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Waitin' For Somebody | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

I'm waitin' for the day
Waitin' for the day
That you'd come my way
- Paul Westerberg

T-minus 36 days until my due date...which based on the last time I did this probably about 30 days or so before Second Shooter joins our family. I came to the realization earlier last week that I wasn't really READY yet (or at least didn't FEEL ready yet). I've been so busy, and admittedly a little distracted from the pregnancy stuff, that I haven't given this go-around the same attention and obsession that my pregnancy with Betty received.

I'm thinking this is probably normal with're less freaked out, less stressed about "what do I do?!?!"....Plus, last time I was pregnant I had the most boring day-job known to man, so I had little else to do but sit and obsess (and eat.....). This time I've had the busiest November I can remember in a long time (awesome!) and it's kept my mind occupied.

So now that things are slowing down, I'm realizing I better get on it and get ready. Thank goodness for my mother in law who has taken the reigns a bit in getting Second Shooter's room ready (and to hubby and father-in-law for putting together the crib). So, I thought I'd give a bit of a sneak peek to Second Shooter's room in progress....and hopefully the next month goes by fast, and without a hitch!

Ok, now it's a well known fact I am far from being a clothes horse when it comes to my own wardrobe. But, I have a weakness for baby outfits.....especially little baby girl outfits. Because Betty and Second Shooter were opposite seasons, most of what I had saved from Betty wasn't going to work with a winter baby. So...oh dear, that meant I had to go shopping. And shopping I went.......

A smattering of socks that some very generous and wonderful local photogs got for Second Shooter. Lots of fun!
I had forgotten how incredibly tiny the newborn diapers are. They are insanely small. The fact that they ever fit Betty just baffles me.
Oh know it. Representin' 1991.

Hint ! Hint ! .....a few clients have been privy to the name we picked let's keep those lips sealed, ladies! I have one more month to drive my mother-in-law nuts!

3 Peanut Gallery.:

Page C said...

Your second hint goes with my guess after your first hint! I'm excited to find out. So excited for you!

maureen cassidy said...

Super awesome!!!!!! Thinking of you!

the red gecko said...

So cute! Michelle and I are discussing and we decided it should be either Mandie or Michelle. :)

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