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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Welp, I capped off this week with a cruddy cold....FAIL. However, the little screamy one (read: Molly) actually SLEPT through the NIGHT. This, I'm sure, is a complete fluke. I think the only reason she did it was because she knew, in her little baby subconscious, that my husband had volunteered to get up with her all night so I could Nyquil-up. Well played, Baby. Well played.

- The diet, for anyone bored enough to be keeping track, has been one big fat failure this week. I was sick, run a bit ragged, and just didn't give a crap to be honest. So I ate quite a few naughty things. Like Cinnabun Cereal Bars. And mini- Kit Kats left over from Halloween. Next week? Back on the wagon. Hold me to it.

- Thankfully, because lack of appetite has seemed to come along with this cold...I've maintained my weight loss.

- The husband and I are all set to rock for the bridal show this weekend. Well, set as I'll ever be for someone who has NEVER done a bridal show before. We've gone with a kind of "Grandma's House/Kitchen" theme with the booth. We'll see if it flows or is a major disaster. Either way, I'll be at the Wedding Show & Tell on Sunday (THIS Sunday) from 11 to 3:30. It's at the Schlitz Audubon Center in Milwaukee. Be there. Get fun swag.

- I haven't bought Photoshop actions in a REALLY long time, but on a whim picked up Jesh de Rox's action set. I LURVE this set....very much up my alley.

- Although I am far from a football fan (and quite glad the season is over), it would be pretty crappy of me not to at least acknowledge the epic Packer win this week. I actually watched the whole game (so did Betty....Molly cried). Not only is it kind of cool that our team won, the end of the football season signals to me that Baseball (and with it....summer!!!) is right around the corner!!

- Speaking of Super Bowl, how terrible was the talent? Holy cow. First Christina botches the anthem (too much concentration on her various vocal runs...not enough on the actual words, methinks).....Lea Michele gives a very "BAR-BARA" performance....not terrible, but not exactly fodder for football fans, and then Fergie. Oh good lord, Fergie. I mean...really? Sweet Child O' Mine. She should be booted from the music industry for life for defiling such a great, classic song. It would have been AWESOME to see Axl (even though he's all bloated and braided now) up there with Slash. AWESOME.

- In closing, I really learned this week the value of our local community, how beneficial it is to have like-minded folks you trust to bounce ideas off of, and how great it is to have friends who have a shared passion for shutter clicks and common sense business approaches. It's such a UNIQUE community, and that is why I love it. Computer hugs to all of you, you know who you are.

Molly, Betty, black blanket.....simplicity. (Betty has also mastered the art of the fake smile):

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