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Sam and Fam.

Today I had the pleasure of doing a sitting with little Sam and his mom and dad. Sam was quite unsure of his desire to be photographed today, keeping a keen eye on me as he traipsed around the Domes (again, thank you Milwaukee for having an indoor garden to use on days like today!)

I think he finally warmed up to the idea though. Sam is the same age as Betty, so it was fun to interact with a toddler who is doing a lot of the same things my little girl is.

I hope Sam and his "fam" enjoy the sneak peek!

How cute is this picture?!

Sam's suspicious look.

Sam and his dad.


Little Evan.

With life just begun, my sleeping new son
Has eyes that roll back in his head
They flutter and dart, he slows down his heart
And pictures a world past his bed
Its hard to believe
As I watch you breathe
Your mind drifts and weaves
- Barenaked Ladies
It's a good thing we didn't plan an outdoor session with little Evan today, because the skies decided to open up. But that didn't stop us from getting some adorable 3 month portraits of this little guy.

He was quite comfy once we broke out the wicker basket, I think he wanted to keep it!

Enjoy Evan's sneak peek!

Sad face or tough face? You decide....
Staring at his buddies.

Baby feet.


They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To.

I consider myself a pretty reasonable gal. Like in terms of customer service, I try to be as pleasant as possible. However, recent dealings with my old site host BluDomain have left me scratching my head.

For one, I had nothing but issues uploading pictures to my old site. I would try to load at the size they recommended, and nothing would happen. I accepted this as just a flaw of their site and just lived with it. A few days ago my site went down. I went back over my emails from BluDomain when I first set up and verified that they had assured me they would transfer my domain name from my 1st host to them. I then filled out one of their "handy" little service tickets to get some help (since they offer no customer service phone number). I recieved a reply, nice enough, from a guy who told me that my site wasn't hosted through them.

So, I went back to my old host, verified the domain had never been transferred, and renewed through them. I then realized that I could take this time to find a site builder that was perhaps better suited to my needs as a photographer ( that actually allowed my pictures to be uploaded without headache). I found this in Photobiz. Not only did their nice customer service guy lead me through purchasing my new site over the phone, but they sent not one but TWO follow up emails to make sure I was doing okay. Color me impressed!
I built my new site without a single hitch, and they even resize the pictures for you!

So, I filled out another BluDomain ticket to have my account cancelled, and what I got back was nearly laughable. A curt reply from their main guy Harold (or Harom...or, whatever) who told me that he couldn't believe I was "blaming" them for my site being down and that he was going to remove my site and never to email them again.

Wow. Customer service at it's best!

I love BluDomain's templates, but are they ever RUDE! I have to say, this solidified my decision to move to Photobiz. I love my new site and their customer service is heads and shoulders abover BluDomain's. It's just startled me that someone who is supposed to be the spokesperson for a popular company could be so accusatory to a client.

Oh well, live and learn!


New Site is Live!

The new Type A Images site is live @ I invite everyone to check it out!

New Site is On It's Way.

I have had to move my site from BluDomain (for a number of reasons....the top reason being their lack of customer service). I have built a new site through Photobiz but it may take a bit to get it live.

Just wanted to let all clients know I am still here, still workin', and the new site should be unveiled soon!


FYI: Type A Images Site is Down

Just an FYI, for some odd reason my site ( is down today. I've contacted BluDomain and hopefully the issue will be corrected.

If you would like to contact Type A Images you can do so @



Bre and Ross.

Sometimes being a photographer means placing yourself in dangerous or hostile situations. Like warzones. Or in the midst of a hurricane. a room full of Cub fans.

But this photographer is willing to go that extra mile, even if it means suffering the bitter loss of the Brewers and listening to the raucous cheers of triumphant Cubbie fans.

Bre and Ross, despite cheering for the wrong baseball team, had a lovely wedding : ). The temperature FINALLY climbed beyond 40 and despite a bit of rain it was warm and comfortable.

You can tell after many years together that Bre and Ross are really connected, and it's always nice to capture a couple that is completely comfortable with one another. They were completely at ease even in an old alleyway! I hope they enjoy their sneakpeak, and the victory of their baseball team!


