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Siblings Revisited - Milwaukee | Milwaukee Family Photographer

You may remember the Krause Kids from about a year or so ago. They really are a breeze to shoot: very photogenic as well as fun and cooperative! A good combination when photographing children!

We headed to Lake Park to capture the kids in fall colors. After three attempts to get together after numerous rain delays I'm glad I was able to get the family in before the snow started to fall!

Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!


Nora has the most expressive, wonderful little model face ever. I actually love it when she DOESN'T's perfect. She belongs in ad's for some super-serious, expensive perfume or something.

This just screams "fall" to me.
It's great when you can get siblings who will actually hold hands without fear of cooties.

Last Dance. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Give me more lovin from the very start.
Piece me back together when I fall apart.
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends.
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad.
Best that I've had.
- Plain White T's

Anna and Mike's wedding was the last of the season, a bittersweet event that was the perfect wedding to end on. Anna is friends with another bride from this summer, Clara, so many of the same players from that event were involved in Anna and Mike's day.

In addition, all summer I continued to run into the same DJ, Dennis from Milwaukee DJ's so the whole wedding was kind of like a little reunion!

I say it was the perfect wedding to end on also because it was just a very relaxed and fun day. The group of friends surrounding Anna and Mike seem to be a blast to be around. The couple had a red-carpet interview area at their cocktail hour that just made the evening, hosted by one of the funniest guys I've seen in action in a long time.

This was my last wedding until January, so dear blog readers will be able to enjoy family sitting sneak peeks and engagement sessions until then.


Anna was a gorgeous bride!

Poor girls were troopers, it was kind of cold outside!

The reception had a wine theme, so I enlisted the help of a cork for the ring shots
This was quite possibly the most packed dance floor I've ever been witness to.


The Buddy System. | Milwaukee Child Photographer

Today my friend Carolyn and her little girl Cali came over for a quick mini-session in honor of Cali turning two...and joining the ranks of other crazy hyper, talkative 2 year olds.

Like my own.

It's a bit of a challenge getting pictures with Betty around to distract....especially since everything Cali did...Betty wanted to do. Somehow at the end of it all Betty ended up with Cali's bloomers on her head...all because Cali had a hat and well, Betty needed one too.

I think despite Cali being super-speedy and holding a personal vendetta against black velvet background material for some odd reason we got off some nice shots.

Enjoy the sneak peek!


Introducing: Kindred Spirits.

I am really excited about this new program. Pass the word along and hopefully I can help some families with this new offering. I will start taking bookings under the new program in December.

The free sessions are open to those families dealing with a patient in hospice care, a family member or friend with terminal illness, or elderly family member or friend under assisted living care. If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact me.

I would also love to hear your comments/thoughts about this new offering from Type A. Let me know what you think!

I Swear I Still Have a Kid.

And she would have been a sweetheart
But with punk rock manners
-Hello Saferide

My poor kid. A photographer for a mom and she's gone neglected photo-wise for quite some time. Sure, a snapshot here or there but cripes...nothing of any real concentrated effort. I blame summer...and paid gigs. Maybe if she got a job and started paying me.....hmm...

Anywhoo, yesterday the Peanut and I traveled over to the Audubon Nature Center. It was cold, and crawling with school groups. But, we found ourselves a nice little abandoned trail and I snapped away. Once she realized that our purpose was something other than running around and collecting leaves she became a bit irritated with me. She did not want to give me "pretty face" even when I told her these pictures were for her Papa and he would be quite sad if she didn't cooperate. Ahh...bribery. Doesn't really work on Betty. She's too smart for me.

So, I did what I could. I still like the results. I put my old bunny sweater on her, which was a bit large, but still cute. The sweater was mine when I was three (way back in nineteen eighty shmedy something...nevermind). My Aunt Lorraine made it for me, and it's still in pretty good shape. All the bunnies still have their tails.

So, enjoy these...other than her Christmas pictures (I'm cooking up an ode to Julia Margaret Cameron that I hope she'll cooperate involves wings so who knows) she probably won't make an apperance for awhile. I think she's becoming camera-weary.

I think this is my favorite. It was her idea to get all acquainted with the tall yellow grass. I was all for it. I would kill for my kid's hair color.


The Supermodel. | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Some kids are just naturals, and Ben is one of them. From the moment I walked in the door he was giving me this perfect little "model face"...completely transfixed by the camera click...a joy to photograph.
I had a nice sitting with Ben and his family today in Racine. The weather is finally cooperating so I can get these family sittings done and not have to worry about being rained on...or worse yet, snowed in!
Enjoy the sneak peek everyone!

Is there anything better than little baby bums?

"Blue Steel" The perfect model face


Puppy Love. | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Today I had pleasure of a sitting with some furry clients and their people. I'm not really a "dog" person, really. I'm a cat person. Cat's are far easier to photograph, I can tell you that. I compare photographing the two larger dogs here with photographing a 4 year old...that has just been given about three Mountain Dews.

But, we got it done! And quite well, if I do say so myself. We visited Whitnall Park in Franklin for these shots and the weather cooperated quite nicely.

Enjoy your sneak peek! I had a great time!

Book 'Em Dano.

Just as a public service announcement to folks, I will not be taking any more family sitting bookings this month and a very limited amount (as in: a few more) next month. I got completely booked for family holiday sittings and in order to fulfill the orders I already have on the books I have to limit them.

Thanks for understanding. I'm happy to book dates in December if you'd like, but cannot guarantee delivery by the holidays.

Freak Rain Showers and Tree Stumps. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen
- Elton John

Kimberly and Robert are such a fun, sweet couple. Their wedding, held at the Devil's Head Resort in Merrimac, WI, was a testament to how much they are loved. It was standing room only at the ceremony, and later at the reception family and friends actually got up and sang for the couple!

The colors were ablaze this afternoon, providing a lovely backdrop for between freakishly weird rain showers that would start on one side of the resort but not on the other. Very bizarre.

The wonderfully intimate ceremony was topped off with a fun-filled reception driven by the music of The Gomers who offer not only a band experience, but a "Gomer-oke" experience as well, where people can get up and sing. I don't think I've ever seen a little boy about 6 or 7 attempt The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald at any other wedding, and I don't think I ever will was definitely a special experience!

Everyone enjoyed dancing, singing, and Stump-cake. It was a great time, and I'm so happy I was able to capture it for the couple.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

We joked that Kim looked like she was making some offering to the wedding gods, but really she's just waiting for makeup.

Stump Cake!


Rock N' Roll!

Pictures from Mysi and Craig's awesome vintage wedding from this summer have been featured on the Rock n' Roll Bride Blog @

Check it out!


A for Effort. | Beloit Family Photography

That's what I give myself today....A for effort. Because after looking at the fruits of my labor from Madelyn and Avery's sitting today, I'm surprised there is even one of Madelyn in focus. This kid is SPEEDY. Getting her to sit still takes begging, bribery, the end...some of her dad's muscle and coaxing.

But, we got it!

You may remember Madelyn from past shoots and she brings with her a new little sister Avery this time around. Avery was perfectly content to just sit and stare at the camera...which was good, because I needed every bit of energy I had for her sister.

Hope you enjoy them guys! See you soon!

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