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Color My World.

Cabin fever has sunk in. It's cold. Right now sleet is pounding my windows, and my kid has been running around like a crazed lunatic for the past few days. So, I thought...hmmm...what would Supermom do?

Supermom would buy paint.

So, we fingerpainted in the kitchen. Well, at least she tried. She mostly ATE paint in the kitchen (not to worry, it's non-toxic). A masterful work of art sorta happened....but it sure beats sitting by the window willing the temperature to rise.


One Perfect Rose.

Why is it no one ever sent me yet
One perfect limousine, do you suppose?
Ah no, it's always just my luck to get
One perfect rose.
- Dorothy Parker
If there ever was a person in my life I had to describe as a "character" it would be my Great Aunt Rose. Today was her 70th birthday and the family got together to celebrate. In addition, I stopped by her house pre-party to snap some family pictures with her, her daughter Kathy, and her out-of-state kids Jamie and Kip.
Aunt Rose is just a phenomenal person. She teaches yoga, loves Bob Dylan, and those in Beloit may recognize her from Beloit Hospital billboards dotting the freeway leading into the city. She's known for her jaunty hats and photogenic smile.
Happy birthday, Aunt Rose! I hope your day was wonderful!


Sisters on a Saturday.

Today I had a sitting with these two adorable sisters at the Mitchell Park Domes. What a fun place to shoot! Though, it was a little busy. However, we got some great images of these two and both were highly photogenic so it made my job easy!


This shot reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. LOVE the shoes!

I love blue-eyed babies, it shows so well in great light!


A Mother's Loving Touch...With Scissors.

I meant well. I really did. The Peanut's bangs were a bit on the long side. So, following her bath last night and while singing the ABC's, I took a scissors to her head....and now she looks like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

Well, I guess it's a bit of a baby right-of-passage, to have your hair massacred by your mom. I'm sure we all have stories....right?

Well, good thing is she doesn't seem too upset about it. There were no America's Next Top Model- level freak-outs about her haircut. And it'll grow back!

A desperate attempt to salvage her do, I think


Thankful For The Small Things.

I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things, today
Happy, Happy Birthday

Things like birthday cake, cousins to play with, happy healthy babies, and family. We travelled to Oregon (WI...not the state) today to celebrate my husband's cousin's son's 1st birthday (whew!..that was a mouthful). Little Cameron turned 1, had some cake, shuttled my kid around in a wagon that should have been his, and had a great turn-out. It was a lot of fun.

And it just reminds me, as I look around at a room full of family and healthy babies, to be positive and thankful for the small things...even if they seem ordinary and insignificant.

Birthday boy with a jaunty new birthday hat.
Cameron enjoying "Happy Birthday"

All the toys in the world, and they decide to play in the dog crate. My Betty is in there somewhere.


By the end of the day, The Peanut was a hot mess. She had pig-tails in the morning, which she promptly decided to take out, so she walked about looking like a Flock of Seagulls fan at the party. Oh well...still pretty stinkin' cute.


For The Love Of All Things Vintage.

I have a love of all things vintage, and I've been working on expanding my vintage clothing collection (not to mention saving some $$ on clothing in general....tough times call for frugal measures!). Thought I'd show off some of my latest finds!

A precious house dress circa 1950s. Needs a slip but SUPER cute.
A purchase for The Peanut. How "Little Orphan Annie" is this??

Also for The Peanut. It won't fit her until she's 5, but I figure she can wear it to kindergarten and be the coolest chick there!

Another house dress. I think this was homemade but it's super-cute. I can't wait until it gets warmer around here so I can pair this with my fave black ballet flats!

My favorite find this month, a taffeta 1950s skirt lined with silver embroidery. SO CUTE.

A Little Like Spring. maybe some wouldn't think 35 degrees was anything CLOSE to spring, but when you've been cooped up in a house with an active toddler all winter you'll take what you can get. So, we took it....and got Betty outside for a bit to ride her "car" and get some fresh air.

Not to mention some pictures......

The Sun! I feel like I haven't seen it in ages!
Look! There it is!

Shock and awe at the "lovely" weather.

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