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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Feels like I JUST did one of these...because my schedule is outta wack, but lets see if we can get ourselves back on track...shall we....

1. Holy HOT. I know everyone is complaining up a storm about the heat but really? Can we get a break please? I'm just thanking my lucky stars I'm not 9 months pregnant right now or I would want to shank someone.

2. On top of the ridiculous heat, the mosquitos have been coming out in brut force this summer. Note to self: Put the Off! in the car BEFORE the weddings/shoots.

3. Speaking of weddings...2011 bookings are in full swing and remember, the early bird gets the worm (in this case, I am the worm). There are new album options offered for next season and I'm really excited about getting my schedule in order for next year!

4. We're narrowing down names for Second Shooter. Of course, no names will be revealed until she shows her pretty little face, but we're working on it. Here's a 20 week belly pic:

Half-way there!

5. Betty has discovered her new favorite past time: Rummage Sale-ing. I took her to a few last week and she LOVED it.

6. On a more serious note, and I've talked about this before on the blog, but a friend of mine experienced an issue with someone ripping off content from her blog this week. I can't tell you how much stuff like this makes my blood boil. Seriously, don't steal. Don't steal words. Don't steal pictures. Don't steal things period. It's not cool. If you can't come up with this stuff on your own maybe find a different line of work.

7. On a less serious note, how GREAT is Project Runway this season? I know he's just tacky as all get out, but I LOVE Casanova. He reminds me of Javier from "Felicity". Gretchen needs to be slapped though. How obnoxious IS she?

8. I've also found myself mildly obsessed with Teen Mom as of late. I'm fascinated by Farrah and her mother. Can't wait to see what becomes of this season.

9. I NEARLY forgot the most exciting part of our week!!! (Der....Baby Brain!)...the Brewers Game!! Thanks to some connected family members, we got to sit in the visiting team's "owners" section (right next to the duggout, front row). What a VIEW! We also got to visit the field during batting practice. Met some players. It was my husband's and my mother-in-law's birthday, so it was a lot of fun. Even the line drive I stopped with my hand didn't phase me!

So, had to add pictures of that too!
Kirk Gibson signed Betty's baseball. Apparently he's kind of a big deal (I didn't know who he was until Jon showed me some big home-run he had some years ago that won some big game). Betty, I believe, was none too happy that some guy scribbled all over her new baseball.
Roger, Jon and my father-in law in the duggout.

Up this week: Family sitting tonight @ Lake Park in Milwaukee, wedding in Milwaukee tomorrow, birthday party for Little Miles on Sunday, and another awesome Madison Collages CLASS meeting this week, which I always look forward to!

And for all you folks out there who need a Betty-picture fix (all 2 of you who haven't had enough of my posting pictures of my kid) here's Betty at a little water-park thingie near Milwaukee. Picture courtesy of my Mother-in-Law.

1 Peanut Gallery.:

LilyBear Photography said...

as a fellow photographer......that makes me so mad when people claim photos that are not their own. I recently had someone take a photo off my facebook page (that was straight off the camera mind you) "edit" the photo and send it back to me. what nerve!

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