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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Ahh, another installment of randomness. This week wasn't overly eventful, so this will probably be a SHORT installment of randomness.

* The hubster and I (oh, and the Ginger Kid too) are seriously contemplating moving. We're taking the steps to put the starter home up for sale and have been scouring for eligible homes outside of Milwaukee. Frankly, I think I'm ready to become a Suburbanite. City-livin' had its perks when we were pre-kid but now....I'd like some semblance of a yard. And neighbors who refrained from hitting our house with their cars would be nice as well!

* When I'm up late editing, I often get sucked into reading other blogs/sites/whatever. There have been times when I've decided to take a 5 min. work break and ended up sitting and reading someone's blog for's sad really. I mean, I don't know these people. But some people just have blogging down to a science. The way they read and pepper the pages with great pictures. The world wide web is so great for a blog stalker like myself.

My latest obsession is The Chloe Conspiracy. I WISH I had this type of dedication to style. She's just one of those types that everything looks adorable on her. I am completely style-inept in most cases. I think this is why working in the wedding photography field works so well for me. I normally wear all black like a stealthy photo ninja. Not too hard to match black to black! Start throwing color in there (or heaven-for-bid accessories) and I get instantly confused! Chloe is inspiration. Or, at least a funny writer good for 5 minute work breaks!

*Type A Images was recently accepted as a vendor for the side which is a wedding planning resource for same-sex couples. I am really honored to be a part of this list (I'm the only WI photography vendor!) and to extend Type A's photographic services to the same-sex couples in our area looking to have commitment ceremonies or weddings. It's a really cool site and I urge you to check it out! (And I have to say thanks to my pal Mysi from Soda Fountain Photography for introducing me to the site!)

* I got myself some NEW DVD boxes and labels, featuring some of the new branding touches (but the old logo, which I am in love with, so that stays). I decided to go with silver tin boxes for client DVDs. They are super-cute.

* This afternoon I was watching a History Channel special on the Kennedy Assasination that focused (no pun intended) on film and camera use during the moments he was killed. It was really fascinating. They showed what kinds of cameras and film were used from each person who all captured unique perspectives on the incident. It really sucked me in and made me marvel at how important the little tool of the camera was to that enormously history making event.

Even Betty is getting in on the film-making act with her Disney Princess pretty pretty pink camera. She likes to aim it at me and yell "Mama! Smile!!!!" She's learning....that one!

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alise said...

ahh i love your pictures of your daughter. Someday, after all this wedding planning is done and I have $$ again, I want to hire you to follow my kid around for a couple hours and get some pictures like that! It makes me sad to think that I don't have any like that of Chase! :)

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