so hopefully that makes for some great locations.

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