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Adventures in Toddler Torture (or The Peanut's 1st Haircut).

Well, Butte, Montana just a passin' through,
one thing I just had to do
Had to get a haircut and I was worried for my hair
I had a feeling of impending doom
the minute I stepped into that room
And laid my eyes upon that barber chair
- Ray Stevens

Today was hair-do day in the Reseburg household. I made my way down to Hairy's Hair Bar in Bayview this morning and finally found me a hairdresser who knew what Bettie-bangs were. She did quite a nice job and it's refreshing to be able to do whatever I want to my hair and not have to worry about some manager telling me to dye it back to a respectable color.

Then we took The Peanut to Snip-it's for her first haircut ever. That adventure. Our normally placid kid has turned into a bit of a hellion in the past few days and she was having none of it. We did manage to crop her baby-mullet into a somewhat modern looking "do" however. No more redneck hair!

The Peanut and I, freshly done up
Goodbye baby mullet!

The horrors of haircutting.

What the heck are THOSE THINGS?!?!

Ok. Ok. Just give me 2 seconds......


The Sound of Chattering Teeth and Shutter Clicks.

I put on my overcoat and walked into winter -
my teeth chattered rhythms And they were grouped in twos or threes,
like a morse code message
was sent from me to me.
- Death Cab for Cutie

Ok, Brianne and Jonathan win the "Trooper Award" for 2009, I don't care if it's only January. Holy COW it was cold on Saturday. -15 Windchill or something of that nature and I made them traipse through the bitter cold for their engagement shoot. I was so afraid my camera was going to freeze that I took to wrapping the poor thing in my jacket as we walked from building to building.

Had it been a bit warmer I may have stopped to enjoy the new building more, but as it was I shot, let them warm up, shot some more, and moved quickly to the next location before our fingers fell off.

Why do I live in Wisconsin again!??!

On that note, here is their sneak peek. Enjoy!

If this picture had a sound clip it would say "HURRY! It's FREEZING!!!!"

Shot on the lovely grounds of the Beloit College.


Fancy Schmancy.

I have to give a big "Thankyouverymuch" to Sharnee over @ for the great new blog template. I was getting a bit bored with the stardard Blogger offerings. Check out her site, she is a true artist!

I did also want to give people and readers an update that I will be out of the country from February 7 to the 14th...shooting my brother in law's wedding among other things. Can't wait to get out of this snow!


Walking Forward.

Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed

when silly thoughts go through my head

about the bugs and alphabet

and when I wake tommorow I'll bet

that you and I will walk together again
- White Stripes

This week I start my final semester of college. I started school in 1999 on the urging of my Grams, who had been attending audit classes at UW-Rock County for some 15 years by that time. I started at UW-Rock County myself and had two classes with Grams. We sat side by side, I stole her notes because they were better than my own, she spoke up in class about The Depression and WWII (chiding one classmate who spoke out about the war "Were you THERE?? Because I WAS!). She made sure I showed up. As I went on to a different school we would always call one another or get together before the start of each semester to compare classes and talk about the upcoming months.

So here it is. My last semester. And I enter it alone. No calls, no comparisons. In May, when I walk across that stage to accept my degree (in Sociology) she won't be there. The one person who pushed me harder than anyone to go to college and to finish no matter what.

I put a picture of Grams & I right next to my computer so I can look over at her as I do my homework over the next few months. I wish more than anything I could call her up and complain about having to take a science requirement. About the cost of books. About anything.

Grams was my inspiration, and in a few short months I'll finally reach the goal I set out to achieve 10 years ago. I'm walking forward alone, but I carry her lessons with me. I have her notebooks from the last few years of school. Her adorable scribble and funny little side notes (Stalin= BAD MAN). They are a prized possession to me because I know how important they were to her. She wanted nothing more than to recover and get back to class. I hope that by finishing this year I can do what she never did...and what she always wanted for me.


Little Olivia.

Will you laugh just like your mother
Will you sigh like your old man
Will some things skip a generation
Like I've heard they often can
Are you a poet or a dancer
A devil or a clown
Or a strange new combination
of The things we've handed down ?
- Marc Cohn

A few weeks ago I had a maternity sitting with this little one's parents, and today I had the pleasure of meeting little Olivia @ one week old. I cannot even begin to remember The Peanut being this small. It goes by so fast! It's amazing to see a person one week into their life...every new thing an amazing discovery....from brightly colored stocking caps to annoying ladies with cameras in their faces.

She was pretty cooperative for a newborn and we got some great shots in. Even WITH the hat! And I got to stretch the legs on MY new baby, the Nikon D300.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Festive hats and cat naps
The dimple makes an appearance.



Type A Images is Now on Facebook.

Like a 14 year old girl who can't wait to show all her pictures off...I have added a Facebook page for Type A. You can find it here if you are so inclined:

I will be using it for general updates, a place to put more pictures, and another way to keep in touch with clients/prospective clients/buddies/fans/stalkers what-have-you.

On the TAI front here at home, a busy spurt has been slowing down a bit...I bought a new camera which I get to throw on to the front lines tomorrow for an infant shoot. Wish her luck...I'm a bit hard on my gear so we'll see!

Visit me on Facebook and toss me a line!


A Little Game of Belly-Ball.

Today I shot a maternity session for Natalie and her husband Justin. They will be welcoming their little girl this Thursday! This was a fun, relaxed shoot and despite insistance that he didn't like having his picture taken....Justin was quite prepared to bust out his Kentucky jersey and make like his wife's belly was a basketball.

Whatever works!


You know that "glow" they talk about? This is it!
I don't think this is quite what they had in mind by "b-ball"


It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

I cannot think of a better day to get married than New Years Eve. Everyone is in a festive mood, a feeling of change and growth is in the air, and your venue is probably more apt to hand out free champagne!

Melissa and Carl chose NYE as the day for their wedding and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable receptions I have ever attended, either as a guest or a vendor. Melissa and Carl's friends and family sure knew how to have a great time!

The reception was held at the lovely Hotel Metro and it served as a great art-deco backdrop for their NYE festivities. I was there as they counted down to midnight with their DJ spinning records in the background. It was great fun!

I hope they enjoy their sneak peek! I had a great time!

The lovely couple
The church's piano, this shot kind of reminds me of a Billy Joel album cover!

The party in full swing.

A few minutes after this shot we went outside and the couple promptly fell in the street! This photographer was too busy yelling "are you okay!?!?" to catch the shot!

The lovely rings

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