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Type A Images has been featured on The Rock and Roll Bride blog, The Offbeat Bride Blog, WeddingWire's Brides Choice for 2010 and 2011, and The Knot Best Of Weddings for 2011. Type A also offers a hospice photography program called Kindred Spirits through the Beloit Regional Hospice, which was featured as WPPI's Photolanthropy of the Month for September 2010.


Makin' Copies. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Since Pellegrino Turri invented carbon paper in the early 1800's, "making copies" has been a standard. I can imagine that when the early cavemen started banging out pictures of their pals on cave walls....their pals wanted to know how to copy those pictures and bring them with them on the know, to show their other caveman pals.

So, makin' copies and showing off art created FOR us is not new. However, in this age of viral overload, Facebook, and instant gratification...never has the issue of copyright and the right (or wrong) way to copy someone else's work been such a hot topic of conversation.

It's not very often that I DON'T get asked about "copyright". Normally the first question I get from brides and grooms inquiring about my services is "do I get copyright to the pictures?"

So, I thought for this week's blog I'd cover this hot topic of copyright and what it entails for your comissioned images.

1. "Do I get the copyright to the pictures?"
In a You don't. Now, there are plenty of photographers out there signing over "copyright" to brides and grooms, and I'm willing to bet there's plenty of photographers out there who don't know exactly what they're doing. What I grant to you following the wedding is "Right to Print" for your personal use. This is different than copyright. Copyright comes into effect the moment I create the image, and it remains with me as the creator of that image. So, by copying the image without expressed permission from the creator, you are violating copyright.

2. But I want all my Facebook pals to see the pictures right away!
Believe me, I get that time is of the essence. We live in a time of "I want it NOWWW Daddy!" (said in my best Veruca Salt tone). This is why I get your blog up ASAP and link to it so pals can get a sneak peek very quickly. This is why I do allow my brides and grooms to post their images on Facebook when they receive their disk. What is not cool is:
- Copying an image off of the website or blog without permission, cropping out the logo, and messing with the integrity of the picture. If I didn't say "go ahead", you've just infringed on my copyright.
- Printing pictures from Facebook. (Please please please do not do this. Saving a few bucks is not worth having pictures that look like complete grainy garbage)

I always try to work with my couples to make sure they have access to share and show off their pictures. I fully support it, because it's good for me to get them out there too! But, when they are taken without permission, that's just not cool.

If you're ever in doubt, if the picture is right-click protected and has a big ole watermark on it...the artist probably doesn't want you copying it.

3. Stand back, Stand back.....
So, recently a photo pal of mine had an image that she took of a bride and groom in a lake...embracing....a beautifully orchestrated image. A guest of the wedding stood behind her and snapped the SAME image this friend had just posed and created. This guest then posted that image on the internet, with no indication that she had not posed or really created this image. She had just shot behind the original artist.

While things like ideas, themes, or concepts cannot be copyrighted, once they are put into action and onto film (or digital art, as it were), they are copyrightable....and stealing that idea and passing it off as your own is copyright infringement.

Now, to the average person...this may seem like a lot of whining over nothing. They're wedding pictures! The same poses have been regurgitated over and over until they're stale. Whatever the case may be though, if the professional is setting up a scene they have in their head...and they take the picture...that concept is now a copyrighted piece of art.

It's partly for this reason why I discourage and often do not allow guests to come along during formals with the bride and groom. Not only is it distracting, but I do not want my concepts and picture ideas to be copied and passed off as someone else's work. In such a saturated market, our ideas and concepts are how we, as photographers, set ourselves apart and market our style.

4. Walgreens...Walmart...all you Wals.....take Note!

I've often seen where images I did not grant reprint rights for were printed anyway by Walmart or Walgreens (or similar big box stores). If you do not have a signed reprint right form in your hand when you walk into that store, and they make copies for you anyway, they just violated my copyright. Get the form. It's easy! : )

Now, I realize a lot of this may scream "Grumpy, Crabby Photographer!" .....and believe me, a few years ago I probably would have thought so too! Again, without the bride and groom these images would not exist. I acknowledge that. I'm very liberal with how I allow clients to use my pictures. But, if the practice gets makes it harder for professionals to allow use. The give and inch and they take a mile issue.

So how can you make sure you get the best use out of your pictures and not violate the artist's copyright?

First...if you're in doubt, simply ASK. It's a new era, and many photographers are willing to sell reprint rights or sign over personal reprint rights with guidelines. By asking you are letting the photographer know that you respect their rights to their work and to how their work is presented.

