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The Interrogation | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

When I was in grade school, I was that kid that would remind the teacher that she had promised a test or homework.....I was that kid who sat in the front row and shot my hand up at any chance...I was that really annoying know-it-all that hated group projects because I wanted to do it all by myself. Yep...I was THAT kid. (Yeah, my business name is beyond fitting, folks)

So, when it comes to sitting down in front of a potential client, part of that Goody-Two-Shoes kid comes rushing back. I WANT to answer all the questions when the client pulls out some list they copied from Brides Magazine of "What to Ask Your Photographer" I get kind of giddy. Bring it on! I love being tested! Am I insured? Yes! Yes I am! Do you have back up equipment? Oh yeah! I do! A+!! GOLD STAR!!

It's like I'm that kid, all over again.

But, I have found that some of the questions the magazines tell you to ask are a bit....odd (especially if you're meeting with someone who is a professional....of COURSE they should have backup equipment!!). Unnecessary even. So, I thought it would be helpful to all the engaged folks out there to go over the "interrogation" portion of hiring a wedding photographer. What should you ask? What should they tell you? How should that meeting go?

1. Punctuality is Next to Godliness...Or Something.
Be on time...on both sides (client and photog). This is the first impression you're going to give one another...and you don't want that impression to be "This person can't show up on time....what if this happens the day of the wedding".
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2. Talk Details.
The first thing I like to do when sitting down with a potential couple is find out about their wedding. The whole purpose of the meeting is to find out if you're a good match for one another. Hearing all about their plans, theme, etc. is a great way to lay that foundation.

3. One Size Does Not Fit All.
You want to get to know your photographer, too. You want to make sure that you both have a similar vision for your day. It could spell absolute disaster if your shooter is thinking "Classic Vintage Tinge" and you are "Modern Bright Saturated Color". The magazines like to use buzz words like "Photojournalism" or "Editorial" but you need to pick your shooter's brain and find out if they think those words mean what YOU think they mean. I've had some clients ask me what IS "photojournalism"....which is great...because it can mean SO many different things depending on who you ask!
Wedding Photographers or Photojournalists?? Depends on who you ask.....
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4. Are you a Bossy Betty or a Hands-Off Hank?
Some people are total naturals in front of the lens. They need little to no direction and all the photographer has to do is point, shoot, and magic happens. Poof! However....these people are few and far between. In MOST cases this will be one of the only times you've had a professional photographer following you around all day....which could make even the most secure person a bit squicky....You need to find out how your chosen photographer directs on the day of. Are they completely hands off? Are they WAY in your face? A great way to do this is not only to ask but to have an engagement session with your package. Having an engagement session done will allow you to get comfortable with your photographer and vice/versa.

5. How Much, How Many, What Do I Get?
Now, getting down to the nitty-gritty of dollars, numbers, and expectations can be an awkward conversation. One way to AVOID it being awkward is to only make appointments with photographers that are in your price range. I've said it a few times before, but don't go into a consult intent on talking a photographer down. I don't care what the Bridal Magazines tell you to do (because I know they're out there telling you to go in there with your negotiation guns blazing!) . Most photographers are happy to share all of their pricing with you prior to a face to face meeting. And there are shooters in a variety of price ranges. Part of a shooter being a good fit for you is financial as well. We understand this. But, photographers are priced the way they are for a reason. Keep your budget in mind when setting up face to face meetings.

When it comes to How's often hard for a photographer to tell you how many pictures you will get. Each wedding is a different beast....and, as it is, some just have more moments to be photographed. Obviously, if I'm with you for 12 hours you're going to probably have more pictures than, say, someone who hires me for 4. Concentrate on QUALITY over QUANTITY. This will lead to happiness.

Talk to your photographer about "deliverables". If an album is important to you, seek out someone with great samples. If a DVD is important to you, seek out a photographer that is okay with offering this. Trying to talk a DVD out of a photographer that doesn't offer one isn't the route to go. Remember, this is ALL about "good fit"! Make sure you understand your deliverables...your rights and what remains with the photographer...and how you're able to use your pictures legally.

Finally, HOURS....try to understand how much time you need to allot for awesome shots. Giving your photographer 15 minutes to shoot your formals is just....oy...not very workable. It CAN be done....but it's all about expectations. If you want an awesome collection of shots, you need to allow time for the awesomeness to develop!

6. Keep Your Expectations in Check.
It's really important to KNOW your expectations, relay those to your photographer, and to understand if your expectations are realistic. This will probably be the only time you're going to hire a professional photographer for such a huge event so sometimes people don't know WHAT to expect. Be frank with your photographer when interviewing them, and expect them to be honest, open, and frank with you as well. This is the best way to establish a great, mutually beneficial relationship.

7. In Case of Emergency.
Most professionals have a part in their contract (and can I just say if there IS no contract...RUN!)...about what happens if they get sick, keel over, or if the Earth opens up and swallows them whole. Make sure there is an emergency provision in the contract, to protect yourself.

What it all boils down to is this: Don't be afraid to throw questions at your potential photographer. Any professional should be happy to answer your questions and to explain what to expect the day of your wedding. But, let the conversation happen want to create a great, friendly relationship with your photographer.

But, if you want to bust out that exhaustive list of questions....I'm game! Just don't forget the Gold Stars : )

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