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A Girl Named Ava.

Isolation pulled you past a tunnel
To a bright world where you can make a place to stay
But everybody's scared of this place, they're staying away
Your little house on Memory Lane
The mayor's name is fear
His force patrols the pier
From a mountain of cliche
That advances every day
The doctor spoke a cloud
He rained out loud
You'll keep your doors and windows shut
And swear you'll never show a soul again
But isolation pushes you 'til every muscle aches
Down the only road it ever takes
But everybody's scared of this place, they're staying away
Your little house on Memory Lane
-Elliott Smith

One of the photographers I most admire is a woman named Sheye Rosemeyer . She was one of the people who inspired me to venture into this crazy world of photography. Even though we've never met.

Three years ago, Ms. Rosemeyer lost her beautiful daughter Ava to a tragic accident. Since this dark time, Sheye has opened up her blog and her life to the memory and celebration of Ava's life. The way she writes about her children and her true, raw thoughts makes you remember that capturing memories for yourself, and for others, is such a fabulous way to make a living....but making memories is infinately more important.

I hope Sheye doesn't mind me writing about Ava here. She is in my thoughts this week as it comes upon 3 years. If you would like to light a candle for Ava, that can be done here.

And please check out Ava's Rule, regarding Always locking your car, Verifying that your children know never to go into the car unsupervised and Actively seeking out sheltered locations for your vehicle. Read it and pass it along.

Sheye, you are in my thoughts this week and I send you lots of love and peace to you and your family as you come upon another year without Ava. Just know you have a community of people worldwide that you have touched with your words and your strength, and your story.

1 Peanut Gallery.:

Leah said...

i had come across ava's story some time ago as well. i'm touched by your sentiment in her memory. this photo is beautiful!

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