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My new tattoo I got in honor of my Grams Betty. It's her handwriting.

The Fire and Ice Wedding.

Ok, so it was cold. But not THAT cold, and at least the snow held off.

Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Mindy and Greg's wedding. The couple was brave enough to try a few outdoor shots, even though Mindy was sporting a strapless gown.

The most interesting part of the evening was when poor Mindy's bouquet went up in flames. Unfortunately, this photographer was busy capturing the marriage license signing and I missed a the wedding guest furiously running towards the bathroom door with the flaming florals in hopes of salvaging something.

It was a no go, all that was left was Mindy's butterfly pin that had been tucked into the bouquet. It was a tad charred, but it survived.

Luckily for our bride and groom, the rest of the evening went off without a hitch!

Congrats Mindy and Greg! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

This is a "stunt" bouquet I used following the other one going up in flames. Works just the same, they were beautiful flowers.
Mindy and her "caution taped" bathroom following the bouquet incident!

Mindy and Greg

"I Do"


Bring On the Christmas Shoots!

I knew coming into the holiday season I'd start to get a bit busy with holiday portrait shoots. I was really looking forward to it because I enjoy sittings with families, especially when they have a kid the same age as my own!

This family was lots of fun and relaxed in front of the camera. Once their little one warmed up to the new person in her house we got some great shots.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

How is THIS for a Christmas card?


3 Year Old: 1. Photographer: 0.

I must remember not to get too cocky. Because, seriously, once you become pretty sure you have this whole "photographing kids for a living" thing meet a kid like Lauren. A kid dead set on making you work...and work get every last shot!

Poor Lauren, all she wanted to do was have a nice leisurely Saturday of play and fun...and along comes this LADY...with her CAMERA...and now she's expected to be all cute and pose.

she sure showed me!

Thankfully, I'm quick....well, at least I hope I was quick. I think I got enough of Lauren to make for a pretty nice collection of images. I told Lauren that if she would sit still for 2 seconds and smile for me that I'd make her famous on my blog. Well Lauren, here you go!

Lauren's mom is one of my old high school friends so it was quite nice catching up again after over 10 years! I hope they enjoy their sneak peek.

Hurry up, Camera Lady

Endless energy....sometimes I miss being a kid


The Haunted Wood.

"Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature"
- William Cullen Bryant
I couldn't think of a better place to do a sitting the day after Halloween than the 7 Bridges Path @ Grant Park....simply because it's covered bridge entrance inscription is so perfect.
According to local legend if you go into the 7 Bridges area of the woods at night, on a full moon, you'll see dancing lights, hear voices and footsteps, and if you stand on one of the bridges at night a ghost or mist will appear in front of you.
Well, we saw none of that...but it certainly gives the area a bit of mystery and intrigue.
I shot Kristen and Scott's engagement session today and from what I can see it's looking quite lovely. I have a feeling Scott provides a lot of comic relief for Kristen and I can't wait to shoot their wedding. Enjoy your sneak peek!

The spooky inscription

The beautiful could any place this lovely be haunted?

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