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Avoiding the Trap of Looking Ridiculous.| Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

As the wedding photographer, its my job to make recommendations if a location, pose, look, whatever is just NOT working. However, nervous brides (or bridesmaids...or even sometimes grooms) can sometimes make fashion, location, or timing decisions in the heat of the moment that can send things a bit out-o-wack. Here's a few tips for making sure your day runs smoothly...and your pictures turn out how you envisioned.

1. Orange is for Carrots. And Oompa Loompas. And Muppets.

Picture courtesy of Ron Schwartzman
We all want to glow on our wedding days. But "glow" is not the same as "day-glo". Put the fake tan spray down and step away slowly. Tell your bridesmaids to do the same. If you're ALL orange, then I guess you have a bit of "Willy Wonka" uniformity. However, if everyone abstains from the spray tan except for one gal, you run the risk of playing "One of these things is not like the other" in every picture. And fixing the "one chick sprayed while the others did not" problem is not a quick click in Photoshop.

2. If the Dress Fits.....
Part of growing up and coming into our own is realizing who we are...inside and out. And embracing that. So, find a dress that fits your body type and you're bound to look STUNNING. Whether you're a size 1 or 21.
Its hard to get you to relax and feel comfortable if you're yanking up a strapless dress all day that just doesn't fit. Or, if you have straps but they keep falling down.
Remember, classy...elegant...and timeless should always trump...well...hoochie. Someone should have probably had a little chat with the poor soul in the picture above. I can probably guess her photographer didn't attempt the super-popular "everybody jump!" shot.

3. And While We're on the Subject of Posing.....
The same poses get recycled over and over and over because brides read bridal magazines...and blogs...and see other people's pictures and want to emulate them. How else can you explain the popularity of a Charlie's Angel's pose with bouquets? I'm guilty of embracing the cheese (or the go-to poses) sometimes as well. I'll admit it. But at the same time, you want your pictures to reflect YOU...your group...not some person you saw in a magazine. If you're a complete introvert, a picture of you being all crazy and jumping up and down says nothing about you, or your relationship. Plus, if you're just faking it...the camera can tell. It knows all : )

4. Be Kind to Your Girls.
Photo: Something Blue Designs

These are REALLY REALLY good friends. Really good. If you got your gal-pals to wear something like this and be PHOTOGRAPHED?! Hang on to those girls!

Keep in mind the words "tasteful" and "not fug" when shopping for your wedding party. Also keep in mind they may not all be the same size or body type. These pictures are going to be around for a long long time.

5. Above All? CHILL OUT.
If you freak and try to micro-manage every move, style, look, whatever...of your day something will, inevitably, go wrong. Soak it in. RELAX. Let the professionals help and guide you. It's our job to make sure you don't look stupid. And if you go all Bridezilla on us, doesn't bode well for you to do so with the person charged with making you look like a calm, collected, beautiful blushing bride. There's only so much I can fix in post-processing....crazy is not one of them. If you're overwhelmed...mad...annoyed...whatever, its GOING to come through. Not only in pictures but with your guests. Once the wheels of the day are set in motion there really isn't much left to manage but your attitude. Just chill...and take it for what it is, even if there are snafus. It happens. Remain your lovely, glowing, wonderful self and it'll all be okay!

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Ashley Sisk said...

These type of blog posts always make me make it look easy and I love that about you.

Rebecca Little said...

LOL! Love the bride with her breasts hanging out! I found your site through DWF and am enjoying your blog.

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