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Tag, You're It.

Apparently I was tagged, and I'm supposed to list 25 random things about myself. I figured it may be a good way to get to know me. So, I'll give it a try. However, I'm not all that exciting and may find it quite the task to think of 25 things.

1. I am 28 years old. When I was little, 28 sounded incredibly old. Now, I feel far too young to be a mom, a homeowner, a wife...all that. I mean, I swear I was just 18 yesterday.

2. I have a slight obsession with vintage things. I especially love old-Hollywood and Edwardian fiction and fashion. I'm beginning to think I was born in the wrong era.

3. I have had several life-changing events, but the most significant were the day my daughter was born and the day my grandmother died.

4. I tend to attach songs to people. For example, if we have known one another for awhile, I'll associate you with a song and/or artist...even if it's someone you may not like.

5. I am still in college. I have two classes remaining this year before I graduate with a BS in Sociology in May. It was my original goal to be a Geriatric Social Worker, but then photography came along and wooed me.

6. I grew up Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school for 10 years. It was...interesting.

7. I could eat spaghetti every single day for lunch and dinner and never tire of it.

8. Before I ran Type A for a living, I worked for a medical company for 5 years. I would like those 5 years back please. : )

9. I have a crazy, teenage-girl crush on Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World.

10. I have been to over 100 concerts/shows and love going to see bands live. has been awhile. Kids will do that to ya. But I went and saw Jimmy Eat World 6 days before giving birth. I wasn't going to miss it!

11. I have four tattoos. A stargazer lily on my back surrounded by the lyrics "Find your place, speak the truth", a dove on my lower back, a fish on my tummy, and my grandmother's signature on my foot.

12. I love Anne of Green Gables. The books, the movies. So much so that Anne is a high contender for a name if I ever have another girl.

13. Photography pet peeves: Cheesy Photoshopping, that pose where the bride is standing and there are bouquets on her skirt (what IS that?), and "megapixel warriors" (Mine has 10.2...what are YOU shooting???)

14. My favorite photographers are Julia Cameron, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Sheye Rosemeyer,
Lewis Carroll, and Annie Liebovitz.

15. I rarely read fiction. I'm a non-fiction and biography nut. I'll pretty much read a biography on anyone.

16. I would love to travel to Japan someday. If only to eat the food.

17. I try not to get political on this blog, but I do fully support Universal Healthcare. Working with health insurance companies for 5 years led me to truly believe each and every American deserves affordable healthcare.

18. My dream home is in Beloit. Go figure.

19. I am a PC.

20. My hair is currently blonde with short bangs, but it has been green, blue, pink, purple with pink stripes, dark brown, black, and red. I like to experiment. I also see no issue with just getting sick of it one day and hacking it all off to start over again.

21. I drive a Saturn Vue, but I would REALLY love a Buick Enclave. How OLD am I????

22. My husband and I were married on top of a building supply company in Beloit that has a green grid roof....during a carnival that was going on down below.

23. I have two cats: Milo and Phoebe.

24. (Almost there!!) I LOVE Mountain Dew. I'd rather drink Mountain Dew than anything else. Alcohol wise I ususally don't partake unless there is Champagne involved.

25. I love being BEHIND the camera, not so much in front of one.

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