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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

1. I hope everyone in the Milwaukee area is dry, safe, and without too much damage after last night's horrific pounding with storm after storm...not to mention flooding, toronados and massive sink-holes. During the storms I was on my way to Madison for a Collages CLASS meeting and got to drive right along side a gigantic funnel cloud. Good times.

2. Speaking of water-related incidents, we got the kid baptised last weekend. She handled it pretty well. She asked if there was shampoo involved (which is I guess what you get when you tell a three year old that baptism is like a bath) and when we were done she said "All clean!"

3. A week from today we find out what the sex of Second Shooter is (the new baby). Can. Not. WAIT. I have no real feelings one way or the other as to what it may be.

4. I have to say, there seems to be a rash of "price fishing" emails going around to local photogs. I know this is a pretty standard practice with new folks who just don't know any better, but seriously...if you want to find out what other photographers in your area may be charging, there has to be a better way of going about it than pretending you are a bride. Especially if you're not quick enough to change your information and leave me (or anyone else) with your "business email" as contact information.

5. Just as a heads up, pricing structures for weddings AND portraits are changing effective in August. I just spent the last few nights ripping apart my old structures, crunching numbers, buiding new packages to include the new album offerings and I'm pretty happy with what I've come up with. If any regular portrait customers are curious about the new pricing structure, feel free to shoot me an email @ and I'll send you a copy of the new menu.
If you booked me or received pricing information from me prior to August 1, those prices will stand.

6. I am currently ob-SESSED with the show 4 Weddings. You'd think with all the weddings I attend that the last thing I would want to do is watch a show about weddings, but this show is super-great. Cattiness and competition with weddings as the cherry on top.
Annnddd...speaking of TV (which has been a bit of a neglected loved one lately) Project Runway comes back next week! SUPER excited!!!

7. Coming up this week: Janesville are wedding that hopefully stays dry, an family sitting in Milwaukee and a Kindred Spirits Hospice sitting. Then...the start of a few senior sessions I've booked for the end of summer.And of course, my BIG ULTRASOUND! (Just had to mention that one more time!)

Betty, getting some use out of the baptism gown that didn't fit

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