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I've had this here freebie blog since 2008....and its seen me through 2 kids, my grandmother passing away, the start of Type A.....and lots of late nights. You've been a good friend, little buddy, but it's time to move on. I feel bad. Kind of feel like I'm dumping the not-so-cute but really nice guy for the hot jock with the nice car.

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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

-This week I did my FIRST (and...let's face it, probably last) bridal show. Now, don't get me was okay. I met a lot of couples and vendors as well. But, I don't think it's my thing. For one, putting together a workable booth is a LOT harder than it looks. I am no interior designer. I was just hoping I could come away with something that did not resemble a 6th grade science fair display. For another, because by the time I did the show I was nearly booked for 2011, I found I had to turn a lot of people away for dates....which sucked. Also, I had the booth right next to Simma's bakery....and they were giving away cake. Which was just mean.

I put together a little "Anatomy of My Booth" tutorial here.....enjoy.

- This week was also punctuated by illness. I was sick all last week and through the bridal show (I tried not to shake anyone's hand or sneeze on anyone...and if I sounded a bit looped, blame DayQuil). Then, Betty got sick.....and we got to experience our first "big girl" throw-up episode. TMI, perhaps...but there is a large, marked difference between baby puke and big girl puke. Large.

- We also had the Grammy's this week, which I watched in its entirety for, I think, the first time since high school. Gaga.....gotta love her. Music needs a little ridiculousness. However, I do not think music need Bieber.....I mean, I'm sure he's a nice kid and all...but I guess I'm old. I don't get it.

- Valentine's Day came and went (and while I'm on the subject, can we please stop calling it VD?). Typically the husband and I don't really celebrate this Hallmarky-ist of holidays. But this year I got candy...and flowers...and a pack of pacifiers. The husband sure does know how to woo a lady.

- How great was Ken Jennings back on Jeopardy....even if he DID get his butt kicked by a computer (I call shenenigans).

-The bridal world was all a-twitter (and a-Facebook) about Anthropologie's new bridal line. Where the hell was this when I was getting married? I could have escaped the lameness of David's Bridal!

- Did my taxes this week.....and that's all I'm gonna say about that. Let's just put it this way. I LOVE being self-employed. LOVE it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I miss getting tax refunds. Self-Employment tax is no joke.

- I have some major web-based changes in the works for Type A....which should be completed in the next month or so....a new look, a new space....and some birds.

- And speaking of Type A....I'm running a Smugmug sale now through the 1st day of Spring (March 20th) some of you folks can get a deal on art for your home! Just enter the code: SPRINGCLEAN during your Smugmug checkout.

- 2011 is fast becoming full for weddings. My goal was to only take 25 this year....but I will probably surpass that....especially if something super-awesome comes along : ). But getting your inquiry in NOW is heavily advised.

- Also, I'm opening up bookings for Spring portrait sessions. Booking those now assures that you will get today's pricing.....pricing will be going up this spring.

- Now, I would be pretty flippant if I didn't at least mention the historic protests happening in Madison this week. I will not, however, get all political on my's not the time nor the place. I will say it is fascinating seeing it all unfold, and I have some friends who have taken some AMAZING images. I think, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on...when things like this happen it really is an interesting time to be a photographer. Especially if, like me, you're really into documentary photography. I wish I could have made it up to Madison to watch it unfold in front of my lens. Alas, sick kids and hubby's on business trips have kept me home...but I love that my friends have made the time to go out and document this historic event. Because, that is what is at the root of our jobs: documentation. No matter what our belief system, we can take that perspective and apply it to the art of photojournalism. How cool is that?

- I said I wasn't going to whine about it anymore...but I lied. A large portion of my pals are hopping on planes this weekend and heading off to Vegas for the WPPI Convention. I missed it last year.....I missed it this year....Next year I really don't care if my husband has to take 4 days off of work and sit with the kids...I am GOING. TO. WPPI.

- This weekend. I have a newborn session in Chicago, and I'm REGISTERING. BETTY. FOR. 4K. No way.

This week I also got a new seamless paper color. A little odd, because when I ordered it the color looked mint green.....when I got's pretty grass green. But what-evs. Got a few shots of the kiddo.....enjoy : )


The Interrogation | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

When I was in grade school, I was that kid that would remind the teacher that she had promised a test or homework.....I was that kid who sat in the front row and shot my hand up at any chance...I was that really annoying know-it-all that hated group projects because I wanted to do it all by myself. Yep...I was THAT kid. (Yeah, my business name is beyond fitting, folks)

So, when it comes to sitting down in front of a potential client, part of that Goody-Two-Shoes kid comes rushing back. I WANT to answer all the questions when the client pulls out some list they copied from Brides Magazine of "What to Ask Your Photographer" I get kind of giddy. Bring it on! I love being tested! Am I insured? Yes! Yes I am! Do you have back up equipment? Oh yeah! I do! A+!! GOLD STAR!!

