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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

-Another week and no more sleep was to be had. We took Molly to the doctor last week and he confirmed acid reflux, changed her diet and we also added in this product called ColicCalm. Nothing really seems to be working for long-term, really. The ColicCalm was a lifesaver on Night 1, but last night the kid just wanted to scream....and scream....and scream some more. It'll all catch up to me soon, I'm sure.

- The hubby and I actually WENT OUT for New Years. This never happens. For one, I typically work on NYE. For two, we rarely go out as it is. Symptom of having 2 kids, a job where I work mostly weekends and...well...laziness. We were still home by 10:30. Party on, Wayne.

- I sent out a shameless vote grub post on Facebook earlier this week, but no harm doing it again. Wisconsin Bride is holding their annual "Best Of" voting right now. It runs until March (I believe) and they finally got with the program and added a Best Photographer category (which wasn't there when they launched the contest earlier...I swear!). You can vote here:

- This week I attempted to put together an album for my husband and I using our own wedding pictures. Epic. Fail. I guess I never really LOOKED at my wedding pictures with a good eye before because I am willing to bet about 75% of them are out of focus and I noticed that about 90% of them (including outdoor shots) were shot at ISO 1600. Very disappointing, because I had to do some major fixin' to the files to make them even usable. Oh well, live and learn!

- I had a dream about shooting a wedding last night. I am DYING to get back to work and some semblance of normalcy!

- I started the 30 Day Shred this week....and whoa Nellie am I out of shape...but I'm sticking with it. So far anyway. Yeah, me and every other New Years Resolution-er. I had to laugh at how PACKED the gym by our house was. I can't do the gym. I have to work out alone, in the dark depths of my basement, where no one can see me looking insane and struggling to breathe after 10 jumping jacks.

- Along with the "Shred" I dumped Mountain Dew (going on over a month, so far). I know, I know...nuts, right? Mountain Dew was my life-water....the only thing I go-to beverage. But, with the high blood pressure and wanting to dump the weight, it was sayonara friend.

- The Monkey turned 1 month old this week. She's still puny. Very stumpy, like her sister.

- The inquiries for 2011 and 2012 weddings have been NUTS this week...I know, EVERYONE says that (look how popular I am!!) but seriously, I think everyone and their brother got engaged this month. It's awesome.

- I'm working on finalizing all the plans for my booth for the upcoming Wedding Show & Tell being held at the Audubon Center in Milwaukee on February 13th. It's a nice, intimate show and I'd love to see some of you out and about!

This week? RELAX. I have very little going on outside of sales taxes, income tax paperwork gathering and trying the eek out some sleep wherever I can get it.

And now, your moment-o-my kids:
Finally got Betty a haircut. Much needed.
This is pretty much how Monkey looks all. the. time. Cranky and crabby and screaming.
I got my new studio lights and backdrop stuff in this I pulled Betty aside for a bit of practice with the softbox.

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