Second...follow the guidelines your photographer gives you. Reprint rights are normally only given to the paying client.....not to everyone and their mother. They usually include personal reprint use and maybe some online use. So, before you use your wedding picture for your own business or something similar, make sure you understand your given reprint rights and what they entail.

Third....discourage guests at your wedding from shooting over the professional's shoulder, especially during formal set-ups. Again, not only is this in your best interest so the professional has your undivided attention, but it will serve to avoid any possible copyright issues.

Fourth....we're really not a bunch of curmudgeonly old grumps. But many of us are insanely proud of our work, and we want that shown in the best light possible...and in it's intended state. So cropping, Photoshopping, or otherwise "messing with" an image your pro took for you is really not kosher.

Working together with your chosen photographer and keeping the lines of communication open, you can share your images legally and make sure everyone, in the end, is a happy camper!


Platinum and Perfect. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

When Tony, the groom, gave his short and sweet speech to the guests gathered for his wedding tonight...he described his new wife Crystal as "perfect". HIS perfect. I thought that was so incredibly sweet...and the way Crystal and Tony looked at one another all knew it was a feeling shared between the two of them.....they had found perfection.

Tony and Crystal's wedding was a study in vintage overtones, bright punches of orange color, and surprise dance routines! Starting with Crystal's amazing gown: platinum and dotted with gorgeous bling. It's up there with one of my favorites ever.

The ceremony and reception both took place at 1451 Renaissance Place in Milwaukee. They really do an amazing job here, and the room looked incredible. After an intimate ceremony (where the flower girl nearly stole the spotlight with her up on the altar antics!), we headed off to Lake Park for quick pictures.

The night was kicked off with an absolutely AMAZING first dance....Tony and Crystal are supremely talented was so fun to watch!

Sound by Design kept the dance floor packed, and Tony and Crystal were not alone in their dance abilities..believe me.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day! Enjoy the sneak peek!

LOVE this gown.
I heard a little rumor that Crystal has a "thing" for here's one for you, Crystal!
Cutest. Flower Girl. EVER.
Mid-Ceremony Antics.

Note to future brides: Birdcage Veils are awesome.

Kicking off the best first dance EVER.

Tony and his mom.

Ceremony and Reception: 1451 Renaissance Place
Gown: Maggie Sottero
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
DJ: Sound by Design
Picture Location: Lake Park Milwaukee


Mariah. | Beloit Senior Portrait Photographer.

Oh, the light was lovely tonight.
The bright orange light spilling over Beckman Mill.
The light cutting through the sunflowers in South Beloit.
The red and blue lights of the cop who pulled me over on my way home.

Yes...the lights...lovely.

And yes, I got pulled over. Again.


Anywhoo, tonight we shot Mariah's senior session and it went fabulously! Beautiful evening light and hitting up a local field of sunflowers....couldn't ask for more!

Enjoy the sneak peek guys!

Locations: Beckman Mill Beloit, WI
Sunflower Field South Beloit, WI

Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

These weeks have just been flying by....Can you believe next week is Labor Day already?! Ugh...summer...where did you go?

- I went on an organizational rampage this week. I HAD to get my stuff together. Maybe it's early nesting instincts. Maybe sticky notes were starting to devour my desk. Either way, I decided it was time to ditch the sticky note route and get with some organizational software.
I'm testing out ShootQ. Not sure what I think about it yet....we'll see.

- I got myself another speeding ticket. Now, for those not privvy to my driving history, I'm a bit of a lead foot. I even got one of those scary letters last year saying if I got ANOTHER ticket in that 12 month span I would have my license suspended. Not to worry, the 12 months passed ticket-free. Until yesterday's run in with the Town of Turtle cop. I'm sorry...but 25 MPH is a travesty. Beloiters are the slowest drivers on the face of the planet. I say this with love. Really.

My husband said "You can NEVER say anything about MY driving now!"
My response? I am not a BAD driver. I'm just a FAST driver!

- It's nearly September....which means we are THAT much closer to the return of Dexter AND the release of Jimmy Eat World's new album....two things that I am seriously looking forward to. What's going to happen now that Rita is dead (sorry, spoiler...but cmon folks, it's been a year!) and will Jimmy return to the awesome-ness that was Clarity? We'll see....

- I'm starting to compile a list of blog post topics (wedding/photography/whatever.....related) to post about regularly. If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, shoot me a message on Facebook or here.