It's like I'm that kid, all over again.

But, I have found that some of the questions the magazines tell you to ask are a bit....odd (especially if you're meeting with someone who is a professional....of COURSE they should have backup equipment!!). Unnecessary even. So, I thought it would be helpful to all the engaged folks out there to go over the "interrogation" portion of hiring a wedding photographer. What should you ask? What should they tell you? How should that meeting go?

1. Punctuality is Next to Godliness...Or Something.
Be on time...on both sides (client and photog). This is the first impression you're going to give one another...and you don't want that impression to be "This person can't show up on time....what if this happens the day of the wedding".
Picture: Disney
2. Talk Details.
The first thing I like to do when sitting down with a potential couple is find out about their wedding. The whole purpose of the meeting is to find out if you're a good match for one another. Hearing all about their plans, theme, etc. is a great way to lay that foundation.

3. One Size Does Not Fit All.
You want to get to know your photographer, too. You want to make sure that you both have a similar vision for your day. It could spell absolute disaster if your shooter is thinking "Classic Vintage Tinge" and you are "Modern Bright Saturated Color". The magazines like to use buzz words like "Photojournalism" or "Editorial" but you need to pick your shooter's brain and find out if they think those words mean what YOU think they mean. I've had some clients ask me what IS "photojournalism"....which is great...because it can mean SO many different things depending on who you ask!
Wedding Photographers or Photojournalists?? Depends on who you ask.....
Picture: Chemistry Daily

4. Are you a Bossy Betty or a Hands-Off Hank?
Some people are total naturals in front of the lens. They need little to no direction and all the photographer has to do is point, shoot, and magic happens. Poof! However....these people are few and far between. In MOST cases this will be one of the only times you've had a professional photographer following you around all day....which could make even the most secure person a bit squicky....You need to find out how your chosen photographer directs on the day of. Are they completely hands off? Are they WAY in your face? A great way to do this is not only to ask but to have an engagement session with your package. Having an engagement session done will allow you to get comfortable with your photographer and vice/versa.

5. How Much, How Many, What Do I Get?
Now, getting down to the nitty-gritty of dollars, numbers, and expectations can be an awkward conversation. One way to AVOID it being awkward is to only make appointments with photographers that are in your price range. I've said it a few times before, but don't go into a consult intent on talking a photographer down. I don't care what the Bridal Magazines tell you to do (because I know they're out there telling you to go in there with your negotiation guns blazing!) . Most photographers are happy to share all of their pricing with you prior to a face to face meeting. And there are shooters in a variety of price ranges. Part of a shooter being a good fit for you is financial as well. We understand this. But, photographers are priced the way they are for a reason. Keep your budget in mind when setting up face to face meetings.

When it comes to How's often hard for a photographer to tell you how many pictures you will get. Each wedding is a different beast....and, as it is, some just have more moments to be photographed. Obviously, if I'm with you for 12 hours you're going to probably have more pictures than, say, someone who hires me for 4. Concentrate on QUALITY over QUANTITY. This will lead to happiness.

Talk to your photographer about "deliverables". If an album is important to you, seek out someone with great samples. If a DVD is important to you, seek out a photographer that is okay with offering this. Trying to talk a DVD out of a photographer that doesn't offer one isn't the route to go. Remember, this is ALL about "good fit"! Make sure you understand your deliverables...your rights and what remains with the photographer...and how you're able to use your pictures legally.

Finally, HOURS....try to understand how much time you need to allot for awesome shots. Giving your photographer 15 minutes to shoot your formals is just....oy...not very workable. It CAN be done....but it's all about expectations. If you want an awesome collection of shots, you need to allow time for the awesomeness to develop!

6. Keep Your Expectations in Check.
It's really important to KNOW your expectations, relay those to your photographer, and to understand if your expectations are realistic. This will probably be the only time you're going to hire a professional photographer for such a huge event so sometimes people don't know WHAT to expect. Be frank with your photographer when interviewing them, and expect them to be honest, open, and frank with you as well. This is the best way to establish a great, mutually beneficial relationship.

7. In Case of Emergency.
Most professionals have a part in their contract (and can I just say if there IS no contract...RUN!)...about what happens if they get sick, keel over, or if the Earth opens up and swallows them whole. Make sure there is an emergency provision in the contract, to protect yourself.

What it all boils down to is this: Don't be afraid to throw questions at your potential photographer. Any professional should be happy to answer your questions and to explain what to expect the day of your wedding. But, let the conversation happen want to create a great, friendly relationship with your photographer.

But, if you want to bust out that exhaustive list of questions....I'm game! Just don't forget the Gold Stars : )


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Welp, I capped off this week with a cruddy cold....FAIL. However, the little screamy one (read: Molly) actually SLEPT through the NIGHT. This, I'm sure, is a complete fluke. I think the only reason she did it was because she knew, in her little baby subconscious, that my husband had volunteered to get up with her all night so I could Nyquil-up. Well played, Baby. Well played.

