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Good Luck and Goodbye.

Last night my brother-in-law Jason and his new wife Katie held their Married & Moving Party @ Shaker's Wine Bar in Milwaukee.

First off, Shaker's is AWESOME. If you've never been I highly recommend making a stop if you're ever downtown and looking for a really neat place for a drink and good, comfortable conversation. It's very turn-of-the-century and even, allegedly, houses the ghost of a little girl in the woman's bathroom.

Jason and Katie will be heading off to sunny Saucelito this week to begin a new life in California. We will all miss them terribly and wish them a lot of luck as they embark on their new adventure far from the frigid Wisconsin air.

Here are a few pics from last night's party....enjoy!

Betty...did she see the ghost? Or is she just super excited?
Betty is a bit nosey....sorry about that Katie!!

Jason, Katie, and Katie's mom

Katie mid-party

I think we were trying to dance here.

Friends and family came out to wish Katie and Jason well.


Sweet Sounds of Mexico.

Oh, Mexico
It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
Moon's so bright like to light up the night
Make everything all right
- James Taylor
As promised, here are some images from the vacation portion of our trip to Cancun. It was a great time with family and Betty had a BLAST. She was soooo good....even I was shocked. She slept on the plane, developed a new crush (Elmo has been replaced, at least this week, by Spongebob), and was introduced to the ocean.
Even with The Peanut in tow, I had time to lay back, catch some rays, and even finish three books (I highly recommend The Red Leather Diary by Lily Koppel, it's fantastic!). It was a much needed week of watching sunsets and listening to the waves as you drifted off to sleep.
So, now I'm back...and answering emails, fielding calls, and catching up on homework in the bitter cold of the Wisconsin winter. Can't say I'm too bummed though...after a week of living out of a suitcase it's good to get home, even if you have become accustomed to 80 degree weather and the smell of sea air. But, I love my creature comforts...and the Mountain Dew tastes different down there. I went through major caffeine withdrawal.
Sometimes there's no place like home--- even at 20 degrees.

Ocean, this is Betty. Betty....Ocean. Now get acquainted....
Betty decided come hell or high water she was GOING to bogart the beach ladies' volleyball. She came out victorious.

Baby steps.

The fam.

Grandpa and Betty singing "Oooooh....who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!?"

Daddy and Betty head down to the ocean.

Bought a Ticket to the World....

Take your seaside arms and write the next line
Oh I want the truth to be known
- Spandau Ballet "True"
Can I make a suggestion to all the brides and grooms out there looking for a fun, low-stress way of solidifying your union? Mexico! Cancun to be exact. My brother-in-law Jason and his bride Katie invited us all down to Cancun to witness their laid-back nuptials on the shore and it was lovely.
At sunset, to the wafting sounds of Spandau Ballet trickling through from Pancho and Willy's bar, Jason and Katie recited heartfelt vows in front of a small smattering of family. It was beautiful and a perfect kick-off to a week of sun, sand, and relaxation.
They were lucky they got the vows in when they the next musical selection on the Pancho and Willy radio was "Mr. Roboto". Not exactly the pinnacle of romance, but funny just the same.
I had a GREAT time...and I'll be blogging about the vacation itself (with some pics of The Peanut's introduction to the ocean) in a bit. But first, here's a sneak peek of Jason and Katie's Mexican wedding. Enjoy!

Katie's dress, bathed in Mexican sunlight.
Sunset vows

A moment of bliss and relaxation before the eventKatie picked up a hibiscus flower on the way down to the shore, her grandmother's favorite.

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