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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

More Waiting.
And some Waiting.

That pretty much sums up my week. Mostly waiting. I never realized I was THIS impatient. Okay, I lied. Yes I do. I am quite possibly the most impatient person on earth. But the process of buying and selling a home is the most "WAIT filled" process I've ever been through.

* We put in an offer on a huge home in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. It has room for not only a dedicated client meeting space but, someday, a studio space as well. It's a lovely home...but it's a foreclosure. So, that means put in the offer...aaannnd wait. And wait some more.

* I've been filling in the waiting by looking at home furnishings. I have Anthropologie taste on a Target budget though, sadly. Although they are lovely, the Frugal Frannie in me will not allow me to spend over $250 on curtains. I think we're going to find out really fast that we don't have as much furniture as we thought we did.

* On the selling front, the Radon test has been done (such a FAD test now, isn't it? Who ever even HEARD of Radon 5 years ago? Certainly not me). The inspection is next week and hopefully all goes well. I'll miss this little home. It's where we brought Betty's our first place....I have a sort of attachment to it. But, not enough attachment to continue living in 975 sq feet!

* I am going to miss living in Milwaukee. We never really took advantage of all this city has to offer while we were here, but I am going to miss the city being so close. Milwaukee has been good to me and its going to be bittersweet to move away. I will, however, still be extending services to Milwaukee couples and families. Nothing a short drive won't take care of!

* Wedding season is nigh. I'm so psyched, I can't tell you. I feel a renewed energy. I cannot wait to be out in the beautiful weather shooting again. I need to buy some new shoes though. I cannot forget to do this. I dug out last year's shoes and they look like I wore them to run several marathons.

* I took advantage of a nicer evening this week and shot some pictures around the outside of the house. I plan on shooting every nook and cranny of this place before we leave. I'm sure Betty won't remember much of it, so it's my job to make sure she has something to help her recall her short time here.

Our door handle in the front. You'd think I could probably put that off as being "Shabby Chic" or something...but no. It's just old and ratty. : )

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