- I got a vintage babydoll style dress and knee socks in the mail and they are waiting patiently for next week when Betty and I will set out on a fun photo adventure. Pink knee socks and excellent, hazy light just excites me. Cannot. WAIT.

- Just a heads up, fall is booking up quickly but I still have some weekday openings in October, and November still has plenty of dates open. Do not fear the cold weather folks!

- Speaking of cold weather shooting, I am in the very early stages of planning a studio build in my house. I had been toying with the idea of seeking out a brick and mortar studio in Beloit, but with the new baby on its way and Betty not yet going to school, it didn't seem like the time. I have this big basement not being used....and plenty of I'm hoping I can get it up and running by January or February. I'm excited about the prospect of continued shooting even through the winter months!

I leave you with a bit of Betty Claire Photography. She's been slow on the work lately. Maybe she's busy giving workshops. ROCKSTAR!

Self portrait
My maternity shoot. Betty grasps sunflare. Awesome stuff.
Parents : A study.


Charmed. | Milwaukee Family Photographer.

They say the "third times a charm".'s hopin! After two postponements due to freak thunderstorms, I was finally able to join Lisa and her family at Lake Park for a fun, relaxed family sitting. And I came away with only one mosquito bite! Victory!

I had done a shoot with this family last summer when Claire was just a bitty baby and Noah was not nearly as eager to be photographed as he was today. I had a little shoot director on my hands! He came up with ideas and even invited me to dinner when the shoot was over (had to take a raincheck on that one, but the sentiment was nice!)

We shot at the lovely Lake Park and had some great magic hour light to use. I hope the wait was worthwhile!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Little gifts.

How sweet are Claire's piggies? Love.

Location: Lake Park Milwaukee, WI


The Top 10 Best Things About Being a Photographer. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

There seems to be an underlying negativity rumbling lately within the industry. Maybe it's just end of the season burn-out. Maybe some of us just had one too many Uncle Bob's to contend with this summer. Maybe getting undercut is getting old. Who knows what it is...but I'm guilty of having the grumblies too, believe me. So, I thought I'd put together a positive spin on things....The BEST parts of my job. Why we get up early every Saturday and put in the long hours documenting the big days, why we stay up until 2 AM finishing up that last bit of editing. What keeps us driven?

There are hundreds out there clutching their new SLRs just WAITING to get into the game. Do I blame them? Honestly, no! My job rocks. And here is why......

1. My Word is Law.
Ok, being self-employed DOES have its negative points: I don't have a bookkeeper on staff to figure out all that fancy schmancy tax stuff (though I do have the best accountant in the world who has let me know that although I color coded my spreadsheets for the end of the year, it's not nearly as helpful as I thought it would be). If a problem arises, I can't just say "Hey, the CEO will deal with it. I'm just the help".'s on me.

But this is a POSITIVE. I make the rules. I run the business the way I want to. If I don't feel like taking a job, I don't. If I want to take 35 weddings in one year, I do. It's up to me to make it what I want it to be. It's a TON of work...I think people sometimes underestimate the amount of work...but it's incredibly gratifying and worthwhile. At the end of the day, I can look at what I've done and say "I did that".

2. That Certain Appeal.
People are gonna laugh at this, but it's true. People. Love. Photographers. If you're a working photographer, people are interested in this. They want to know more. They want to see your work. It's an interesting job that appeals to people. More so then contract specialist (shudder.)No one ever asked to see the latest insurance contract I wrote. I would tell people what I did and literally watch their eyes glaze over. No offense to the poor sap that has my old job now : )

3. Meet Market.
The amount of people you will meet and befriend in this line of work is astonishing. It's truly awesome, because unlike a lot of other jobs...the people you meet become invested in you as much as you are invested in them. You learn about their relationships, their tastes, what they find funny and all about their connections to their friends. I've gained new friends and it's a priceless part of this job.

4. Creative License.
When you're self-employed and a photographer, the sky is kind of the limit creatively. Which is awesome, especially coming from the corporate world where creativity is not necessarily an asset in most cases.

5. Food.
Ok, I may be an anomoly here, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: I actually really like wedding food. I've had some awesome wedding meals this season. And the CAKE. What other job is there where you regularly get CAKE at the end of the shift??

6. Down. Time.
If you play your cards right, and work it out can have a nice bit of downtime in the off season, enough to work on fun things like marketing, rebranding, or sleeping.

