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The Return of Lauren. | Beloit Child Photographer.

Lauren is quickly becoming my yearly challenge. I think if I can show up and get at least 10 good, in-focus pictures of Lauren looking at the camera and smiling then I can shoot ANYTHING.....well...almost anything.

She keeps my skills sharp, that's for sure! And, I finally got to bust out my new 50-150 2.8 lens that has been sitting gathering dust in my camera bag. Came in handy sneaking shots of Lauren from afar.

All in all, the weather was actually quite lovely today for a late November afternoon. We got Lauren out to Horace White Park in Beloit to run off some of her endless energy! Seemed to work quite well. Never fear, Kris...we got some good ones!


Static + Lauren = Awesome "do"


Thankful. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

I have to be honest, I wasn't exactly looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Every year the paternal side of my family gathers at the Knights of Columbus hall (as all good Catholics do, of course!) in Beloit for a big mish-mash of turkey, stuffing, pies, and conversation.

It was always a decent time, and one of the only times during the year that my huge, extended Irish Catholic family got together.

Last Thanksgiving was solemn, despite our best efforts. Grandma had just died the month before and her absence was a stark reminder of how much it had changed our family. It was never going to be the same, and some of the magic and happiness of the holidays had left with her.

So, this year we're trying to get back to normal...or our new normal. Grandma's absence not only has left us saddened, but a bit unorganized as well. Who is bringing what, making what, what time? These were all the intricate details ironed out in advance by Grams. Now, it's up to us to kind of pick up the pieces and do with it what we will.

But, then I got to thinking....I do have a lot to be thankful for. This has been a trying year. Grandma died, I miscarried, ....our house nearly blew up. Honestly, I'm ready for the year to come to a close.

But, before that happens, I'd like to just reflect on what I am thankful for. Many little things, but a few big things that color my world and make every day, as my daughter would say, the "Best! Day! Ever!"

Betty Claire
I am beyond thankful for this little girl. She is my heart...walking around, talking, cracking jokes, making me and her father so very proud. I marvel at how quick she is. I am in awe of her on a daily basis. I cannot remember my life without her presence. Betty is the reason I do what I do, everyday.
The Husband
I have to give a virtual pat on the back to the Mister. He is endlessly supportive (even when he should probably tell me to sit down and take a break), he's the best father in the world to The Peanut, and...if I do say so myself...he's pretty handsome : ) I got lucky.

(photo courtesy of someone else using my camera)

The Time.
I am eternally grateful for the 28 years I had with Grandma. I think about her every single day, I am still not "over" it, and I will mourn her passing for many years. But, I am to a point where I can be thankful that I had her, knew her, and that she made me part of who I am as an adult. I am grateful she had a chance to meet my daughter, to see me become a mother.
The stars aligned....and I lost my job right when I should have...affording me the time to spend her last days making her laugh...hopefully making her happy.

So I can look back on this year, despite the near misses with exploding houses and some sad circumstances and say I am thankful. I am thankful every single day that I have a job I love, a home I kinda like (but at least it's in one piece!), a husband I adore, and a daughter who is everything I could ever ask for in a kid.

Tomorrow, be thankful. Forget petty issues for one day and just think about what REALLY matters, whatever that may be to you. To me, it's my kid and my husband. The small world I've built for myself. The time I had, the memories I'm keeping, and the job I love.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


Little Bribes. | Milwaukee Family Photographer

The people stare into their eyes
And they feed them little bribes
And then they go
- Death Cab for Cutie
It's amazing what a kid will do for a Tic Tac....or a box of Tic Tacs, as was the case with Marcus today.
Today I had a sitting with Sasha & Jon and their two adorable kids. Poor little Marcus was a bit under the weather and was a trooper through the day. He had his trusty box of orange Tic Tacs...a sucker...and he was all set.
Alya was a natural...and with those big, expressive eyes (crossed or uncrossed!) she was a ham for the camera.
We had a great sitting today and enjoyed what is probably the last bit of warmer weather for awhile.
Enjoy your sneak peek!

Look at those blue eyes! Amazing!

With a Little Patience. | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Sometimes, especially with toddlers...what it takes to get a good shot is waiting....and waiting some more. I know toddlers have a mind of their own, and Kennedy was no exception. I have a feeling a photo shoot just wasn't on her agenda today...but we worked it out! Meanwhile, I don't think I heard so much of a peep out of her new baby sister!

I met with this lovely family early this morning and got in a shoot before lunch. I have a second today as well to round out a busy shooting weekend.

Enjoy the sneak peek!

How great is this rocking chair?! I love it!

This picture cracks me up. She looks like she's plotting something.


Need Holiday Cards?

One of my past brides has opened up her own shop called Avondale Paperie.
Adorable holiday cards! Check them out @ the link provided!

Downtown: Take Two. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, my second trip downtown today was for Andrew and Natalie's engagement session. We tried to stick to the opposite side of the Third Ward to avoid any overlap in spots from the previous sitting.
But, I found the light near the waterfront was so good around 4pm that I couldn't resist.
Andrew was constantly making Natalie laugh, which made it easy on me to get them to be relaxed and natural with one another. And I love an easy job!
Enjoy your sneak peek guys!'s November. I SWEAR.

There are no words to explain how much I love this shot. I Super Pink PUFFY HEART this shot.

We found the one tree in the city still holding out on us....

