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Friday Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Not a terrible amount of exciting things going on this week, but I'll try to make it interesting!

* DirectTV has a DOCUMENTARY channel. Do you know how fabulous this is?! I'm super psyched. I wasn't too thrilled to be leaving Time Warner. I was a fan. But, I've become a convert.

* This Gremlin Baby is making me none too happy today. I feel like total crud. Morning sickness has returned with a vengance and seems dead set on screwing up my Friday.

* We took Betty to her first theater movie today (Toy Story 3). She was SOOOO good! I was so proud of Peanut. She sat and absorbed the movie, didn't fuss much, and clapped at the end. The cutest was when hormone-riddled mommy started crying at the film and she put her arm around me and said "It's okay, Mommy".
Hear that? It's my heart breaking. My baby is not a baby anymore.

* I sent what is probably my third text message EVER today. So, bride Sarah K. , I apologize if my text speak was pretty garbled. I am not text all. Pretty embaressing really. The thing was only a few words long and I think it took me a good 10 mins to type it all out!

* I realized this week that I may possibly be driving a beater. It kind of sprung itself on me. My poor Saturn Vue sounds pretty ill. It's nothing that affect the driveablity, but it's making a lot of rattles and buzzing. And I have a seat that won't fold up. And my key gets stuck in the ignition and won't turn.
I love this car, but traveling so much for work and (I admit it) beating it a bit has not been kind to its 4 year old body. So, if you hear my little beater as I drive away, feel free to laugh a bit. I do.

* I chopped my hair off again. I'll probably never learn that long hair just looks pretty dreadful on me. I envy gals with long, lovely locks that can be well maintained. I am not one of them.

* Peanut and I ventured outside the other day for pictures for her birthday invites. *sniff* My little gal is going to be THREE...THREE......insert stunned face here. I can hardly believe it.

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