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April Showers

Today I shot a bridal shower for A. Her family was fun and the hostesses' house was great for pictures: full of light and great decorating!
I got some great shots and I hope A and her family and guests enjoy them!

The bride looked lovely!
The hostess

A more formal family shot


Baby Owen

Today I did a sitting with my husband's Aunt (my "Aunt-in-law") and her grandson Owen who is just a DOLL. Look at those amazing blue eyes! It was so great to photograph another baby. My Betty is a great subject, but it's so interesting to see what another child will do in front of the lens.

Remember, I'm looking to book sittings with anyone in the stateline area, Madison area, and of course drop me a line!


Good Day, Sunshine

We made a visit to the Grandparents today and the day was so gorgeous I just had to bring Betty outside and get some shots.

No, Betty wasn't sad. The bright sun was making her eyes water, but it made for a really neat picture!

As you can see, it was a perfect blue sky!


NEW WEBSITE IS UP!! is live!! I'm super excited. It's pretty standard as far as websites go, and my plans if all goes well with booking shoots is to have a flash site some day with all sorts of fanciness, but for now...I have a new home on the web!

Check it out!


Betty, Buddies, and the Bay City Rollers

Betty discovers the wonder of the Bay City Rollers

Visits from buddies

Check out those teeth!!
It's amazing what you can get accomplished when work isn't getting in the way! (I kid...I kid...sort of). Laundry, school work, dishes, organization.....and time to blog about it! I kind of like this whole stay-at-home-ma bit...if only it paid!


That's a Lovely Hat You're Wearing

Mom's got a cold. Dad's at a Brewer Game. And all Betty got was a stinkin' hat.

This Week's Etsy Fancy

I have yet to purchase anything, mainly because my Ebay auctions haven't sold and I said I'd filter that money into my chosen Etsy obsession item. But, doesn't stop me from looking. We painted our office a lovely shade of teal this past weekend and I've been hunting high and low for cute, whimsical art for it. The above print is from Art and Ghosts.
LOVE this dress, HATE the black belt and boots .It takes away from it's coquettish (whoa, spelled that wrong!) nature. But it's teal and girly, so I can forgive the bad pairing.

I wanted to squeal outloud when I found this. At $115 it's a ridiculous price, but how ADORABLE is this? Beyond adorable. With a pair of Mary Janes....oh boy.

This is more my speed. And on my little Titian haired beauty, it would look quite fetching.

Ok, the model is weird looking. Her shoes are atrocious. But the dress is darn cute.
Another office print I like from Belle and Boo. Teal, my favorite color, and a my little Betty.

Plug it in, Plug it in

I got myself a new Photoshop plug in!!! Weeee!!! It's amazing what I get excited about these days!


Walks and Mr. Wright

With the weather being absolutely wonderful yesterday (and having convinced my husband to start on the office) Betty and I decided to take a walk down to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Greek Orthodox church near our home.

First, Betty had to have a snack

The church is really pretty, especially in the summer when everything around it is blooming

We met some buddies, who were surpringly calm and didn't seem to mind having their picture taken

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey"
In other "news", I bit the bullet and put an ad on Craigslist to try and get some photography work. I had applied for a part time position with a local country club for an event photography position but they apparently filled it...all without having seen my portfolio. I was kind of bummed about that, but moving on.
Who knows if I'll even get any bites, but I love taking pictures and I really want to try and make a go of it, even if it's just completely on the side.


Once There Was A Thing Called Spring

All I can say is FINALLY. After the 2nd snowiest winter on record (over 100 inches!) we finally got a day that hit 60 degrees. It was GORGEOUS. We "made a day of it" and went to Home Depot for office paint (a lovely teal) and then took Betty outside to enjoy the sun.



Forget Baby Mozart. Who needs trendy Baby CDs when your daddy has a guitar.


Itchy Fingers Satisfied

Finally busted out the camera again, after what seemed like ages (but as my husband reminded me, it had only really been about 2 days). Although Betty is still battling the big-bad-toofer-monster, I subjected her to posing and cute Brewer hats anyway. I'm one mean mommy.

I "pink puffy heart" the portraiture filter. Makes everyone look all smooth and stuff. No baby acne here!
My goal with this print was to filter it so it looked "old-timey" and circa 1920 or so. I like the effect I got.

This is Betty's "I'm Teething, F-off" face. I find it adorable.

Betty returns to daycare tommorow, even though that stupid tooth has yet to fully show itself. It's holding out for management apparently, not yet wanting to go to work as a lowly incisor. I'm waiting with camera poised for the first shot of my Betty with a tooth. It's sure to be the height of my otherwise boring week!

I listed some Ebay stuff (baby clothes) in hopes of making enough to make some Etsy purchases without guilt. I couldn't bring myself to spend $40 on a Pippi Longstocking dress for Betty no matter HOW stinkin' cute it was. Especially one that she can't wear until she's about 4 years old. I mean, who knows...I may be into dressing her like something completely different by that time. Like Pirate Wench Chic or something, but I don't think Etsy does eye patches.

I'm hoping that if I'm nice enough and maybe rub his feet or something, the husband will agree to start on our home office this weekend. Painting is such a daunting task. I just want everything done and put away, that room has been a bastian of lost furniture for far too long (I swear I meant to use the treadmill....I did!)

Etsy Fancy

I happened upon Etsy by accident when looking for prints for our new/old office (well, guest room-becomes-work out room-becomes room where furniture goes to die-becomes office). I fell instantly in love with the place. Since giving birth to Betty I had been in search for a store that sold vintage inspired baby clothing and cutesy accessories to appeal to my girly, childish side. This store is it. My checkbook needs to be very afraid.

Some of my current favorites:

This is a Pippi Longstockings dress! I wanted to squeal with delight when I found this. How stinkin' cute will my little red head look in this??

If I had my way (and I usually do) I would dress Betty like Laura Ingalls Wilder every day. I imagine this dress with saddle shoes and braids.

I think I decided on this mixed-media Alice in Wonderland print for the new office. I love the vintage look of it.

I've decided to put off any purchase until I've had a chance to really look through the thousands of items Etsy has to offer. Everything is just so adorable, this could get expensive!

Betty is still working on that tooth, which is being stubborn and hiding out just below her gums in an effort to pull maximum amount of whining and crying out of my kid. She has spent the last three days with my saint of a mother-in-law and I'm grateful for it. I wouldn't subject Daycare Lady to three days of puking, crying, moaning, and loose poo. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Betty has proven herself to be quite the Drama Queen.

Once the Peanut is feeling better I plan to bust out the camera again. My fingers are itching to take pictures but documenting your child's pain doesn't seem like much fun. Maybe we'll escape cold and snow this weekend long enough to get some decent outdoor shots.

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