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Downtown And All Around.

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
- Petula Clark

Chrissy and Bob's engagement session was the best of both worlds: fun forest and beach along with the Historic Third Word's gritty downtown vibe. Lots of fun for this photographer.
First we went to 7 Bridges, a frequent "haunt" (no pun intended) for me and my camera. Bob and Chrissy had heard all about the ghost rumors, but our time there was paranormal free.
Then we headed on down to the Third Ward area and ducked down some alleys to find some fun spots to shoot.
I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! See you next June!

I thought this one kind of had a California vibe to it. Good light, cool expressions.

Downtown Milwaukee is killer for great, hidden backdrops. Who needs a studio!


Down On the Farm.

Well you can come as you are
There ain’t no dress code
Just some rural route rules that you need to know
Don’t mess with the bull
He can get real mean
Don’t forget to shut the gate
Stay out of the beans
If it starts to rainin’ will just head to the barn
We’re country boys and girls gettin’ down on the farm
- Tim McGraw
Oh yes, dear readers. I quoted Tim McGraw. That I did. Just wait, next week I may move on to Barry Manilow or Nickleback. I may just run the gamut of questionable music taste!
But I digress....
Clara and Jason's wedding was truly a farm affair. The reception was held in a private barn backed with beautiful green pastures and a double rainbow that made an appearance early in the evening.
Mason jars filled with flowers dotted each table and farm cats ran about the place seeking nooks to hide from the guests.
The ceremony itself was right across the street, and the bridal party reached their destination in a wagon pulled by a tractor (I got to ride along, too!)
The church was truly adorable....with one of the most accommodating and friendly officiants I have yet to run across. He greeted me at the church with a big smile and a "what can I do to help you out today!" If anyone in the Milwaukee area is looking for a truly unique and friendly venue, check out The Gardens in Washington County!
Clara and Jason finished up the night in true country style: friends and family with food, drinks, and dancing in the twinkle-light and candle lit barn.
I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, guys! Thanks for choosing me to spend the day snapping away for you!

The coolest looking church ever....or that I've seen yet!

The first peek.

For some reason I just love this picture of the bride's grandmother. She plopped down in this seat at the church right under this neat quote on the wall and I thought it was a good set-up. Who knows more about human experience than those who have been with us the longest?

The men.


A Winkle and a Smile.

You and I, we're not tied to the ground
Not falling but rising, like rolling around
Eyes closed above the rooftops
Eyes closed were gonna spin through the stars
Our arms wide as the sky we're gonna ride the blue
all the way to the end of the world
- Dave Matthews Band

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding featuring a couple that was truly, madly, deeply excited to be tying the knot. From the butterflies in Andi's stomach as she waited patiently in bridal suite, to Jim's nervous but excited look as he watched Andi come down the aisle. Their ceremony was short, yet sweet and completely genuine.

Earlier this morning, Jim and Andi had taken a hike and recited their own vows to one another, essentially marrying themselves. I thought this was such a cool, unique, and personal touch to their day.

It was a fun, laid back affair held at The Grain Exchange in downtown Milwaukee. I had a great time (despite finding out when I got back to my car that the Brewers were...again...losing).

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! And enjoy your Brewer game tomorrow!

What better way to start than with cute shoes?

This picture says so much in just one look.

The handsome groom.

This random pink door was behind the building attached to what looked like a run down
apartment building. Jim actually suggested using it....gotta love a groom with a keen eye!

Andi, the beautiful bride.


There's Something About Waffles.

Ben and Jayme's wedding in Verona, WI was lovely...even with the man-eating mosquitos that became completely uninvited and unwelcomed wedding guests. It didn't seem to phase the couple as they said their vows in the midst of the wooded area surrounding the Goodman Jewish Community Campus.
Their bridal party was a ton of fun to be around, and I witnessed some of the best dancing I've seen at a reception in a very long time.
Waffles were brought up numerous times....I'm guessing this is an inside joke, but it certainly made this pregnant lady crave some waffles all the way home (and I don't even LIKE waffles!).
I hope Ben and Jayme had a great night and enjoy their sneak peek!

I have to give the wedding party major kudos for putting up with me making them get in the tall woodsy-grass swarming with mosquitos for this shot.

