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They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To.

I consider myself a pretty reasonable gal. Like in terms of customer service, I try to be as pleasant as possible. However, recent dealings with my old site host BluDomain have left me scratching my head.

For one, I had nothing but issues uploading pictures to my old site. I would try to load at the size they recommended, and nothing would happen. I accepted this as just a flaw of their site and just lived with it. A few days ago my site went down. I went back over my emails from BluDomain when I first set up and verified that they had assured me they would transfer my domain name from my 1st host to them. I then filled out one of their "handy" little service tickets to get some help (since they offer no customer service phone number). I recieved a reply, nice enough, from a guy who told me that my site wasn't hosted through them.

So, I went back to my old host, verified the domain had never been transferred, and renewed through them. I then realized that I could take this time to find a site builder that was perhaps better suited to my needs as a photographer ( that actually allowed my pictures to be uploaded without headache). I found this in Photobiz. Not only did their nice customer service guy lead me through purchasing my new site over the phone, but they sent not one but TWO follow up emails to make sure I was doing okay. Color me impressed!
I built my new site without a single hitch, and they even resize the pictures for you!

So, I filled out another BluDomain ticket to have my account cancelled, and what I got back was nearly laughable. A curt reply from their main guy Harold (or Harom...or, whatever) who told me that he couldn't believe I was "blaming" them for my site being down and that he was going to remove my site and never to email them again.

Wow. Customer service at it's best!

I love BluDomain's templates, but are they ever RUDE! I have to say, this solidified my decision to move to Photobiz. I love my new site and their customer service is heads and shoulders abover BluDomain's. It's just startled me that someone who is supposed to be the spokesperson for a popular company could be so accusatory to a client.

Oh well, live and learn!

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JenCreed said...

BluDomain is ridiculous. I bailed on them after about a year. You should check out ShowIt Sites sometime!

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