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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

These weeks have just been flying by....Can you believe next week is Labor Day already?! Ugh...summer...where did you go?

- I went on an organizational rampage this week. I HAD to get my stuff together. Maybe it's early nesting instincts. Maybe sticky notes were starting to devour my desk. Either way, I decided it was time to ditch the sticky note route and get with some organizational software.
I'm testing out ShootQ. Not sure what I think about it yet....we'll see.

- I got myself another speeding ticket. Now, for those not privvy to my driving history, I'm a bit of a lead foot. I even got one of those scary letters last year saying if I got ANOTHER ticket in that 12 month span I would have my license suspended. Not to worry, the 12 months passed ticket-free. Until yesterday's run in with the Town of Turtle cop. I'm sorry...but 25 MPH is a travesty. Beloiters are the slowest drivers on the face of the planet. I say this with love. Really.

My husband said "You can NEVER say anything about MY driving now!"
My response? I am not a BAD driver. I'm just a FAST driver!

- It's nearly September....which means we are THAT much closer to the return of Dexter AND the release of Jimmy Eat World's new album....two things that I am seriously looking forward to. What's going to happen now that Rita is dead (sorry, spoiler...but cmon folks, it's been a year!) and will Jimmy return to the awesome-ness that was Clarity? We'll see....

- I'm starting to compile a list of blog post topics (wedding/photography/whatever.....related) to post about regularly. If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, shoot me a message on Facebook or here.

- I got a vintage babydoll style dress and knee socks in the mail and they are waiting patiently for next week when Betty and I will set out on a fun photo adventure. Pink knee socks and excellent, hazy light just excites me. Cannot. WAIT.

- Just a heads up, fall is booking up quickly but I still have some weekday openings in October, and November still has plenty of dates open. Do not fear the cold weather folks!

- Speaking of cold weather shooting, I am in the very early stages of planning a studio build in my house. I had been toying with the idea of seeking out a brick and mortar studio in Beloit, but with the new baby on its way and Betty not yet going to school, it didn't seem like the time. I have this big basement not being used....and plenty of I'm hoping I can get it up and running by January or February. I'm excited about the prospect of continued shooting even through the winter months!

I leave you with a bit of Betty Claire Photography. She's been slow on the work lately. Maybe she's busy giving workshops. ROCKSTAR!

Self portrait
My maternity shoot. Betty grasps sunflare. Awesome stuff.
Parents : A study.

3 Peanut Gallery.:

Kendra said...

Yeah! So glad to see that your second shooter is back. Nice sunflare!

Anonymous said...

Can you please! PLEASE! Talk about editing in your photos and what you use to edit. How you get crisp color and crisp black and white. I am not a person who owns my own business looking for help, I am just a student who just loves to look at your work... That's all..

Amber Ellen said...

That Betty is a natural! Love reading your Fractured Thoughts on Fridays.

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