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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

It's late, I'm up working on an album for a bride and groom (its coming together nicely, Amy and Ryan!) so I thought I'd drop in here and put down the Friday Fractured Thoughts before I forgot again, give up, and just move them to Saturdays. Which, doesn't flow as well.

So here goes....

* WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! Now, I'm trying not to be TOO excited, since everything went south last time, but it's looking good this time. So, soon I will no longer be a Milwaukee-ian (Milwaukee-ite?). But, never fear soon-to-be-marrieds...I'll still be offering plenty of photography services in the area. It'll just be a good reason for me to buy a better, comfier car!

* So, we're kind of stuck as far as the new house goes. The husband and I are pretty polar opposites in terms of house-taste. He wants new. Brand spankin' new (read: no problems!). I, on the other hand, am still harboring this deep-seated desire to live at Green Gables. So, we're trying to marry our different tastes into one agreed upon home. It's not going as swimmingly as we would like, so we kind of toying with the idea of building. We'll see what happens.

* I just discovered THIS week that Milwaukee has an Anthropologie store. Why did I not know this???? I've been here for 7 years!

* So, I heard on the news that because of Tiger Woods' return to golf, the viewership of the Masters' (it the Masters, right?....soooo not a golf person) jumped up some 40%. I have to shake my head when I hear something this dumb. What did they expect, that he would have some stripper as his caddy? He's playing golf. Still matter what's going on behind the scenes!

* I also heard a rumor that Courtney Love is favoring Robert "No Shower" Pattinson for the role of Kurt Cobain in the proposed bio-pic "All Apologies". Further evidence that Courtney Love is on crack.

* Now that I've probably lost all the Twilight fans forever, can I highly recommend picking up a copy of the Riff Trax for New Moon? It is the ONLY way to watch it. While you're at it, pick up a copy of Black Dynamite. TRUST me. It's a spoof film, no one my husband and I have talked to have ever heard of it, and it is rip-roaring funny. Like, my face hurt after watching it. THAT funny.

* Baseball season is again in full swing. We've grilled out twice. Bring on summer, I say. I did a sitting last week where I finally got some GREAT light streaming through the trees. It was a welcome site.

* Hope everyone had a great Easter. I actually got in a family photo! Can you believe it?! This never happens, trust me. I think we have maybe 4 total. My mother-in-law took this one, not bad (except the husband and I figured that it's possible his blue shirt had some funky affect on my hair, because it looks GREY. In every shot, no matter where my hair's grey, right above his shoulder. I'm not turning grey yet...I swear! I even checked my spots...very bizarre)

This week I have 2 family sittings, and then in a few weeks we have WEDDING SEASON (dun...dun...dun!!!), I'll be locked in my cave or out on the road. Bring it on!

Easter Sunday:

See the grey hair?!?! What the heck!

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