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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

It's technically Friday....right? I mean, 8 mins to cut me some slack! Thought I'd get this done now as tomorrow and this weekend is chock full of shooting, shopping, and hair-dying goodness.

LOTS of stuff going on this week. It's been quite exciting.

* I'm now one of those lame 29 year olds that lives with their parents. laws. Due to an unexpected trip my husband was sent on, we had to move out of our house and Milwaukee rather quickly this week. So, I'm now living in my in law's basement. Type A's office is now a tiny kid's desk in a basement storage room. It's awesome-sauce, really. Lucky I love my in laws!

* won't be for long because....(wait for it...) WE GOT THE HOUSE! The awesome house we put the bid in for over 2 weeks ago. We got it just in time for the tax credit and in time to salvage a bit of my sanity! I'm super excited and cannot WAIT to move in!

* Reminder, folks....Type A has a new phone number in the works (I'm in phone number limbo right now) but the email is the same if you need to reach me for anything. Also, my mail has been forwarded but it's taking a bit to kick in, so if you sent me something...give it a few more days to get to me.

* I found out something rather shocking and sad today. I could say it's just a "sign of the times" but knowing what I know from past experience, it's probably a sign of a particular company. My old company announced in the Journal Sentinal today that it laid off 56 people and was now outsourcing their medical billing to another save $$.
Now, 56 people may not seem like a lot, but this was not a very large company. That is pretty much their whole main workforce. People who have worked there for years.
I was let go from this company 2 years ago. It was the catalyst to restarting my life and probably the best thing that EVER happened to me (outside of, you know, the kid and husband and stuff ). It was a complete opportunity for good...and the relief I felt the following day was monumental.

I know people are scared right now. They're angry. I heard it wasn't pulled off in the most delicate manner, which is kind of par for the course, but don't let it get you down people. There are other opportunities out there, and look at this as a door opening, not one slamming in your face.

I know, psycho-babble is easy to spout when you're not in that position. But, I was....two years ago. And it DOES get better. I promise you. In the meantime, learn the words to "Take this Job and Shove it!" and play it over in your head. It is helpful!

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