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Weekend Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Ok, so I officially suck at remembering to blog on Fridays.

So, this is going to be Fractured Thoughts....Weekend Edition.

* Our house is still sitting here, lonely without new owners. We had a 2nd walk-through by some interested parties last night...but still no word.

* On the house HUNTING front, I am trying to be practical. We don't want a money pit....we want something sound and updated. But I can't help but find myself drawn to these gigantic, sprawling turn-of-the-century homes. Character may trump new amenities. At least if I have anything to say about it. The husband may win this one though, as he's the one who would have to do all the extra work!

* The nation is in a big uproar about this Health Care bill. And, well....I'm staying out of it, honestly. I'm remaining as Swiss as can be on the whole subject, until I see what comes of it, I suppose.

I worked in the HC industry on the insurance side for many years. You see some pretty shocking stuff from than angle. That being said, I'm not sure of this bill. I'm not educated enough about this bill. So....neutral I am until I see what happens.

Let's just remember to be civil to one another. I've seen some pretty shocking Facebook updates this week. Chill out, folks! It's not worth destroying friendships over, truly. And keep in mind, other people (read: CLIENTS) can read your Facebook statuses. If you're in the industry, its probably best for your business to keep it light and politics-free! Rant to your buddies over wine and Trivial Pursuit.

* Spring is COMING! I got a small glimpse of it.....sadly, it wasn't too set on sticking around this week. But, signs are everywhere...the Brewers are playing practice games, Summerfest line-ups are slowly being revealed, and super cute Spring wardrobes are hitting the stores (as are swimsuits! EEEEKK!!). I cannot wait. It seems each winter is longer and colder than the last. I love Wisconsin seasons, however. Because once Spring really hits, you appreciate it so much more!

Speaking of which, Betty and I actually got outside this week without a snowsuit!

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