This is the first "First Dance" I've seen that featured "The Sprinkler"

This couple won the Anniversary Dance.


On The Waterfront.

Today I did a shoot with future Mr. and Mrs. Stacey and Tony in downtown and lake-front area Lake Geneva.
I have never really explored that area of LG, and it was quite nice. We even got to see their ceremony and reception location, check out the boats at the dock, and poke around a few downtown streets.
The couple is from Texas, so what I found to be pretty wicked heat didn't phase them a bit.
I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, guys! I had a great time!

I have to wonder if anyone has ever told Stacey she looks like Kelly Ripa?

Easy Like Sunday Morning and Into the Afternoon.

But if you break down
I'll drive out and find you
If you forget my love
I'll try to remind you
And stay by you....
When it doesn't come easy.
-Patty Griffin

Having a couple like Abbi and Dave makes my job a breeze. They are fun, quirky, funny as all get-out, and a joy to photograph. Very relaxed and open for pretty much anything I come up with.

I spent all day with their families and friends and Abbi and Dave are two lucky people to be surrounded by such fabulous folks. I don't think I've ever laughed or smiled so much at a wedding just watching what was going on around me (and trying to capture it all on film).

Abbi was a two dress bride, which is wonderful. Adds a little variety and spice to the day. Their wedding and reception took place at the Hilton in Milwaukee, and down below the Circus Parade was in full swing for most of the time prior to their ceremony. Made it an interesting view from the bridal suite.

My only bummer for the day was that I got so swept up in the fun of the reception that I completely forgot to stick Abbi and Dave's rings in a dinner salad (long story there....and probably not of much interest to anyone outside of me....and maybe the bride).

I had a wonderful time documenting this day for Abbi and Dave. I hope they enjoy their sneak peek!

Abbi's delightful "Peacock Blue" shoes (not teal!)

Taking a stroll through downtown Milwaukee

The beautiful bride

I love this shot. Abbi did the bouquet toss three times, as it repeatedly was caught by someone who was already getting married!


The Photographers.

You are coming down with me
Hand in unlovable hand
- The Mountain Goats
There are few things more nerve wracking than shooting a fellow photographer. You wonder about your every move and hope they love what they recieve.
Tonight I shot a wedding for Mysi and Craig and it was nothing short of wonderful. First, both are photographers and were easy-peasy in front of the camera, coming up with fun ideas and looking totally relaxed. Just a quick glance shows that the pictures are great, mostly because Mysi and Craig are such naturals.
The reception was a huge hit. Every square inch is covered in antiques, or books, and skeleton keys, I loved it. I could stop taking pictures of items strewn about the hall. Their concept and wedding came off without a hitch, which was wonderful.
Enjoy your sneak peek!

How adorable are these two?
Mysi had a bit of an issue getting the ring on. Could have been because it was on the wrong hand! But, Mysi has a sense of humor, and soon the ring was on the left hand and all was right with the world.

A very small portion of the neat little touches.
As an extra tip, I have to HIGHLY recommend Mysi and Craig's DJ Kristin Marks. I see a lot of DJs when I'm working and Kristin was great. Very high energy, great mix, and very attentive to letting other vendors know what was up and how things were going. I was really impressed. She's from Chicago, but I thought it was still worth a mention up here in Milwaukee.


Miss Olivia @ 6 Months.

Six months old has to be my favorite pre-toddler age. It's just the cutest. The kids are not overly mobile so they're not getting in to anything, they make cute little noises, and something as simple as a blanket could probably keep them entertained for hours.
Hanging out with Miss Olivia tonight was like a dream vacation with quiet and peacefulness for an hour (sorry Betty, I love ya, but quiet you are not). I got home from the shoot and while putting my two year old to bed she was bargaining for more time with requests for different songs ("How 'bout......row row boat?") When the kid reaches the age of bargaining and bribing with cuteness you're in trouble.
Though, based on the shots I got tonight, I could see Olivia well on her way to using those big blue eyes to bargain for more awake time at night...or at least an extra song or two.

That expression Olivia has is priceless. It says "Mom. Dad. This is cheesy."

I had to throw this one in there, look at that face!

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