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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

So, it's that time again. Friday....time for me to write about everything and nothing at all. On the edge of your seats yet? Oh too!

* I have to give a nice shout out to a new-ish Milwaukee based wedding related blog called The City Bride Blog. I kind of wish something like this was around and on my radar when I was getting married. Lot's of great tips, etc. I especially loved the recent "Don't Leave Us Hangin'" entry about people you meet with and then never hear from again! Check it out, it's good times.

* I have a wedding tomorrow here in Milwaukee that will prove to be cold but probably INSANELY beautiful....I'm really looking forward to it. It's my last one until March, so I'm pretty excited to shoot.

* About this time last year....and the year before...I was gearing up to take our sorta-annual trip to Cancun. We're not going this year. I'm kind of bummed about that. I could use some beach in my life right now.

* My husband has decided he's going to help me cook. Now, for anyone who knows me...I am a terrible cook. Awful. Probably the worst ever. I make a mean bowl of cereal, and that's about where it ends. Tonight? I'm making Cornish Game Hens! We'll see.......if I end up giving my poor hubby food poisoning you'll be the first to know.

* I want to give a little push to all the moms and dad and kiddos out there. Even though it's ridiculously cold outside, as is the case with Wisconsin winters, you can STILL have a great family portrait sitting. I've done plenty in the winter. Don't be chicken! Email me and let's set something up. I'm running a discount special right now and I'd hate to see it get passed by.

* I hate to be a vote grubber...but, well...I am. Wisconsin Bride is having their annual readers poll for wedding professionals. Voting closes March 1, 2010. Check it out and vote for Type A if you'd like. I'd appreciate it! Vote here!

* My kid has also developed a strange line of imaginary friends: Tessy and Helmut (or could be "Helmet" in Lord Helmet...who knows). I've heard this is a sign of intelligence. Or creepiness. Either way.....

And, because I need a place to put all the pictures I shoot of my you go. That head used to be attached to a member of the Lollipop Guild. Poor munchkin.

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