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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Funny how things change.....and how something the size of a large meatloaf (that would be Miss Molly) can shift your schedule in an instant. It's 3:27 AM right now....and I'm taking the moment of relative silence I have while Molly fights sleep to quick write my blog (she's sitting here staring at if to say "I DARE you to put me to bed.....go ahead....try it....."). I used to really pour over my Fractured Thoughts blogs and try really hard to at least make them flow well...and entertain people. Now, I'm lucky if everything is simply spelled correctly and relatively coherent.

- As you can see from my "intro"....yes...I'm still complaining about the lack of sleep. You can count on this to be a regular theme until this kid decides to get herself a pattern. If this becomes too tiresome for you, dear readers, I am glad to recommend some other blogs to read in the meantime.

- The diet is going relatively well...(as I sit here stuffing my face with a 3AM pretzel snack). I've lost 4 lbs so far on a combination of the 30 Day Shred/Last Chance Workout and a 1200 calorie diet. My vice? Sodium. I'm a salt JUNKIE. So....I've been trying to counteract that by drinking a ton of we'll see.

- Wedding Season 2011 officially kicks off tomorrow with a Madison shindig. It's supposed to be bitterly cold this weekend so that'll make things interesting.

- I added a new member to my Type A equipment family....a D700. I've wanted to upgrade for quite some time but was holding out for Nikon's much anticipated D800...which has yet to materialize. So, I bit the bullet and decided on the D700. Haven't had a chance to shoot with it just yet but I'm pretty excited to give it a whirl.

- How great were the Golden Globes? Oh very funny. And I'm very glad the Social Network took home so many honors...much deserved. I've heard some folks were unimpressed by Jesse Eisenberg's performance but I thought he was fabulous. My one complaint about the Globes was the lack of award for Michael C Hall. Even though Dexter was a bit lackluster this season, he still deserved it.

- Just got the heads up that the next Jeopardy test is coming up....I try to audition online each time. Once I got all the way to the 2nd round of tryouts in Chicago before losing terribly to an incredibly smart man who knew a lot about Opera. If I had a bucket list....which I really don't....being on Jeopardy would be on it.

- I just found out that I will be registering Betty for 4K next month. This BLOWS. MY. MIND. My kid cannot be ready for school. No way.

- I finally got out of the house and had some adult interaction time with my fellow photographers in Madison last night. MUCH. NEEDED. let me tell you. We discussed goals for the coming year and it was great to hear what everyone wanted for their businesses. I think I'm well on my way to tackling my various business related endeavors for 2011. A lot of the women in the group spoke about balance and I wish I would have thought to write that down as well. I know right now balancing kids, home, and a full-time self-employment isn't TOO difficult because I'm not busy....but I'm anticipating some real soul searching come June when I'm starting the busy season. Juggling everything is going to be a challenge. One I welcome, but I realize I may need to start really prioritizing....better than I do anyway.

- And speaking of business related items, hubby and I will be at the Wedding Show & Tell show being held at the Audubon Center in Milwaukee on February 13th. I welcome y'all to come out and see us! Putting together my first bridal show booth has been a trip....mainly because I admittedly have no CLUE what I'm doing. It may end up being a design disaster.

- Coming up this week? Back to work! (THANK GAWD). Wedding on Saturday followed by a corporate shoot for a dental office next week. I am SO looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, even for a little bit.

And to top it's the gals.....

Molly....chillin' in her crib

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