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Friday Fractured Thoughts. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

I used to do this thing, on my MySpace blog of all places (I'll pause for you to laugh...MySpace!?! Remember that?!) called "Fractured Thoughts"...where I basically just wrote out what was going on in my neck of the woods. Seems to be a popular blog focus for quite a few photographers: Miscellaneous Mondays, Whatever Wednesdays.....even Jessica Claire just started her own version so seems like I'm a bit slow to jump on this opportunity to "connect" with my readers. That, or I am a major copy-cat....whatever works!

But, for what it's worth...enjoy!

* As you can see, I revamped the site...and the blog. It's all part of my New Year's semi-resolution to really stick to who am I, what I know, and reflect that in my business and in life.

* I just reserved my spot at a workshop in Chicago in a few weeks. I'm pretty jazzed about it. It's not shooting related, it's business related...but it will be my first workshop. I'm hoping I come away with some new ideas and a fresh outlook.

* The Kindred Spirits Hospice Photography program is doing VERY well. I have another shoot for this tomorrow and Beloit Regional Hospice did a very nice write-up about the program and me in their most recent newsletter. If you know someone who is under hospice care and would be interested in taking advantage of this free program, let me know.

* The Hubster and I received tickets for Cinematic Titanic in February. I am totally jazzed. It's basically Mystery Science Theatre 3000 LIVE. I've just revealed my inner geekdom to the world.

* Speaking of concerts/shows/and entertainment, we also have tickets to Disney Princesses on Ice. Should be.....interesting!

* I have nothing much to add about the whole Leno/Conan thing....except that anyone who thinks Jay Leno is the least bit funny gets a big stinky side-eye from me.

* The Top 20 contest is going well and the response has been amazing! Keep voting!!

* Speaking of voting, fellow photographers probably heard about all the hub-bub surrounding the PDN's list of Most Influential Photographers. Basically, there was a lot of whining and teeth gnashing over the top 30 winners...basically because the voting system was pretty flawed. You could vote multiple times for the same person...over and over. So, well known photographer Becker decided he was going to do a little experiment and see how "influential" social networking can be. worked. And....he won. And....people are being jerky about it. But, you know my thoughts on the whole deal? The list was for "INFLUENTIAL" photographers. Not "the best" or "most creative" or "most technically skilled" (not that Becker is not technically skilled, he's an amazing photographer). Becker proved that he was pretty darn influencing thousands of votes on his behalf via social network marketing.

I say bravo. We're a community, and we should support one another. Becker is one hell of a crafty marketer, but he also is a very sharing person who has influenced thousands to "pay it forward" in terms of skill and information. He's improved the industry in that respect. Jealousy and sour grapes is not a good look on anyone. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.....

Stay tuned every Friday for more "deep thoughts"....concerning probably things like what I had for breakfast or Betty's latest adventures. You know you want to know!

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