A prayer before sealing the deal

Ross and Bre

Bre holding a letter Ross wrote for her for their wedding day.


The bridal party.



Do you remember days
Not so very long ago
When the world was run by people twice your size
And the days were full of laughter
And the nights were full of stars
And when you grew tired you could close your eyes
-John Denver
This sitting just screams "little boy"....the firetruck and the cute little overalls. It's perfect. Dontcha just love kids? Brody was a great little model, as evidenced by the pictures below!

We did this sitting at the Domes in Milwaukee...thank goodness for the Domes. Leaves me the ability to shoot with a great green background in all kinds of weather, though I have to say I welcomed the bit of sunshine we did get this Easter weekend.

So here is Brody's sneak peek...enjoy! I hope


The Gift of Being Fired.

Today is an anniversary. The anniversary of being handed a box and being told to fill it with all the junk in my office. year ago today I joined millions of unemployed Americans....I was fired.
The moments after being told, no matter HOW you were told, (in this case I was given the ole' "We're going in a different direction" speech) your heart drops, and panic sets in. And oh the panic was there. I had a mortgage, a kid....expenses!
But as the post-canned days passed other doors opened....and now a year later I can look back on April 11th as a gift.
The biggest gift they gave me, above anything else, was the gift of time. I couldn't know it at the time but I was going to NEED that time. Time to really connect with my daughter, time to spend with my ailing grandmother, time to find a new passion.
I relish my time with Betty now, even on the days when I'm tired and want nothing more than a nap. And had I still been employed at my old company I never would have been able to take the days I did spending time at Grandma's side as she slipped away. Had I still been working there, Type A Images never would have happened.
A lot of people are facing the dreaded pink slip these days, job loss is something touching more families than we can ever know. But, in some ways, losing a job can be gaining a life. Take the time to really seek out what you want, what matters to you, which path is better.
I toyed with the thought of even THANKING my ex-employer for cutting me free. It truly transformed my life in a way I could have never imagined. The time being the greatest gift of all.


6 Months On.

It's been 6 months to the day since I lost Grams. Grief is such a funny thing....there are days when I'm okay as if she's still here, still with us. And then there are days it hits me so hard that I can't think of anything else except how much I miss her.

In my age group, losing a grandparent is pretty typical. I'm nearly 30, our grandparents are getting up there in age. Still, losing her was a blow I could never prepare myself for. She was such an integral part of my life.

I ordered a little button with her picture on it to wear on my gown at graduation next month. She wanted so badly to be there when I finished, and in some small way she can be. Even if it's just in spirit.

I love you Grams. Forever and always.


In My Room.

Do my dreaming and my scheming
Lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing
Laugh at yesterday
Now its dark and Im alone
But I wont be afraid
In my room
- The Beach Boys
I'm not much of an interior decorator, but I am quite proud of the job I recently did on our bedroom. The old room, which I will NOT show for fear of being shunned by the decorating elders, was blood red and done in an Eastern/random Buddha statues/brown and gold sort of theme. It was....horrid. Very college dorm room.
I had tired of it quickly, so this past weekend....with the help of the inlaws....I redid the whole room top to bottom. I am quite proud of the results. My theme I kept in mind was Anne's bedroom from Anne of Green Gables. I wanted it to have a vintage, garden-type feel to it.
The result? Very girly...but the husband is okay with that. I love it and thought I would share some pictures!

I scored the white metal bedframe from Craigslist!

The dresser runner I got from Etsy (Vintage...of course!)

Adorable vintage print for the walls...also from Etsy (I'm fast becoming an Etsy junkie)

Again...from Etsy...a very cute framed poem featuring bluebirds, which I have been drawn to like a moth to the flame lately!

Also featuring the bluebird theme, vintage 'His and Hers' pillowcases, a steal from Ebay!


The Keister Bunny.

You may remember little Olivia from her newborn session here . Well, she's three months old now and was a perfect little angel for her sitting today. She even put up with bunny ears!

The weather may not be "spring-like" but you wouldn't know it by these shots. Adorable Easter frocks, pink bunny ears, and a funny shirt with a play on Olivia's name.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

The Keister Bunny.

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