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Friday Fractured Thought. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

1. Today we find out what Baby #2 is. I am GIDDY...I cannot WAIT to see what I'm carrying. I am totally not one of those "surprise" type moms. I am impatient as all get out. I HAVE TO KNOW. I have a good friend who found out (hi Kasey!) and his wife does NOT know...he's keeping it a secret until the birth. That is just willpower I do not possess. AT. ALL.

2. We're readying the house for our big ole' birthday party this weekend. Betty Claire turns 3 tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. THREE. It's nuts. Three years ago today I was ginormous, uncomfortable, and my husband took me to the Milwaukee Zoo to walk around and hopefully get things moving. It did.

3. On August 2nd I will be posting a link to the WISN A-List voting. Type A Images is up in the running for Best Photographer....not that I assume I will win at all (I have far too many uber talented pals in the industry that could wipe the photographic floor with me), but votes are appreciated : )

4. Also, Beloit area folks who get the Shopping News (which is...everyone...I think)...keep an eye out either this Sunday or next for a business profile of Type A Images. The guy came and took what I'm assuming is a super geeked-out photo of me in my office.

5. Project Runway started again last night, so now I can stop complaining about there being absolutely NADA to watch on TV during the summer. I already have my favorite to watch: Peach. How adorable is she! I want a 50 year old friend who says things like "hell-to-the-no".

6. Also, Hubby and I scored pre-sale tickets to Jimmy Eat World's return to Milwaukee. I am SOOOO excited, because it's been 3 years since we've seen them. Last time was 1 week before I gave birth to Betty and it was an amazing show (very small and intimate...I could have totally yelled out "MARRY ME!" to Jim Adkins and he would have heard me....and, of course, probably dumped his wife and accepted the proposal. Don't worry, Hubby understands.) The show is in October, so I will again be attending the show super-pregnant. Gotta introduce the kids to that good music early!

And with that in mind:

I give you: Betty rockin' out Old School style. (Although, I think she was listening to Spongebob knowing that kind of kills the effect)
We also took Betty to the Rock County Fair this week. That was....interesting. You just gotta love Wisconsin: Tractor displays, cows, pigs, sheep, and midget wrestling. Ahhh....home.

Betty rode her 1st Ferris Wheel, and quite enjoyed it. Me? Not so much. The ferris wheel operator's name was GRAVEYARD. You think I'm kidding? No. His nametag said Graveyard.

Coming up this week: Angela and Kevin's wedding tomorrow (yes, I'm working on my kid's birthday....but we're making up for it with a super-huge party on Sunday), a 1 year session on Monday, a senior session on Friday....bring it on!

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