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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

1. The kid.
Oh man. I love her. I do. With all my heart. is the spawn of Satan lately. I say that with love. I don't know who has come and replaced my sweet, darling Betty with this kid...but, can I have the old model back? The one who doesn't kick me and scream "NOOOOOO" a million times a day?

2. The husband and I watched a Riff Trax version of Paranormal Activity last night. Did people seriously pay money to see the real version of this film? I've had more interesting and engaging dialogue with my dentist before a teeth cleaning. Just terrible. Thank God for Riff Trax.
(Seriously, I plug them on my blog a lot. They should pay me)

3. I know I'm probably majorly jinxing myself here, but I've been such a workaholic lately that I'm about 2 1/2 weeks AHEAD of schedule on edits. This never happens. I think I must have elves finishing my work for me while I sleep.

4. I'm starting to slowly realize I need a wardrobe intervention. My fam and I are getting our pictures taken on Sunday (it'll be super weird to be on the other side). So, I headed out yesterday with Betty (read: Satan) in tow to find something suitable to wear. I realized as soon as I got to Target (yes...Target...I'm a frugal Frannie) that I headed right for the "soccer mom" section. The section not with the cooler, updated frocks....but the section that sells things like khakis with pleats and jeans with control top tummy areas.

It was if I was simply led there without knowing what I was doing. Can I be this old? Can I be this.....dare I say...FRUMPY? No no no.

Didn't matter how in denial I was. I walked out of Target with a pair of khakis. And a blouse. A conservative blouse....that definitely shows that I'm pregnant. Who wants to call Stacey London for me?

5. This weekend is full of fun....a full day of wedding shooting on Saturday and Sunday...our very own family pics. Now, we have never had a family picture, really (I'm ignoring our first upsetting experience with a's too painful to talk about). So I'm super-duper excited. Khakis and all!

6. Just as a reminder, Type A is running the Christmas in July special right now. It's a great time to book your fall holiday sittings and save some money. I'm going to do sittings as far into December as I possibly can before I get too large and start realizing I can't bend over book early, dates will go fast.

The husband, being mauled by the Dark Lord.
Suburbia. it.
The kid. In all her lovely 3 year old glory. This is the face I get about 1000 times a day. Reactions to anything from the injustice of being out of Chocolate Milk and needing regular milk instead to the Dora the Explorer marathon being over. I believe this meltdown was prompted by her not being able to get the tricycle off the grass. DRA-MA.

3 Peanut Gallery.:

alise said...

is Betty 3 yet? Because I never had "terrible twos" with Chase, but once he turned 3 it was like he was out to make up for being such an angel the first years. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong because I felt like nothing changed on my end, and I would ask his daycare teacher, who is amazing with kids, for help every day that I dropped him off! Long story short, she recommended this book to me, it's called "I Brake for Meltdowns" and it was really helpful to me. I know reading books about parenting is kind of lame, but this is a pretty easy read and has an index at the back for different tantrum situations! it's awesome. Good luck :)

Type A Images said...

At this point I'm willing to try anything....she turns 3 in a few's like a complete 180 from how she HAS been.

The Red Gecko said...

Oh wow, girlie, you need a Mama's day away. And a good dose of "What Not to Wear." You're way too cute and fabulous to wear khakis with pleats or frumpy blouses.

However, keep posting about the little Hellian. It's great birth control! LOL

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