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Sheboygan Shindig.

I nearly titled this blog entry "Attack of the Killer Veil"....holy shamole it was windy out today! But that didn't stop Mike and Sara from having a beautiful wedding on the shores of the Lake.

Held at the Sheboygan Yacht Club, it marked my first-ever trip to the area. The sky was a brazen blue and the colors just popped, making me giddy with each shutter click.

I hope Mike and Sara enjoy their sneak peek. You two had a very lovely day (despite your veil's attempt to eat your head). Enjoy!

The Killer Veil
I love working with small bridal parties. It seems very relaxed and intimate.

The "Boys"

I'm not quite sure this little flower girl cared for me much. This is pretty much the look I got all day! : )

I found this book in the library stacks of the club. I thought the title of "Voyaging" was fitting for starting the new "voyage" of marriage.


Sarah, Scott, and the Skyline

I wrapped up a long holiday weekend of weddings and shooting with an engagement session with Sarah and Scott down by the lake on Monday. What a beautiful day. People were out and about enjoying the day off work and we took advantage of great light and some Milwaukee landmarks.

First stop was Doctor's Park with it's rolling green spaces and trees. Then we drove down to the Art Museum and used the beautiful downtown Milwaukee skyline as the backdrop.

It was a nice day for giving my shutter a workout! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Sarah and Scott!

Pssst....that's a bathroom behind them! Cute though!

The skyline

Inside the Art Museum. Still have yet to find out if we were supposed to pay to get in!


Old-Timey Zen.

Jake and Amy were married at the beautiful Zen on 7 area, seated on the roof of the Hotel Metro in downtown Milwaukee. What a gorgeous setting for their intimate ceremony. Surrounded by family and friends they had heartfelt vows in the midst of the downtown hustle and bustle.

The couple also included fun "props" that added to the pictures of the day: old-time mustaches on sticks! The favors were a fun addition for everyone involved.

I hope Jake and Amy love their sneak peek. I had a great time shooting this one!

This little guy was really interested in my camera....maybe a budding photog?
The couple was serenaded by guitar during their ceremony.


Old-timey fun.

Lucky in Love.

Though the breezes, through trees
Move so pretty, you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now
- Jason Mraz

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being both guest and vendor at the wedding of my friends Brian (aka Shaggy) and Iwona. It was a wonderful event, with a ceremony at the beautiful St. Josephat Basilica and a reception at the Elm Grove Women's Club, which is really adorable.

We had a great time, climbing trees and what not! I hope Shaggy (sorry....Brian!) and Iwona enjoy their sneak peek! It was a lovely wedding!

Men in Trees.

The absolutely breathtaking Basilica!

Iwona recently became a United States citizen, so this is a nice, fitting picture!

The guys.



Breakin' the law, Breakin' the law
-Judas Priest

Today's engagement session involved many things: a beautiful garden, LOTS of sun, a few bugs.....and fence hopping (read: breaking and entering....sort of. No breaking....). I also stood on some rocks I wasn't supposed to stand on. There, my conscience is clear!

Tim and Susan are one of my wintery weddings, but chose to have their engagement session in the spring-y-est of springy places: a garden. After warming up to the camera, we had a good time sneaking into flowered areas to get quick shots, as well as showing off Susan's skills of hoisting her beloved onto her back for a piggy-back ride.

I hope Tim and Susan enjoy their sneak peek! See you in January!

Making eachother laugh

I love love love this pink tree!


For Eachother.

They are 1 person
They are 2 alone
They are 3 together
They are for each other
-Crosby, Stills, & Nash

There are several things I love about a wedding: a great love story (check!), a gorgeous dress (check!), fun people (check! check! check!) and GREAT music (check!). Jeremy and Katie's day did not disappoint. For one, Katie had the most GORGEOUS dress I've ever seen. Very Edwardian which was right up my alley. Once I saw it I just wanted to keep snapping pictures of it.

Then, the music! From the guitarist at their ceremony to the hilarious father-of-the-bride speech quoting the above from Helplessly Hoping by CSN (one of my favorite songs), it was a great night for great music. I hope it was also a great night for Jeremy and Katie, a wonderful, fun couple.

Enjoy your sneak peek, guys! I had a great time!

Katie's dress was just the epitome of lovely.

Hangin' around Third Ward

Stopping Traffic.

Katie and her girls.

Having the time of their lives.


Delayed Scrubs Reaction.

So, one of my favorite shows ended......a few weeks ago. Call it life being busy....or laziness....or simply not knowing what day it was on anymore, but I missed the finale. Thanks to my husband's keen sense of computer skills he was able to find it on the internet for me to see.

Scrubs was one of those special shows that was hilarious, touching, and rarely watched. It was bounced around from Thursdays to Wednesdays, from network to network. But I never latched on to another show like it. It was ridiculously funny....and probably the only show that could have you belly laughing and then bawling in one fell swoop.

Tonight I cried like a baby watching the finale. Only because TV is going to be less joyous without new Scrubs episodes. Call me weird...but I get attached. non-television news, I have a wedding tomorrow and an engagement session on Sunday so keep an eye out for new pictures!


Brains in My Head, Shoes on My Feet

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
-Dr. Seuss

On Sunday I completed 10 years of seemingly endless study...I graduated from college. I started in 1999 in Janesville (UW-Rock County, taking several classes with my Grams), and ended up at Carroll College (University now....lame).

Yesterday was FREEZING, ridiculously cold for May. My fellow students and I shivered in the drizzle as the speakers droaned on and on about "making our way" and "taking flight"....and something about China, I don't quite remember.

Walking across the stage was pretty surreal. Never thought I would get there, honestly. When you can only take 2 classes at a time the years just pass by and pretty soon you realize you're 10 years in and the light is finally beginning to show at the end of the tunnel!

My parents and inlaws came up to celebrate, along with my husband (the photographer...thanks hon!) and my Betty. I pinned a picture of Grams onto my robe, so she was there with me too.

Later we had dinner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse in Brookfield, which was really good. My Grandfather sent a gift....Grams' college award she recieved in 2006. I cried, of course. But all in all it was a great day....and about time, if I do say so myself!

Main Hall


My husband and I

Peanut and I

My parents, a kissy-face Peanut, and I


We Are Family.

Do you know how hard it is to keep coming up with witty titles to a blog? Hard. Writers block sets in and all you can think of is the obvious. So, like a cliche' wedding DJ, I've gone with the literal. Because, well, my most recent subjects are not only a family....but my family. So, there it is. Literal and to the point.

Today I shot Noah's 4th birthday. Noah is my husband's 2nd cousin (got that?). He's a ball of energy. I brought Betty to the party and all she could really do is stand back in awe and laugh at the little fireball and his equally animated brother.

But, when I got him to sit still for a nano-second we got some great shots!

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Laughing with Aunt Stephanie

Noah and Mom

Cameron got in on the action, too!

Noah, Owen, and Grandma


Cheeky Noah


Kari D and her Hubby-to-Be

Now my feet turn the corner back home
Sun turns the evening to rose
Stars turning high up above
You turn me into somebody loved
-The Weepies

Today was lovely and I got to spend it along the banks of the Rock River in Downtown Beloit with Kari and Jorel. I think Beloit's downtown is underestimated for it's quirky beauty....old ads on brick walls, "interesting" spiky sculptures, and homages to the Ironworks past.

Kari and Jorel were great subjects and up for anything. Hope they enjoy their sneak peek!

Standing out from the crowd

Jorel, pondering if he should become a "new man"

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