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Friday Fractured Thought (Monday Edition) | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Ok..I know. It's Monday. I contemplated just skipping the Friday Fractured Thought and waiting until next week, but I had quite a bit swimming around in my head're gonna get it on a Monday.

1. It has been, thus far, one of those insanely busy summers where every weekend holds some sort of "event". I have to say, even though I'll probably be massively huge and uncomfortable, I'm really excited for maternity leave to get here! I need a nap!

2. Speaking of the 2nd shooter, it's a GIRL! We found out about a week ago. So, 2 girls.....3 years apart. When they're 13 and 16 I'm in for major trouble. No name has been decided on yet, and I think Jon and I have discussed not revealing the name until the kid is born. We have way too many Peanut Gallery comments and, honestly, with our kind of off-the-wall name taste we're certain there will be some raised eyebrows no matter what. We've definitely gotten them with Betty, but I cannot imagine her being called anything else.

3. Today is Jon's (the hubby's) 32nd birthday!!! Woo hoo! Happy birthday, hubby! It also happens to be my mother-in-law's birthday (yep, she had a kid on her birthday) and my brother's birthday. Tonight we're heading off to the Brewer game and we get field access during batting practice (one of Jon's dad's cousins knows a guy). SO excited...and I'll be sure to post pics!

4. Wedding season is swimming along nicely, and I'm actually AHEAD of schedule on edits and turn-around...which is nuts considering how busy I've been. Somewhere along the line I got massively efficient this summer...without really trying. It's weird.

5. If you are in the Beloit/Stateline area, be sure to check out the Sunday Shopper (man, that sounds so small-town). They did a business profile on Type A featuring a really odd picture of me looking like a red-head. I am not a red-head. It's their printing. It's not the best picture, but hey...they guy did what he could! Check it out here:

6. Speaking of press, I got some VERY exciting news regarding press for the Kindred Spirits program this week. I can't reveal much now (I need to wait it out to see if it actually comes to fruition) but when it does I'll be sure to post about it ad nauseum!

7. This week we are not only celebrating a bunch of birthdays today, but Thursday would have been my grandmother's 87th birthday. Happy early birthday Grams...I miss you more than I can ever say.

Coming up this week: 2 family sittings, a wedding, and Mr. Miles' birthday party on a chance to get back up to Milwaukee and see some friends!

I leave you with a pic of Jon and The Peanut from yesterday's family reunion at Lake Leota in Evansville. If you look very closely at Jon's leg you'll see a sticker....which I think is a fish....that he never knew was there. Thanks Betty!

See it? It's really tiny and smack-dab on his Pink Floyd tattoo. Thanks to our friends Kasey and Lisa for giving our daughter a sticker book full of about 1000 animal stickers, which are now decorating our home....and our legs/arms/faces.

2 Peanut Gallery.:

Molly said...

I've been checking all weekend for your fractured thoughts. I love this weekly ritual. Thanks for submitting a late edition! And congrats on the baby girl!

Page said...

For the record... LOVE the name Betty. It was my Grandmom's name too, and I love the idea of passing it on. I'm actually named after her middle name. (Betty Page). I love unique names!

Speaking of maternity leave... been meaning to talk to you about our wedding! Hope it's not too bad of timing for you!

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