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Work in Progress.

When I was little, my Grams gave me this book called "God Isn't Finished With Me Yet". It was a Catholic-based puberty book that kind of glossed over all the horrific parts of early teenagerdom and made it sound all flowers and rainbows.

I couldn't tell you what happened to the book, but I started thinking about it tonight. In 15 days I enter my last year of my twenties. Ten years ago I couldn't have told you where I would expect to be today. I was grasping at finding out who I was and what I wanted. I was a square peg bouncing to many round holes looking for the fit that would never happen.

When I began my love affair with the camera, the peg found it's home. When I hear the shutter click I feel perfectly at ease, and I know this is what I was supposed to do. When I get up in the morning and see my daughter standing up in her crib and reaching her arms out to me, I know this is right where I'm supposed to be. When my husband comes home after his day at work, even if I'm tired I know I'm where I want to be. It feels good to know that despite being an ongoing "work in progress" the pieces are coming together.

I never really had career goals that were very lofty. For the five years I worked at my desk job my only focus was the paycheck and the weekend ahead. It wasn't a passion. It was barely an interest. Finding what you love to do and then building a career out of it is something many people dream about but few realize. Step by step I'm bringing this dream to reality and everyday I count each blessing as sacred because I know how very lucky I am.

In the year ahead as I step ever closer to 30 I hope to build Type A Images to a place that I can be very proud of. I hope to meet even more beautiful couples and help share their story. Each time I capture the true love between a bride and groom or a parent and child I feel contentment, knowing that I am doing something I truly love that also (I hope) benefits someone else, even in a small way.

I hope to sharpen my skills, increase Type A Images' exposure in the area and on the web, and really bring what began as a small idea (hey...I could maybe DO this) to a very real place.

I'm not finished with me yet, growing pains continue no matter how old you are. But with each passing year you learn to take the good with the bad, take risks to improve your work, and celebrate each small achievement.

I hope those who read this blog have dreams, big or small, as well.....and feel contentment when they are achieved. It's a wonderful feeling.

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