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Diary of a Newb. | Milwaukee Satire Photography.

Betty here...taking over Mom's blog for a moment to promote my new photography business! That's right, I fully intend to ride Mama's coattails all the way to bank!

I just got my camera. Today in fact. I was browsing through Target and there it was. And I thought "There it destiny"

I mean, A is not for Auto...its for AWESOME. Right?

The first thing I needed was snazzy name. I decided to do what is only natural and drop that pesky last name. Betty Claire Photography. Has a great ring to it. Just like all those famous photographers out in California. Ohhh yeah....

First I started by practicing on my friends. Notice how official I look with my camera. A real pro. I then selectively colored the bejesus out of their pictures...for that "pro" look. : ) They were quite happy!

No, I do not need an external flash. Nor do I need another camera. This Mickey Mouse Version II works just fine thankyouverymuch. I mean, it already HAS a flash on it. Why do I need another one?
In my spare time, when not shooting "clients" and "events" I like to do artsy Macro work of household items and fashion accessories.
Artsy self-portraits help fill in slow periods. It also lets me change up my Avatar on DWF every week.
I'm a no, I don't care if you think I need something other than a kit lens. I mean, did you see that work I did with the chipmunks and rabbits? I mean...CMON. I captured their true essence.
What's that? That smudge in the upper corner? That is NOT a's bokeh. I swear.
Chimping. The mark of a true pro.

Blog owners note: Given Betty Claire's natural ability, I've decided to hire her on for the year as a second shooter. Look for her at upcoming weddings! She'll be the midget with the red Mickey camera and no external flash.

9 Peanut Gallery.:

Mandie said...

LOL, oh Amanda this is adorable AND hilarious!! Sometime you must post the fantastic pics she actually took with that little professional-looking camera.

Type A Images said...

unfortunately the camera is completely fake...but we've decided not to tell her that!

Molly said...

So hilarious! I am dying here!

Ashley Sisk said...

That was the best ever! I needed that tonight. I think Betty Claire should post more often!

kristen said...

SO cute and funny! betty is a doll

Chrystal said...

I agree with Ashley. LOL that made my day.

janineb said...

umm love her work. Let me know when her price sheet is up. My daughter's next tea party needs a photographer.

Leah said...

this is the cutest thing ever!!! i love how she holds her camera...such a pro. ;-)

Stephanie Natale said...

This is FABULOUS. Looking forward to reading more!

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