November? I Think Not. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

The Wisconsin Weather Gods were certainly smiling on us this morning. Tell me this is November...seriously? It was quite beautiful out this morning for Liz and Aaron's engagement session in the Third Ward.
We started at the old historic Fire Station and traveled on from there, finding little nooks and crannies in the area to use. Then we headed up to Root's to get some nice city-scape views.
This is the first of two downtown sittings I have today...stay tuned for the second posting later tonight. It's going to pose a bit of a challenge for me to make the same areas look different for both couples!
Enjoy your sneak peek guys!


Mindy's Maternity. | Milwaukee Maternity Photographer

Mindy and Greg are one of my past wedding couples whose wedding will always be memorable to me for one big reason: Mindy's bouquet caught on fire. I have always kicked myself for not getting it on camera!

This time around, I'm doing a maternity shoot for the two. Mindy is 7 months along and has the cutest little baby belly. I let her know that by this time when I was pregnant with Betty I was resembling a mac truck with legs so she's pretty lucky!

Enjoy your sneak peek guys, it was great to see you again!


I'm all "Flushed"! | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

It's Here!!!! I was super excited when Mr. Fed Ex dropped the white box off on my stoop this afternoon. I was also super impressed with the rapid turn around time from Miller's Professional Imaging. Type A Images is now offering flush mount albums!

This album is beautiful, with a variety of covers to choose from. I ordered the simple black leather for the studio sample...super-soft leather to be exact.

The albums lay flat for easy browsing and the print quality is supreme.

Current couples and past couples: You WANT one of these books, trust me. They scream awesomeness! What a great Christmas gift! (HINT!!!)

Laid back......flat.

Interested? How could you not be! Contact me today and we'll get one started for ya!


Learning on the Job.

I'm wrapping up a very busy yet very satisfying wedding season. It's been one filled with long nights in front of the warm glow of my computer screen and long days accompanied by the satisfying click of my shutter.

This year has been one of intense learning. I started on this business road alone, learning as I went, and the amount I have taken in during the course of this year has been highly rewarding and beneficial.

So, tonight's blog post will be a summary of what I've learned...and what I am still figuring out. There are a lot of people entering this business every day. Some will make it...and some will tire of the grind and give up. Sticking it out this year has been worth it, even with all the headaches associated with starting a new business. So, hopefully the little I have learned and retained this year will be of some benefit to people in the "newbie" position. I am a perpetual amateur...always learning, always willing to take in new things. It's a great place to be!

What I've learned:

1. Photography is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme: In these hard economic times, I saw a great increase in people wanting to jump into the business and make a "quick buck". Weddings can be a money maker, we all know that. The average wedding in America costs something on average of $26,000. But making photography my career has in no way been a way to line my pockets with bountiful riches, nor did I set out to make that my goal. There is no quick about it. Learning how to do this and wading into the deep waters of "doing it right" has in no way been a fast process. It's been one I've dedicated myself to whole-heartedly, and one that should be taken on with forethought to exactly how much work you're willing to put in. I worked harder and longer hours this year than I ever have in my life....but it was immensely rewarding personally.

2. Actions speak loud, but not louder than learning to do it right: Photoshop actions are a wonderful thing, I think we can all agree to that. (Well..some of them anyway). But they are no replacement for really getting down to the nitty-gritty and learning your editing software, no matter what it is. My workflow has gotten much faster just learning that hey! I can do that WITHOUT an action!

3. Wedding food is yummy: A small observance but one that surprised me. I like wedding food. I truly do. I've had some awesome meals this year!

4. Back it up, Chuck: Backing up your work may seem like a no-brainer, but once you've backed it again. And then one more time for good measure. Trust me on this one. And while we're on the subject of backups, if you're wanting to shoot weddings...go get yourself some back-up gear. Your brides will thank you for it.

5. Manual is your friend: Don't be afraid of that little M on your dial....befriend him and then take control of him and make him your slave.

6. Community!: Yes...they are your competition, but put that aside and learn that so much can be gained from networking within the photography community and making buddies. I've learned so much from the various communities I belong to. Learn and it forward. It only helps the community as a whole grow in skill. (Shout out to the [b]school...what a fabulous place to [b]!)

7. Get yourself together: Before you run off and start charging money for your services (I's tempting, isn't it?) get your paperwork and boring-stuff together. Register with the dept. of revenue, be too legit to quit and all that. I know, it's not's not creative...but when you do it right...right from the makes the whole process easier. Quarterly sales tax returns are not exactly my idea of a rockin' night, but I always get a nice sense of satisfaction from knowing exactly where I am financially.

8. Experiment!: Go beyond the trendy go-to post processing magic and just try some stuff out on your own. Some of it will probably fail...I know I have...but find your way through the dark to your own style. YOU are what is the central part of your business.

9. There is always someone cooler than you: I still look at other's work and think " did they get to be so fabulous?". There will ALWAYS be someone out there better than you. Let that help you grow, and remember that they have something you don't....YOU. Don't get discouraged, USE your envy of their skill and style to grow your business with your own skill and style.

10. Constructive Criticism: When constructive can help more than anything. Just today I received some great always takes you one step closer to your own little vision of perfect.

and...the most important thing I learned this far....

11. SHOES!: Bad shoes can ruin a work day. Trust me. Get thee to the nice shoe store and invest in decent shoes. Your tootsies will thank me.

I still have so much to learn. I'm learning every single day I pick up my camera or open a file. I never want to stop. I hope next year I can look back at my 2nd full season and see how I've grown and changed for the better in a year. I can't wait!

I actually handed over my camera to someone else for this shot at the last wedding of the season....Thing I've learned: watching someone else fiddle with my camera makes me nervous. Big time.

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