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The Offbeat Brides Let Us Know What's What. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

I recently happened upon this article on the site Offbeat Bride (which I ADORE!) and it has some awesome, excellent points about Photographer's websites.....and I thought maybe I'd address some of their points that I found fabulous...or maybe needing some further explanation.

The article can be read in its entirety here:

I have to agree with this one. When I first started out I thought "Hey! I can put awesome indie music on my site...yay!" I used a song by a friend's band..a few others. Then I realized a few things: with the exception of the friends' song, I didn't have permission to use the others. Bad, bad Type A. So, I removed them. Then, I realized another thing. Most people have wildly different taste in music from me. I know a lot of folks would rather sit in a locked room with a three year old who has had 5 Red Bulls than listen to one minute of She & Him. Although my tastes may have attracted a target client base, it could have turned away many others.

Also, I know a lot of people who listen to music of their own while they surf...and having competing sounds on the 'puter is just not cool. Especially if it's that so-overplayed-it's-not-funny Hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow" that photographers seem to want to use until it's completely destroyed.

So leave the music off the site. I have to agree with this one.

Your love of Josh Groban is not winning you any fans

I have to disagree with this point. Although slow loading is indeed an issue, having a flash site isn't necessarily to blame all the time...and to suggest that photographers not utilize a very modern and up-to-date site design format is pretty.....well...not happening.
In order to optimize site speed without foregoing the use of a flash format, you can do some of the following tweaks:
- Optimize your images for web use. Using full-size, uncropped images can slow things down.
- Consider your hosting service. If you're using "Bob's Hosting", it's probably not going to work quite as efficiently as some other, well-known hosting services.
- Offer both HTML AND Flash versions of your site for people with slower systems.
- Higher traffic volume = slower site. So, ya know, if your chosen photog is "DA BOMB" may just want to wait it out : )

Why is this site SO SLOWWWWWWWW??

Eh, this one is personal preference, but it doesn't really bother me if the image they are using is beautiful and a good indication of their work. That's why you're there, right?
However, if your blog header is some gigantic monstrosity about how AWESOME you are...that's annoying. Especially if it has nothing to do with photography. I don't care if you like ice cream and stilettos. Not sure if brides do either.

Now, this one is also personal preference, and very dependent on what kind of photographer you're looking at. A lot of very budget photogs will lay out their entire menu for you, right there. I've actually seen where they will have articles connected to the pricing menu talking about how cheap they are compared to other photographers. Hey! Great, if that business plan works for them. They are marketing to a specific segment of the populations: those for whom price and budget are of the utmost concern. This is not a bad thing, just not a one-size-fits-all marketing plan for all artists.

Many will put a starting or "average" package cost on their site. This is what I do. I find it kind of weeds out those that are not all that interested in the work, they just want someone with a camera for cheap. Posting a starting or average price attracts the brides whose budgets I fall into. I want them to like the work first, and then decide if the budget works for them.

If you love a photographer, but their prices are not posted, don't let that deter you. No one is SOOO busy that they can't take an extra moment to inquire about someone whose work they would love to have for their big day. Photographers are not alone in their lack of online price posting...this is not uncommon. If you go to your venue's site, it's not very often they will lay out all the prices for you.

Let your photographer MEET you and work with them to tailor a personal experience.

This guy probably doesn't post his prices, but 's cool like that. Yeah Baby!

This is something to take up with each individual photographer, but I have to put this out there: Unless your photographer gave you permission to do this, it's not cool to crop out their watermark and post the pics without permission. Keep in mind, copyright still belongs to the person who took the picture.

Many photographers these days are supplying brides and grooms with low-res, watermarked Facebook files....or giving brides and grooms permission to post on Facebook with a credit. The best way to go about this ethically is to discuss your wishes with your chosen photographer and find out what they offer.

Recently it's been revealed that applications have been developed allowing budget printers like Walmart or Target to accept Facebook print requests. NOT. COOL. The image will look like garbage, trust me. You spent all this money on your photographer....make sure your images look good when you order and display them.

Ok, this could be frustrating.
But, again, it all comes down to what is most important to you: budget or love of the artist. If I had a photographer that I just ADORED....couldn't get enough of...HAD TO HAVE...then it wouldn't matter where they were from (within reason). I'd get them here. And if I had to take 2 or 3 seconds out of my day to Google them to find out their general area, no biggie.

As a last word, yes...we should make it easy for brides and grooms to find us, fall in love with us, and book us. Of course! That's the name of the game in marketing. But, now that I've heard you out brides...and listened, can you do me a few favors?

1. When you email an inquiry...tell me what you're looking for. Wedding? Portrait? Don't just say "prices". I'll send you some...but really, a nice intro and at least saying "hello" is always cool.

2. I've mentioned this before, but don't inquire with a photographer who is grossly out of your budget it hopes of talking them down to a lower price. Not cool. Keep your budget in mind.

3. Treat your photographer like a person! (A fabulously cool person....with feelings!) We like that.

4. No, you cannot have my RAW files. Sorry.

5. Please stop Photoshopping the pictures I took for you.

6. Above all else, we want you to enjoy your day...and we want to enjoy your day too! I always love hearing thoughts from couples regarding our jobs and how we can make their experience better, so I have to thank Becca over @ Offbeat Bride. We're all ears, Becca!

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