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Friday Fractured Thought | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

It's know what THAT means.....(besides, oh...I dunno....Four Weddings is on tonight, which is, like, the greatest wedding show ever.....)

Other noteworthy new nuggets:

- Our first Halloween in the new 'hood went off without a hitch....well, except for that whole "your neighborhood is the place to be!" hitch, which forced us to make a last-minute candy replenishment run to Shopko. Who knew? We couldn't PAY kids to hit up our house in Milwaukee!

- The Peanut's first Trick or Treating experience was fabulous. She LOVED it....she was all about getting right in there with the big kids and demanding her candy. She only wanted to stop at houses that had decorations, which was kind of a funny. The best part? Betty isn't much for candy, so I've been able to raid her bucket guilt-free all week.

- On the subject of Halloween, maybe it's just the mom in me...or maybe I'm just a gigantic out-of-touch prude...but there were some costumes the neighborhood gals were sporting that my daughter would not be caught DEAD in at their age. Seriously...your 12 year old does not need to be a "sexy cat" for Halloween. She's 12. Also, all the kids over the age of, say, 8 were Trick or Treating WITH cellphones...and seemed to do more texting than Trick or Treating. Sad state of affairs.

And yes, I sound old and crabby. I know this.

- This has been a challenging week, for a number of reasons for sure. I'm a lot busier than I had anticipated for a November (good thing!) but I'm starting to get sluggish...and tired...and I'm looking at a fairly un-ready baby room and feeling a tad overwhelmed.
So, when I made a visit to my "local" camera store (local being Rockford) I was vulnerable....I think the sales guy knew I needed to acquire SOME sort of equipment to ease my somewhat irksome week.

I went in for an umbrella and light stand
I came out with a new lens.

Ugh...dangerous stuff, those camera stores.

- I'll be taking my new lens buddy out for a run this Saturday at the season's LAST WEDDING. Insert big-eyed "I can't believe it" stare here, because whew!! What a season! 32 weddings...countless awesome families...and having to hear the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feelin'" more times then I can really recall or ever count. I've eaten my weight in awesome cake and can probably do the Cupid Shuffle in my sleep by this time.

I'll be back at it in January but I am looking forward to some slow, laid-back Saturdays coming up.

- Just a reminder, I'm still running a sale on SmugMug purchases (any purchase off the SmugMug site). 25% off with the coupon code SEASONEND10. This sale ends November 15th, so get those Christmas orders in quickly to take advantage of it!

- Speaking of the holidays and orders, if you are going to be wanting your album by Christmas, it is very important that you get your picture selections in by November 15th at the absolute LATEST. I beg of you! I'm working diligently to get all albums designed and off to the printers in time for holiday delivery!

- On another holiday note....Gift Certificates make AWESOME stocking stuffers, so contact me about ordering a Gift Certificate for your family or friends. They can be purchased in any amount.

- I was getting a bit concerned about Dexter. I adore this shore...LOVE it....but it had not been really holding my interest much thus far this season. However, last Sunday's episode RAWKED. Very cool. Keep it up, Dexter!

- I just did a sitting last night doing portraits for Beloit's Finest (the BPD). I tried to get them to agree to write off the two speeding tickets I got in August. No dice. : )

- The Mini-Sessions went great and we got some awesome shots out of the day (even though it was cold....and a football game was going on). I may reconsider the late fall date if I decide to bring out the Mini next year.

- 16 and Pregnant is BACK! Awesome-sauce, seriously. Could this show be any more entertaining? Babies named Genesis.....16 year olds getting married in racing's just good watchin'.

- I'm going to be unloading some camera equipment this week that I just don't use (a few lenses....etc) so stay tuned. If anyone is REALLY into the color pink and needs a fashion camera bag for 1 camera, boy do I have the bag for you........keep tabs on Facebook for sales : )

- Up this week: Shopping for the baby room with my mother-in-law tomorrow.....the last wedding on Saturday in filled family session on Sunday in Milwaukee, two bridal consults this week....whew-wee!!! Who said it was slow season?

And now, your moment-of-Betty....

Trick or Treat!!! For the first time! She was quite into it.
Patiently waiting.
Shooting huge. Last week's wedding. Sad the only time I have to take "belly pics" is when I'm working and find a good mirror! LOL
This, my friends, is BIG NEWS. Betty.....eating FRUIT. Now, if you don't know my kid let me fill you it. She eats one thing: macaroni and cheese. That's about it. The kid is pickier than all get-out. So, my dear mother-in-law actually got this kid to EAT. AN. APPLE. As you can see, she documented the moment for proof. I was STUNNED. Stunned, I tell ya!! (Picture courtesy of Mother-in-Law)

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