- The diet, for anyone bored enough to be keeping track, has been one big fat failure this week. I was sick, run a bit ragged, and just didn't give a crap to be honest. So I ate quite a few naughty things. Like Cinnabun Cereal Bars. And mini- Kit Kats left over from Halloween. Next week? Back on the wagon. Hold me to it.

- Thankfully, because lack of appetite has seemed to come along with this cold...I've maintained my weight loss.

- The husband and I are all set to rock for the bridal show this weekend. Well, set as I'll ever be for someone who has NEVER done a bridal show before. We've gone with a kind of "Grandma's House/Kitchen" theme with the booth. We'll see if it flows or is a major disaster. Either way, I'll be at the Wedding Show & Tell on Sunday (THIS Sunday) from 11 to 3:30. It's at the Schlitz Audubon Center in Milwaukee. Be there. Get fun swag.

- I haven't bought Photoshop actions in a REALLY long time, but on a whim picked up Jesh de Rox's action set. I LURVE this set....very much up my alley.

- Although I am far from a football fan (and quite glad the season is over), it would be pretty crappy of me not to at least acknowledge the epic Packer win this week. I actually watched the whole game (so did Betty....Molly cried). Not only is it kind of cool that our team won, the end of the football season signals to me that Baseball (and with it....summer!!!) is right around the corner!!

- Speaking of Super Bowl, how terrible was the talent? Holy cow. First Christina botches the anthem (too much concentration on her various vocal runs...not enough on the actual words, methinks).....Lea Michele gives a very "BAR-BARA" performance....not terrible, but not exactly fodder for football fans, and then Fergie. Oh good lord, Fergie. I mean...really? Sweet Child O' Mine. She should be booted from the music industry for life for defiling such a great, classic song. It would have been AWESOME to see Axl (even though he's all bloated and braided now) up there with Slash. AWESOME.

- In closing, I really learned this week the value of our local community, how beneficial it is to have like-minded folks you trust to bounce ideas off of, and how great it is to have friends who have a shared passion for shutter clicks and common sense business approaches. It's such a UNIQUE community, and that is why I love it. Computer hugs to all of you, you know who you are.

Molly, Betty, black blanket.....simplicity. (Betty has also mastered the art of the fake smile):


Brotherly Love | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Today I took a quick trip up to Milwaukee ('Stallis to be exact) to capture Kari, her hubby and their two adorable little boys Max and Henry. The two boys were natural as could be in front of the camera, which is always big relief (having a 3 year old I know how unpredictable they can be, mood-wise)

We even let the boys climb on their bedroom dresser.....

Enjoy the sneak peek! : )

This one slays me. How CUTE is this kid?!


Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

- First off, in super-exciting news, I've lost SEVEN (well hello there collarbone....long time no see!) POUNDS on a combination of the 30 Day Shred, the Last Chance Workout, and a low calorie diet. BOO YAH!

- The really big news this week? Snowmageddon of course....which wasn't really that big of a deal. We hunkered down in the house. Betty and Daddy played cards. I guess it's not THAT exciting if I don't get to miss work because of the weather. Just another day for me.

- The husband and I went and saw Ben Folds last Friday. GREAT show....very much subdued (and he did The Luckiest, very cool). However, BOO to The Riverside in Milwaukee for making the concert goers stand outside in sub-zero temps. You couldn't have let them wait inside? Really?

- We're currently on the hunt for a part-time nanny in the Beloit/Janesville area. So, if anyone knows any reliable nanny-type folks, hit me up on email. It would only be until May or so.

- In keeping with my New Year's Resolution (so far, I'm keeping ALL of them...which is nuts)...I signed up for the Flashbus Tour Workshop that is coming to Madison. Very excited.

- I had some major business related nuggets floating around in my head this week. A storefront space in Beloit that would be PERFECT for Type A opened up. I really really seriously considered it. A storefront is my main goal for the business....and I know it's all about pulling the trigger at the right time. After a talk with the hubby, we decided now is not really that time. Kids are too young and there will always be perfect spaces.

- This weekend I have a family session coming up, a few meetings, and next week I get to do my for all! : ) I also heard a rumor that there is some sort of football game thingie going on this weekend, but don't know what that's all about.

A moment with Betty and Molly:

Molly looks super-duper thrilled here. Kind of looks like Betty is talking her ear off and Molly is thinking "I...DON'T...CAAARREEEE"
Ben Folds from the HTC Evo. I'm all techy now.


FormSpring-y | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

So, I'm hunkering down for the world-ending snow storm we're supposed to get....which leads me to trying to find new and fun things on the Interwebs to play with.

Enter can ask me whatever you want...I promise to answer...(well...I promise to consider answering)

Ask about photography. Ask about weddings.....ask anything that could be on your mind about me or Type A.

Could be fun!

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