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Friday Fractured Thoughts. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

It's been a great week of networking/friend meeting/and fun with area photogs. It's also been a week to really evaluate some business stuff and make plans for 2011.

* On Wednesday I met up with some great area photographers (portraits and weddings) for a CLASS meeting. We got to see some amazing album examples (I was kind of emotionally cheating on Miller's there....but I bought them some flowers so its okay)

I have to say, I came away from the meeting with some warm-fuzzies. It's so nice to meet and befriend area photographers. Yes...they're competition, but when you ignore that and become open to all you can learn from others in your industry, it's so awesome.

* Last night I went with a few photographers to the Wisconsin Bride Best Of Awards held at the Lake Windsor Golf Club, which was cool because I'm shooting there in a few weeks and I got to scope it out ahead of time. BEAUTIFUL space. And the florists and event staff went all out with the decor ( I came away with one peony...well, half a peony). Food was also noteworthy, as was the Justin Guarini look-alike passing champagne that I had to refuse. This made me sad.... I miss bubbly.

* Everything on the baby-front is going well. I actually had to go BUY a dress for the above mentioned party because nothing fits me anymore. Sad realization. We find out the sex of the baby in about a month. I'm jazzed, because finally my husband will be open to discussing name suggestions and I can start working on his acceptance of the name Gilbert.

* I have gotten an insane amount of 2011 inquiries this week. The floodgates opened and they all decided to email me at once. So, if you're planning a 2011 wedding, apparently NOW is the time to start all that booking and planning! From the way things are looking, if you wait until this fall it may be too late (was that car-salesman-y enough for ya?)

* Most of the updates on Casa Foreclosure have been completed. I now have french doors on my office to keep the rugrat away from my stuff, and my "Weed Fairy" Deena came and dug out all of the old plants from the front of the yard, it looks awesome. But I did happen upon something Beloit has in spades that Milwaukee didn't seem to: Earwigs. These are the GROSSEST, nastiest, meanest looking garden insect ever. We gook up a giant mint plant that had been overgrowing for 2 years and watched those suckers scatter like nothing I had ever witnesses. THOUSANDS of them. Folks, the ick-factor was high. Glad it was Weed Fairy Deena attacking that plant and not me!

* Coming up this week on the blog: A child sitting tonight that the weather has postponed twice, so here's hoping it goes off without a hitch. A wedding on Saturday that is actually IN Beloit. I am super excited about this! The reception is at the same location I had my own reception! Then, Sunday I am having a marathon of bridal meetings in Milwaukee and hopefully will find time to swing by the consignment shop and find something for Betty to wear for our own family session with Marmalade Skies in a few weeks.

Next week I'll be announcing a BIG summer stay tuned!

I'll leave you with our supermodel posing from last night. How funny is Pierre here? I think he was the only one of the group who didn't get that "deer in the headlights...NOW what do we do?" feeling once the camera started taking pictures! You'd like a bunch of a photographers would be full of ideas, but this getting your picture taken business is harder than it looks!

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