Yes, summers are nuts. Straight up hectic city. But it's worth it when in the dead of winter you have a nice span of time where you don't have to drag your tired butt out of bed at 6AM when it's still pitch black and fight morning traffic to get to the office. (Though you probably still will to jump on DWF or edit those Christmas sessions...because you're obsessed and a bonafide workaholic)

Being self-employed and working mostly weekends and evenings also affords me time to stay home with my daughter, which I love and am extremely grateful for.

7. But I NEEEED it.
Because I do it for a living, I can totally justify all camera-related purchases. Because I NEEEDED it. I did. I swear.

8. Web Surfing.
Surfing the web and Facebooking during work hours can be considered market research or networking. Not only would I encourage it, it's completely necessary.

9. Geek Love.
Being a geek is an asset. Staying on top of pop culture, art, new technology....this is a must. I don't have to apologize for being a complete geek. I can use it to my advantage. And the best part? The industry is FULL of geeks. Just like me. Embrace the inner geek, can only help your work! Geek is not a bad thing. Being a geek for our craft leads to great work....and constant improvement.

Deep geek respect.

10. Cheeseball.
I'm going to be cheesy, but it's completely true. Finishing a wedding or a portrait package and delivering it to the client is extremely satisfying. When you're proud of the work that you do, and you respect the craft, it shows. When I get an email from a bride, groom, or parent saying how much they LOVE their pictures, it makes my day. It really does. It's not very often that you get that kind of instant feedback from work. When I worked a desk job, I would get a quarterly performance review. Yawn. Not the same effect. Even if they tried to make it fun by giving me the company equivalent of "Schrute Bucks" if I did a good enough job.

So, take heed other photogs. It's not all doom and gloom. As we wear down from the busy summer season, let's remember how much we love this job. How lucky we are. And how fun it really is.


All Night Long. | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer.

Well, my friends the time has come,
Raise the roof and have some fun.
Throw a-way de work to be done,
Let the music play on.
- Lionel Richie

Yesterday was probably one of the most relaxed, "schedule be-darned", laid-back weddings I've done in a really long time. Even though bride Barbara is apparently known for her meticulous schedule keeping, we had so much time to play with between ceremony and reception that any timeline really didn't seem to matter....which was awesome.

It gave us several hours to do pictures, relax, drink some Hamms (well..THEY drank some Hamms...though I did get to hold some of the cans during the bus ride while necessary Ipod hook-ups took place). I was kind of surprised to find out that they still SOLD Hamms...but...I'm getting off track.

Devlin and Barb's ceremony was held at the absolutely STUNNING Church of the Gesu in Milwaukee. Because they opted for the "morning" ceremony, we had plenty of time to hit multiple picture locations. Score for this photographer!
We opted to visit the St. Joan of Arc Chapel on the Marquette Campus first, which was easily within walking distance of the church. Then, we hopped on the bus and took a fun trip around downtown, stopping off at Jimmy John's for subs (my FIRST time having a Jimmy John's sub....yes folks, I was sheltered). Then, it was off to the Third Ward area for more pictures.

Sadly, we were cut a BIT short by a freak downpour, but no worries! The group headed on to the Wisconsin Club where we got to sit back, relax, check out the room before was great.

The party kicked off and I can bet that even after I left, the dancefloor was packed "all night long". It was just a fun, ready-to-celebrate group.

I had a wonderful time with you and your friends yesterday, Barb and Devlin. Enjoy the sneak peek!

The Wisconsin Club wins for "Best Wallpaper in a Bridal Gown Shot". Hands down. LOVE.

The gals. Workin' it out.

This picture says a lot about the mood of the day: fun, silly, and lots of laughing.
They look serene, but this being downtown Milwaukee....we were only a few steps away from a big rat trap. Would never know.....

The drink du jour....yes folks, they still sell HAMMS!

Fancy Nike kicks.

Barb's brother sang the 1st dance song. I was blown away, it was fabulous. Before anyone got to the reception he was playing the guitar and this guy is chock full-o-talent. It was great.

I'll give someone major "cool points" if they can guess what song these girls are singing. Think "BIG NOTE".

Ceremony: Church of the Gesu Milwaukee, WI
Reception: Wisconsin Club Milwaukee, WI
Makeup: Blush Milwaukee, WI
Hair: Krystal Mydlowski
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse
Flowers: Muscari Milwaukee, WI
DJ: Muzic in Motion
Photobooth: Shutterbooth
Cake: Simma's
Picture Locations: St. Joan of Arc Chapel, Third Ward

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