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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Lots of changes going on around here this week! Almost forgot about my Friday obligation to the blog!

1. Biggest change? I'm not a twenty-something anymore. I of Wednesday...THIRTY. THIR-TEE. It was a little bizarre. Thirty always seemed so OLD when I was a youngin'. Now I feel like I should drive a Buick and start eating dinner at 4:30. Maybe join a society where all the women wear red hats.

2. I got my office relatively put together. Relatively. Sort of. As in, things are unpacked and put in spots. The walls are still pretty naked. Still deciding what prints I want to put up from the last year.

3. Anyone wanna rent a 3 year old? Maybe to do some hard labor around your house? I swear, someone has possessed my child. She has been not so much fun in the last few weeks. I think three is sneaking up on her and maybe she feels like I felt the other day.

I walked in the house the other day and she says to me "I don't like you."

Welcome home, Mommy.

4. I got to play around very briefly with the new PS CS5. Content aware fill rocks my socks off.

5. I had to laugh about the big lines forming to see the new Twilight movie. Only because I know the only reason husband and I are excited about the new movie being released is that we know a Riff Trax for the movie will not be far behind. If you haven't watched Twilight with a Riff Trax you haven't lived. If you don't know what Riff Trax is?? Well...I'm sorry.

6. On my birthday I attended a fundraiser for Father-in-Law Numero Uno Jim Reseburg, who is running for State Assembly. We all got jaunty pink t-shirts (even Betty). Fun was had by all, we all looked quite fetching! Even the husband:

Coming up this week? A wedding...and 4th of July Fun!

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